cabinets made in china?? torn and have questions.

rosema12January 6, 2009

ok- we are down to the wire to order. we have our final appt w/ HD tomm and I am going to a KD tomm to get prices on similar cabinet brands.

We've been working however w/ a guy that has a warehouse in So CAL but his company also does premium custom cabinet making but they are made in China. his product is beautiful. it's all hardwood/plywood, dovetail cabinets he brought a mini cabinet to us and it was solid and beautiful and they have a showroom in OC.. they have the color we want and love.. they do the custom making w/ all the extras included- lazy susan, side panels to match, corbels, spice rack, wine rack etc etc.. now we haven't priced these extras w/ HD yet but we are already just at 4000 below the custom cabinet guy w/ out any extras,and upgrades to plywood, corbels, self closing drawers, lazy susans etc. any upgrades on colors etcc..

we think we have found a phenomonal product, we 've asked questions about type of wood, ordering, warranties, etc. they even have a website.. they can custom order at this price because they make in china.

the downfall is it's in CHina not local and of course travel time.

the guy is willing to work w/ us now also he knows we are looking at other vendors etc.. i've yet to get a KD price but I am going to.

so w/ that any concerns i should have w/ imported products, even though i am sure lots of things are from there and made there.. but the product does look very well made to some other cheap cabinets we looked at the other day that are made in china and we could do our whole kitchen for 6000.00 but you could see how flimsy they were. and they are more stock/semi custom

these are custom , premium, wood is birch for face which is similar to an alder product and all plywood

sooo. we are kind of torn..

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My first thought would be to ask to talk to some other clients who've purchased these cabinets. If he can't provide references, that would be a red flag. If you can talk to several other people who've been pleased, you'd probably be able to proceed with a greater level of comfort.

I'm all about saving money, and it sounds like a great opportunity to me!

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I'm all about saving money, which is why we've DIY'ed our kitchen and I think if you're kissing your budget right now then the made in china cabs might be right for you.

But if you have some wiggle room in your budget, I'd recommend checking out local custom shops, or one of the many semi-custom made in the U.S. brands like Kraftmaid or Brookhaven. Due to the economic slowdown and the housing collapse, there have been layoffs pretty much across the board at cabinet manufacturers.

We got our KM cabs in 3 wks w/ 2 wk replacements although I've heard lead times are closer to 6 wks now. Our neighbor ordered cabs from China at the same time we placed our order and they took 6 wks to come in with several wrong sized cabs. Replacements took another 8 wks. Additional replacements took another 8 wks. I will say they are beautiful cabs.

Cabinet makers in Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania really need these jobs. I'll get off my soapbox now.

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first response- I have a list of references and have begun calling thank you

second response- we are looking at Kraftmaid through HD and a KD.. Kraftmaid is the one that already w/out ANY upgrades or ADD on is just about 4K below their price.. They state they are a superior custom cabinet maker (not that that means anything) but i've seen product and asked questions on how they are made. But agree, we also had a custom guy come out who matched his price BUT forgot to add on a few cabinets and said that would be another 1900.00 plus it doesn't include install. so far seemslike the best price

on replacement cabs or if something is seriously wrong at time of del they have guaranteed a temp fix and they will airfrieght the new cabs at NO cost to us.. again we are getting this all in writing.

thanks, for the replies..

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laxsupermom....thanks for getting on your soapbox. I am one of those dealers in Ohio. We had a record year in '08, but 2009 looks to be a very scary year. I hope we don't have to lay anyone off.

Please support your local businesses!

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Someone posted an experience some time last year with a company like this and it was not positive. They would not drop ship cabinets that were damaged and the replacements took a long time. The quality of the received product was also different from the quality of the product they were shown. This is just a fuzzy recollection of the details. I will jump on the soap box with Laxsupermom and Kompy, in SoCal alone, there are tons of cabinet companies in Chino and the San Fernando valley that will make your cabinets for a good price. I used to live in Ventura County and all over Ventura there were local cabinet makers.

