Quietest front-load steam washer/dryers?

scorpionleatherMarch 17, 2011

Our laundry room is real close to the bedroom so we are looking for the quietest steam washer/dryer pair - one of the premium models. Large capacity is important too (4.5 to 5 cu ft). We can usually hear our old dryer much more than the washer. I noticed that Bosch has a number of noise reducing features. Also considering GE, Kenmore, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool.. all the major brands. It's hard to get any data on noise because even if all the manufacturers published their dbA noise measurements (which they don't), they take the measurements from different distances so it's impossible to compare noise levels between them.

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Try looking at Electrolux also.
I've seen these in stores hooked up (no water thought) and they seem virtually silent.
No machine will be totally noiseless, water/clothes slapping around and the spins have to ramp up to very high speeds.
Electrolux capacity is 5.1 cu. ft. and the dryer is 8.0 cu. ft.

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I'll look at Electrolux too, thanks. I understand they all make noise.. though I noticed that some washer/dryers have more noise isolation than others, but such info is missing on most manufacturer spec sheets. It would help if I could even know which of these brands have some degree of noise isolation and which companies don't care about noise as much.

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