Has anybody used Era or Era HE lately?

mara_2008March 17, 2010

I was in a local warehouse store recently, and they had an amazing price on a BIG size Era HE laundry detergent (regular Era, too).

I remember this being on store shelves in years past, but I can't remember if I've ever used it. If I have, it's been so long, I don't remember how it performed.

Has anyone used this lately? If so, does it clean well?

I hate to buy such a big size and then be disappointed.

Even though I have laundry detergent on hand, I'll use it up eventually, and this is such an unbelievable bargain, I'd like to buy it if it's a good detergent.

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I remember when Era came out in the late 70's, right after Dynamo! Back then, Era cleaned really well. I am not sure why it is so inexpensive to buy these days or if it is the same formula and not. I too seen it in a warehouse club and shocked at the price. What i have done in the past on "Trial" detergents, if I dont like them, then I use them on colored clothes, and reserve the good stuff for the whites and and so forth. Maybe you can "google" it and find reviews on it

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update here: I just did some snooping around and it seems like everyone who uses Era loves it. Some stores are discontinuing it, because it is not a big seller for them. Lets face it, it is not promoted like Tide, Gain, and Cheer so people either do not know about it, or forgot about it. The HE version will be harder to find so if you see it, buy it! The reason it is inexpensive to buy, is due to no promoting it, rarely does P&G give out samples of it. I never thought about that before, I guess thats why one must almost mortgage the house to buy the name brand P&G detergents. Also people who are normally sensitive to detergents, seem to not react to ERA. Good luck!

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I went and bought some today...96 load bottle for 9.99 and I swore up and down I wouldnt experiement with detergent again LOL Oh well

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I'm another one who used to use ERA all the time. I was a fan of Wisk but Wisk went up in price and I tried ERA. This was decades ago. It was cheap (for a good detergent) and worked well. I remember Molly saying it was her favorite detergent but was too sudsy for her front loaders, but that was before the HE version came out. They also have a bleach alternative version available.

I've thought about trying it again. Occasionally see the 150 oz bottle for about $10 or less. Not a spectacular price, but definitely a good price if it still cleans as it did.

Just a guess, but I would think it would be a good detergent. P&G makes good laundry detergents. Virtually all have enzymes which make a big difference. One think I liked about ERA is that it didn't have the overpowering stench that so many others have.

But I'm refraining from buying more laundry detergent for now. I have so much on the shelf that it'll be years before I need any.

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If it works as tide and gain, then it is a steal for me...same size bottles of Tide/Gain are 17-20 bucks...

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gates1 and cynic, thanks for your replies. A local warehouse store is selling a 150-oz. bottle of Era HE for $6.99. I'm considering buying it.

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I used it on sheets, blankets, and the other day I used it on yard clothes that were filthy when I came in. I worked great on everything. I have white sheets, weather permiting, I hang them out to dry, so I can tell instantly if they are clean on not. thats a great price on the detergent 6.99 for 150 oz. It has a nice clean smell, not to perfume like, for sensitives people.

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I'm using it right now - large sized bottle from the warehouse store too. I'm pretty happy with it. However, I also use hot water on all of my sheets and other whites, so this might have something to do with it.

I long ago stopped using Tide and Wisk based on price alone.

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Mara, I'm sure you know it, but just a caution, with your Bravos, just be sure to get the HE version. But that's a great price.

Could be they're going to do some price cuts to move ERA again and build sales after bringing out the newer versions.

Let us know how it works for you if you get it.

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Thanks, cynic, for the reminder. The store has both regular and HE Era at that price. I haven't bought it yet; I hope it's still available!

If/when I do get it, I'll be sure to post here how well it performs.

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So far I am still have great results from the HE Era!

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It may not be promoted now but I remember when I was little seeing those ERA commercials all the time! I forgot all about that stuff. I don't think we ever used it. My family always bought powder, never liquid back in the day.....I dunno why, they just didn't.

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Is it permissable to post the name or initials of the warehouse store where you purchased your ERA?
My local store didn't have HE and the price was considerably higher.