I want to suggest something that a local high kitchen cabinet manufacturer suggested to me when I was researching my cabinets. He said to purchase the cabinets I want without the add ons that can be retrofitted. He mentioned that people think they need a lot of things when they are ordering and end up not using or liking them. If you can get the frames and drawers that you need now, at a later time you can start adding some of the fancy gizmos.

Off my soap box too!

Good luck with your quest!

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Oh please don't do it, it's not worth the headache or the amount of time and money that's required to "fix" them. I have posted a link detailing my problems with Chinese made cabinets.

There is no quality control at all. I went to the "showroom" and the cabinets were more than acceptable then we started putting them together.

Please be warned this is very long and it's not pretty :)

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Jenellecal, I have read your post after researching buying cabinets from I actually have my order all ready to go from them and all I have to do is submit my credit card number. When I came upon your post it held me back because it seems like you had so many problems with these things. I called KitchenPro today and spoke to Vicki for about a half hour about your problems, she told me that they sell about 300 complete kitchens a month and only rarely have people complain about problems like this. She and I both agreed that would be out of business if all they did was sell bunk cabinets. I have gone over the installation instructions page and it seems like the build quality is completely upto the assembler. I see in your post that some of the cabinets weren't "true" and the drawers didnt close correctly, are you sure you assembled them "true"? Being that they go together with glue and staples, there is a lot that can go wrong if not done correctly I'm guessing.

Your post is seriously the only thing holding me back from buying these things ($4K order), I have scoured the internet and cant find a single damn review of their cabinets other than Yet they sell 300 kitchens per month so I'm skeptical that no one has commented on their products anywhere on the internet. Basically I'm saying I need HELP!

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wow, thanks for the message now you got me googling RTA> the company we are going through does not state or show anywhere that they are an RTA. they are to be custom made cabinets.. they take 8 weeks to get, they do not factory ship them in.. they make as they get orders, custom..
I did look up your website, and they look nice from the pics but some pics look weird.. like not good quality.. i have researched this company i am using up and down- etc.. they have a licensing number and bonded and insured all over their webpage. and i might add they are not an order online company. they come out and measure, design, and demo and install the cabinets. They have a showroom, etc. but these are not in a warehouse etc. I may just check w/ BBB for any complaints.

also they have a 20 year warranty.

but thanks now my radar is up

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did you ever check out BBB- I just did for the company I am going with they have a AAA rating and no complaints. and they have a parent company and i checked on them too. nothing.

I checked KitchenPRO in Northride (since I am in LA myself too) and they have a rating of -BBB. still a good one but had 7 complaints filed in last 36 mths.. might want to ck it out.. and not go w/ them..

you really have to do your research, i guess for me i would never order cabinets online..

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st8out - I just posted a long reply and lost it - grrr!

Anyway the short version is this.

My hubby is a general contractor, he's a builder for a living and a very meticulous one. He found the issues with the cabinets over the top ridiculous and just plain bad manufacturing. Companies can explain away some of the issues as faulty assembly but there were just too many of them in this case. I really felt like the "battered wives" syndrome (maybe it's my fault). When we sat down and began making a list we realized there is no way this was our fault. Especially things like the plywood not being to the thickness as advertised, using poor grade plywood with tons of voids and patches (not "cabinet grade"), shoddy and inconsistent finish and glazing, the drawer fronts bowing away from the plywood it was attached to (done a the factory, this would allow liquid to seep between the drawer front and drawer in the event of a spill). The cabinet fronts not being wide enough to fit on the cabinet box, the out of square cabinets (truly out of square). The list goes on and on. I did like the drawer hardware, it was sturdy and as advertised.

The way the owners handled (or not handled) the problems didn't help the situation any. They were fabulous to start with but it deteriorated quickly.

I believe (although I have no proof) that most of there sales are to investors that just flip property or the average do it yourself-er on a strict budget that maybe wouldn't notice these things or they'd just accept it because they've gotten that far in the process. I've ran into several contractor that would throw these things together and call it OK (I wouldn't use them to save my life).

Oh another thing - the finish of the sample door was not the same as the finish on the actual item. The sample door stayed the same color and had even glazing, the actual cabinet door yellowed horribly and the glazing was all flaky and yucky.

