maytag 3000 series washer

freddymacMarch 16, 2010

getting three beeps on power up. and thats all it does.

any ideas or things to try ? have pulled the plug for 5 min and tried again with the same results.

this unit is only 6 to 9 months old.

not feeling to happy about this

I did try a search but it put me here so I posted my question.

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maybe it's just a silly advice ... but it's worth give it a try : open the door and shut it again firmly, then start again.

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would that be a MAH3000 ?

One of the keys may be stuck

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Hi, my maytag 3000 series did the same thing after 1.5 years of service, a family of 4 use. Hit the start button and get 3 beeps. After 3 attemps to fix it and 680.00 in parts and labor sears gave me the money back for the parts but I had to pay 128.00 for labor. They replaced the motor control and the control panel(thing with the buttons)so I pointed out to the 3rd guy there what about replaceing the computer control module he scoffed and said that wasnt it.
So I played around with it(giving it a good mechanical going over) and this is how I get it to work. Unplug for 5 min. plug back in and let sit for at least 1 hr. with door open, press the ON button and the right side lights up(most of the time). Close door, and press and hold start untill the wash light comes on, open door and add clothes as you normally would. An electronic engineer told me there is a bug with the startup circuit in the CCM which I assume costs more than a new washer. I now have a new LG with the 5yr extended warrentee and the maytag sits in my basement as a second machine, seems like a shame to throw it away, however it really isnt as dependable as I would expect for the money and age of it.

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FYI, there is a troubleshooting guide pasted in the bottom compartment. After following the procedures I narrowed the problem down to the CCM I placed one on order and will keep you updated if it fixed it.

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I replaced the CCM located at the top of the washer, the part that the sears repair man said it wasnt after 3 visits. The washer works fine now, so Im in the hole for 168.00 dollars for labor that sears would not refund for nothing they did except eliminate the 2 parts they replaced as being the problem, and 225.00 for the control module I replaced. Not too bad I guess kinda wish I wasnt a chicken from the start and saved myself 168.00 by just following the troubleshooting guide.

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