Honeywell VisionPro IAQ - replacement question

sicklittlemoocowJuly 9, 2011

I am in the process of replacing a 3 year old Honeywell thermostat. *ahem* Someone in the house got frustated with it and smacked the touchscreen. That pretty much voids the warranty. The unit itself is still working if you can navigate a broken touch screen...

So the thermostat unit plugs into the wall plate & can be popped in & out easily. The wall plate says it must be replaced if the thermostat is replaced... How true is that statement? If I replace it with the exact model number, shouldn't it just snap on the exisiting base? Could I replace it with any of the VisionPro or 7-day programmable units. They look the same, I'm guessing the differences are in the programs not the power sources. Although the DIY market programmable 7-day may not be wired like the VisionPro. The Vision Pro series say they require Pro installation... but again, how true is that?

I'd rather not mess with wires if i don't have to. Already scared one HVAC guy off. Any input is greatly appreciated...

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If you purchase the same thermostat then you should be able to plug it into the existing wall plate.

If you buy a different model, then there is no gurantee it will be compatible with your wall plate.

Swapping the wall plate should not be difficult. The wires are usually color coded.

You had an HVAC contractor who could not install a new thermostat?

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I actually had an HVAC guy show up & tell me he didn't work on Carriers & didn't "mess with" the thermostats with 3 wires. Seeing as the wall plate is still attached, I don't even know what he's talking about. If that's the case, he might've asked what kind of system I had in the first place & saved everyone some time.

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I think the wall plate should not be a problem but it should just be a 5 minute job to swap the wall plate anyway. Take your old stat off and GENTLY plug it in to the new wall plate and see how things line up and that should answer your question.

If you just purchased the stat alone I would say you will be good to go. If you have a new module for the furnace/air handler I would attempt to check to see if there was any revisions between the two units. I would think you would be good to go but there might be some revision that would be beneficial.
Either way should work just fine.

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