Like you I couldn't find anything "bad" about Kitchen Pro anywhere on the internet so I thought it would be OK. That's why I posted the photos and made a complaint through the BBB so at least there would be a trail somewhere.

Good luck with your decision - Jenelle

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I also made the trip to their very small showroom in Reseda a couple of times armed with a measuring tape and camera. I just couldn't buy cabinets off of the internet and did the transaction in person.

I seemingly knew what I was getting and I still ended up with a crap load of problems :(

Even an "informed and enlightened" consumer can fall into problems.

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does their showroom have sales rep? why is this considered an online business then? didn't realize they had a showroom until you mentioned it.

also our cabinets are no where near what you paid what 5-6K? ours are much more.. (not that means anything) ours come already assembled each box. the installer comes and puts them in takes about 3 days . my husband just got off the phone w/ the sales rep to ask more questions, and he backs everything up. hmm ours are not RTA they are custom to our cabinets. How long did it take to get them?

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If you are paying more than a few thousand dollars, you may want to look at other manufacturers. Jenelle may be right about the cabinets being sold to flippers who ultimately do not use the kitchen and are just motivated by price. That may be why you don't find reviews from actual owners. Although these may be different companies, the models of sales appears to be similar.

Best of luck!

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I really appricaite your replies, I'm pretty weary on what I want to do here... The lady I'm dealing with keeps telling me that I can feel free to order just 1 cabinet and assemble it and if I like it then order the rest... Or I can just order them all and if I start assembling them and dont like them I can return them all. She was so confident that the problems with your cabinets were due to assembly rather than being a manufacturing defect. She did say that manufacturing defects DO happen and if I find something wrong that they'll send me a new one free of charge. I'm sure there are a lot of house flippers buying these but there HAS TO BE normal consumers like you and I that buy these cabinets too... and the fact that there are no reviews on them anywhere just shocks me. They are so cheap and look great on the website so I'm sure they generate a ton of business.

The cabinets I'm interested in getting are the Macchiato:

I just got done laying this exact Travertine in my kitchen so I love the contrast:

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it's got my attention now even though mine was NOT online ordering.. and the guy comes out to you from the home expo- several times. he brings all his parts/ corbels doors, drawers colors, minimi cabinet and at the gallery he had all the same.. very beautiful product is what caught our eye it wasn't even the price that got us wanting to talk to this company. he then came out he never pushed us etc..

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st8out-- did you go to the showroom and see for yourself as well. wow these cabinets are beautiful from the pic but i will say they look similar to alot of the ones i see online in this color..
even your corbels looks nice and trim,corbels and my hardware is also included. how many cabinets again are you ordering?

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Rosema12 - it sounds like you have a different type of company entirely. I wouldn't compare the two.

st8out - They are definitely cheap and I assure you you'll get what you pay for. That kitchen is stunning as is the color of the cabinets.

If whoever is assembling the cabinets is aware that there are serious potential problems and would be willing to factor that in then maybe...

One problem that's not mentioned in the other post (at least I don't think it was).

We had two orders of cabinets from them. The original was for the Honey Maple (my 1st choice). We received them, thought they were very pretty and put them aside until we needed to assemble them. Later we opened up two boxes, a drawer base cabinet and a wall cabinet (didn't attempt assembly). The wood doors looked funny. The doors are made with what looks like 2" strips of wood glued together and none of the pieces matched exactly so there was a "stripey" effect. The main problem was that the door stripes were vertical and the drawers were horizontal. On top of that the filler pieces were made of several pieces finger-joint and we had several fillers. We exchanged the Honey Maple for the Cream Maple (not my 1st choice but... they were affordable). The paint covered the problems mentioned above but totally threw off all of my color choices.

The other issue is that the wood they use is not a hard wood maple, it's much softer. I could take my fingernail and easily make a depression (and I have short nails).

Here is a link that might be useful:

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thanks but my eyebrows are raised now and i have my concerns just like did prior to writing this..

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Rosema12, this might not apply to your situation, since your company sounds a bit higher end.