Thanks much.

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bookert, I've posted that info before; AFAIK, it's not a problem.

I bought mine at BJ's. Sam's Club and Costco are also in my area, but BJ's membership is cheaper, the store is the closest of the three, and BJ's not only sends out coupon books each month, they also accept manufacturers' coupons! IOW, I can use two coupons on one product. For us, BJ's is the clear choice.

(No, I don't know anyone who works for BJ's and neither do I own stock in it. I'm just a very happy customer.)

BTW -- I ended up buying two of the big 150-oz. containers @ $6.99 each, and I'm really glad I did. I've been using the detergent for several weeks, and I've been very impressed with the results. It's very effective on greasy items!

Here is a link that might be useful: BJ's

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I love love love my Era! I can't use Tide, it makes me itch like crazy, and I always found it made my clothes fade very quickly. Not Era, no itch, no fade. I still use Cheer on my dark clothes like black or navy, Era on everything else.
And yes, it is getting hard to find. I get mine at my local Lowes hardware store. Though it is probably more expensive there than a warehouse club.

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Now that I've been using the Era HE for several months, I can say it seems to clean and even deodorize better than Tide. Not sure why this is so, but I am impressed. I have used it on dark clothes, and have not seen any signs of fading at all. I will definitely continue to use it and hope it's still available at the great price I paid when what I have bought is gone!

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How's Era HE as far as low sudsing is concerned?

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Mara, thanks for posting the follow-up. It's been a long time since I used ERA and I was happy with it then, but of course since then the formula has changed so it's not a good comparison. I do see it expanding and saw it being promoted as "new lower price".

How is it for scent? The old one wasn't obnoxious and they don't make a dye/stench free version. Just hope they didn't add a lot of perfume.

Menards has had it several times for for around $8 for the 150 oz jug which is still cheap but I have a good supply of detergent so I can't really justify buying any more right now. Maybe later they'll come out with a "free" version if sales take off and with that kind of aggressive pricing I would think it should.

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twebbz, Era HE is low-sudsing in my washer. I haven't noticed any suds at all.

cynic, IIRC, there was an Era HE 'free and clear' formula on the shelf when I bought mine. I'm not sure, but I know the bottle was white like so many of those formulas are.

It's certainly possible it was not an HE formula. I didn't pay much attention because I don't buy that formula.

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Era is not sold in Canada (where I live) but I'm taking a weekend trip to the Finger Lakes in NY state this weekend and plan on stopping at Wal-Mart to pick up a 150 oz. jug of Era HE if they have it. It sounds like too good of a deal to pass up.

Oh, and there is a 'Free' formula of Era, but it is not in HE formula. You can find all of the Era variations at their website below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Era website

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cynic, I forgot to answer your question about scent -- I apologize for the oversight.

I honestly can't remember smelling any scent. It seems there might be a faint scent when I pour it in the dispenser, but I don't smell anything at all when the laundry is finished. I do use vinegar in the final rinse, so that may (or may not) make a difference.

Everyone's nose is different, some have more tolerance for scent than others, so take my post with a grain of salt.

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I LOVE Era! I have a bottle of it now, along with Tide. I honestly cannot see a difference in the two in cleaning, so it makes much more sense to me to buy the Era and save money. Era has a very pleasant scent. Very clean. I'm sold!

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When I was in NY over the weekend, I bought the 150 oz. jug of Era HE - the last one on the shelf at the Wal-Mart I was at. I paid $9.97. I've done three loads with it already and have to say, I'm impressed. I have an older Bosch Axxis+ and there is a very faint fragrance after drying the clothes. To me, it smells like detergents used to smell - clean. No strong floral scent or fruity odour. I had been using Sunlight Green Clean (I had a coupon and it was on sale) and it wasn't getting my socks white at all, they were still dingy. After one load with the Era, they are bright and white again. I'll definitely buy another 150 oz. container next time I'm in the U.S. I wish they sold it here.

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