Trying to buy a Carrier system

HoneyDoodJuly 29, 2011

What is the deal with the HVAC business? It's replete with thieves that seemed to have a warped sense of entitlement.

So far I've talked to 3 contractors. Three prices have come in. $11,400, $12,350, and $13,000.

That being said, they're ALL out of their minds.

I'm talking about a system that should cost no more than $6500 in parts. I could be wrong, but based on the research I've done this is the number I came up with. As far as labor goes.... These guys are averaging $50k a year. This is a 2 man job. So we're looking at contractor's cost being $50 an hour.

Here are the parts...

Compressor: 24ANB148

Furnace: 58MVC100120

Air Purifier: GAPABXCC2020

Unfortunately, all three of these characters neglected to list the model of the coil.

They will have to move the unit 10 feet over from where the old one was. No obstructions, and they're moving down the line of existing duct. They will have to put in some new PVC vent, add on to the gas line, and of course add 10ft to the electric.

Oh, the real giggle? All three itemized "removing the old system" as a cost. Heh....... So they want to take all that steel and copper to the scrap yard, collect a hundred or two, and charge me for the trip. Nice. No thanks, I've got my own truck.

Anyway, what would you pay for a system like this? I mean I know everyone has to eat, but these clowns seem to want Thanksgiving to come every day. My guess? All three of them added up the parts and doubled it. Enlighten me.

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You have been quoted the top of the line Carrier equipment. If you want to save some money you can change the condenser to the Performance 24APA748. It is also a two stage compressor and will work with the Infinity controller. The SEER rating would drop from about 18 or 19 to 15 to 16, but you still get all the features of the Infinity system.

Do you need an air purifier? A 4 inch media filter works well and is significantly less in cost.

Do these price include the Infinity controller? Are you getting the 10 labor warranty from Carrier?

The Carrier rebates usually begin in September. In the past This system has qualified for a $1000 rebate.

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CJ Mechanical of North jersey llc.

I would suggest buy only what you can afford. there are maney choices to choose from. When shopping for a new car
stop asking for the top of the line bmw when you will only afford a chevy.

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