St8out, I think my cabinets are more like what youre considering. We just finished installing Chinese made RTA cabinets ordered from BK Cabinets. They are just the distributor, the cabinets are made by J&K (it's stamped inside the drawers), I believe just like Jenellecal had. The manufacturer's website is We got the K10 Mocha Maple finish. Kitchen Pro seems to sell the exact same thing calling it Espresso Maple, as do other distributers with various names. Overall, we have been quite pleased. The price is definitely unbeatable. We had them assembled locally by the distributor (since we only live in the next town over) but cabinets, shipping, assembly, and delivery was only $3900 for a medium sized U shape kitchen with 21 cabinets (36" uppers). If itÂs any help, here is our experience.

There have been a few small issues, which we expected given the price. We did not have anywhere near the number or magnitude of problems that Jenellecal endured. These doors do seem to be made of strips of wood joined together (but we looked at some high end cabinets that were made the same way, it was just less noticeable). We only have one door that seems particularly pronounced in this regard because the strips are actually narrower on the left side than they are on the right and the colors are a bit "stripey".

The filler does have one fingerjoint in it which you can see, but the stain and color is pretty even so ours doesn't look like Jenellecal's.

The full extension hardware is great, but the soft close feature is a bit unpredictable. It seemed fine when empty, but now that I have a few items in them, some shut more quickly than others, sometimes they "slam" just a bit, sometimes not. IÂve only been using them less than a week, so IÂm not sure if the kinks will get worked out, if I need to rebalance the weight in the drawers, or what.

We have one shelf in two separate upper cabinets where one shelf pin hole seems to have been drilled just a tiny bit lower than the other three; this makes the shelf just the slightest bit tippy if pressed directly on that side, but it is an extremely minor problem.

The finish seems smooth and uniform. I did notice one drawer front where the top edge feels just a bit rougher, but it looks the same and I only noticed because I was pulling on it to get the drawer open (prior to drawer pulls); otherwise I donÂt think I would have known. The maple seems decently tough. We havenÂt noticed any chips or scratches, but I did find a little dent in the edge of one drawer front, like maybe someone hit it with something hard. Since we didnÂt do the assembly, thereÂs no way to tell whether it was a manufacturing problem or not.

Overall, I feel we got at least what we paid for, possibly a good bit more. These are certainly the nicest cabinets in our price point, and the savings let us upgrade some other areas, so weÂre quite pleased. Long-term durability will be something we monitor, as we only just put them in.

My advice would be that the quality of the distributer is just as important (if not more so) than the cabinets if youÂre considering RTA. You want to know that if there is a problem, they will be on your side and work hard to rectify it. From reading the posts on this site, it seems like even many completely custom cabinets have small problems (or big problems, sometimes)! Any one demo cabinet can look great, but itÂs the whole effect that really matters. And since quality control seems to be lacking at times in Chinese products, itÂs not whether they can make one good cabinet, but whether they can make 20+ and make them all square, uniform, attractive, and functional!

Maybe the seller has some satisfied customers who would let you come take a look at their real, working kitchens. That might be the most realistic representation of what youÂll get for your money. Sorry for the long post, but hope this helps someone.


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#1 question- are you able to pay with Visa? I am asking, so that if there are problems, you may be able to get your money back (Perhaps you could precheck with the Credit Card company?).

I ask this, because we ordered our cabinets from a local dealer who ordered them 'custom made' from China on May 08, 2007, and we have still not finished our kitchen. The local company finally went bankrupt this July, after interminable delays. They assembled them (they arrived RTA on a very slow boat)- and we wish we could have assembled them ourselves, as DH had to take most of them apart and redo them.

For the money, they were the best cabinets we could buy. Solid maple doors and drawer fronts, beautiful furniture quality veneered plywood, full-extension soft close, blah blah, blah. But, cabinet doors came just a fraction of an inch too wide to close properly (we had to hire a carpenter to shave them down slightly and restain and varnish). There were so many misorders and ommissions, that we JUST got the last bits delivered before Christmas- we went through 3 local carpenters/cabinet manufacturers to get them all, and of course, nothing matches perfectly. If money was no object, we should have just had all the doors and drawer fronts redone, so that they would all match!

Having said that, I am willing to try again with a new company that has surfaced in our town for my bathroom vanities. But, I will only pay with VISA and since it will be one vanity at a time, I can check it over inch by inch before we pick it up. There is just no way you can beat these Chinese manufacturers moneywise. But before I did a whole kitchen again, I would have to be assured that there were happy customers in existence for that EXACT line. But, I think I would try and find a local carpenter first- but again, I would have to see his work- and I would have to be able to pay with a credit card. People are going out of business every day- even happy customers are no guarantee someone is not going to walk away with your money.

What is the name of the company? Mine was Building Products Direct. Many many customers here in Langley, BC were left high and dry when they declared bankruptcy.

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well i just spoke to two references today. who told me their cabinets are very high end quality and they would have paid over 40k or more for these types of cabinets. they both said they did their research got 4-6 diff't estimates and by far the price and value got them all beat. they arrived when they said they would one lady said no problems at all, the other said she had problems but they have a touch up guy (they told us this too) that came out to do whatever work was needed.. they come in pieces (Now is that true of all cabinets- Kraftmaid etc? or not?) and the installer comes out and installs themall. she neverm entioned that anything had to be shaved or didn't fit. she just said make sure your plugs and electrical is all done beforehand.. she said the showroom is exactly what you get. she also said the owners' brother overseas the operation China (not sure about this yet) for quality control. as the concern is the quality of product. this now has become very interesting to me, and sorry of all the problems that some of you have had.. i do worry but yes you can have problems w/ any one. again its' about research and soo thankful i found this site.. keep posting..

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I am by no means an expert and don't play one on TV or this forum. Having said that, I noticed a few things from the pictures. I don't know that Maple as a wood species takes stains or glazes well. The glazing/staining on that picture does not look good too me. It looks like certain parts of the wood too the stain and the others did not. Secondly, these appear to be framed cabinets. There is a thread on the forum about the difference between frameless and framed cabinets. You should do a search on it and know the pros and cons of each so you know what you are getting.

Thirdly, the cabinet frame is being built with 1/2" panels where other manufacturers that I looked at like Scherrs uses 3/4" panels to build the cabinet frame.

I don't know what it is but they have a picture of the dovetail drawers on their website and it looks glued. Something is just off. Maybe I am just looking for something to complain about and I hope someone who knows better than me can chime in.

Good luck!

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the problem with references is the company IS only going to refer you to happy customers.

I asked everyone who worked for us to give us two additional references - from someone who was initially unhappy and who ended up satisfied AND if possible someone who just plain wasn't satisfied and I followed up. In addition I went and visited every reference that would let me come on site to see the quality of the work. I never believed anyone who said they only had good references and dh even told one or two that unless they could provide the kind of references we were looking for they wouldn't get our work. And BTW, one GC "cheated". He gave us a reference of a very happy customer. When we showed up to see the work on site, the reference was kind enough to tell us "he'd do anything to help out his cousin" LOL. We di not use him.

OK all said and done, I really don't think I could justify Made in China cabinets and I have many reasons only a few of which have to do with the possible quality and long term durability of the product.

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My Mom is retired and lives on a fixed income so she had to make a lot of compromises in redoing her kitchen but given we live in a country (Canada) with one of the formost cabinetry sectors in the world we didn't even entertain buying cabinets that weren't made in Canada (she passed on the, now defuct, formerly Canadian Canac because they closed all their Canadian factories when they were bought by Kohler). There are items made from all over the world in my Mom's kitchen (including quite a few from China) but we did try to buy Canadian when possible. I'm in no place to judge (we bought from an American owned chain after all) and we all have our bottom line but we just couldn't. Whatever your decision I hope it turns out fantastic.

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I will chime in about the references. trust me I am skeptical about that. I only wrote it just to say ok, here this is.. I do agree it could be a cousin , a sister etc. or a friend helping out. Or heck a paid advertiser like you see on informecial. trust me I am a very cautious buyer and believer. my husband as technical as he is , would probably be more impulsive to buy but again he would look at details of how they are made but would NOT do the amount of research I do w/ regards to this even tho he is very detail oriented

sorry off tangent. but my point is I agree references - will be good unless you ask for them all and of course they will only give you great ones from happy customers.. trust me I haven't bought yet..

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I would never buy cabinets made in China. Too long a lead time and indifferent quality control.

Not to mention the fact that who knows what type of finish they come with. There are no environmental regulations there to keep them from using who knows what that could pose a threat to your health (remember the lead painted toys?), or certainly to their worker's health. US manufacturers gripe about OSHA, but it's very rare to have an on the job death occur due to that organization.

I know everyone's money is a bit tigher these days, but it only gets tighter for everyone if huge dollar amounts are sent overseas rather than supporting our own factories and workers. It's a circle, and what goes around comes around.

Yes, I'm a KD who represents several US brands, so I am a bit biased towards them surviving, as well as biased about their workers doing a safe and competent job---that they will keep.

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Not sure if all Chinese cabinets are poor quality, but here's another dealers perspective on the subject. This came from a dealer forum. I also read something on another page that said some cabinets are not recognized or certified as a KCMA....which means the cabinets do not meet certain criteria. Anyway, I hope the original poster doesn't mind me copying this. I was able to get to the info without logging on to the other just came up in a search.

"Chinese Cabinets are great for our business! In South Florida we are already replacing cabinets that were installed two years ago.

Unsuspecting Consumers are ripping out cabinetry that has been in the house for 10 or more years and putting in cabinetry that will only last 2 years or so.
The finish is weak comes off easily , The mold problem is definalty a huge issue. And the drawer systems are even weaker. The hinges are cast aluminum often and they break easily. Try and replace a DaWong hinge at any hardware

There are a couple of "Quality" products, however the pricing is just as much as our "lower end" domestic products and still wont last as long.

I was a rep for a product that lost alot of business to the small to midsize developers who switched to "Chinese". What we were selling for $ 1,500.00 per unit (Foil basic apartment kitchen) they were able to do for $800.00. Plus it was instock, etc.
In 2007, this is starting to turn around in South Florida because of the quality issues that are arising!.
Eventhough more Chinese companies are signed up for KBIS this year in Chicago than ever, I still think it is a quality and import nightmare for most Kitchen and Bath Dealers to get involved.
My strategy for the dealers is to buy a 12" base cabinet from a distributor, put it together and hide it in the back. If you have a customer that desires it. Offer it, show them the quality. Charge 100 % or more markup. Do not Install it, ( or have your installer work direct). Get 100% of your money up front and have a written no warranty policy. Just simply say that we offer it for our developer clients, but it does not meet our standards for our regular customers. Unless it does..that is a whole other discussion.

I think the Chinese Cabinets and Products are great for our business because it gives the market a chance to compare quality and warranty and eviromental issues."

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Wow! I had no idea there was even such a thing as RTA kitchen cabinets! I thought all cabinets came with the boxes pre-assembled, just waiting for doors and shelves and hinges, etc.
Jenellecal, I know you had a fire, I am sorry ... but I have to know after reading this saga: what was the resolution? Did you get your money back? Did it just become a wash?
If you can, please update.

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Chefnewbie - There really was no formal resolution to the problem. I pursued the chargeback with my credit card and had several back forths' with the credit card company, Kitchen Pro and the Better Business Bureau.

Kitchen Pro never offered me a resolution. They spent alot of time writing letters that never addressed my issues, instead they circled around and around, being very accusary against my husband and myself. Each new round of letters created more and more discrepancies from what they had said in a prior email/letter. It got to the point where they were outrightly lying. It was obvious that whomever was writing the letters did not speak english as as their first language. It became pretty comical.

I'm just riding it out and see what happens at this point. Luckily we have an absolute ton of pictures that were stored on my flash drive and I had all the documentation at my work just in case...

I will not be buying chinese cabinets moving forward. I would rather have open shelving than the crap that I had. :)

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Jennecal- did you pay for the product before it was deilvered or a deposit first then balance after receipt of product?

first I wanted to say i am sorry for what you went through. i do have to state that i didn't put in my original post, I did look at other cabinets last weekend at my Tile shop. they have a cabinet area as well.. they looked nice so i asked my hubby if he'd like to ck it out and get a price. So we did. the guy was very nice. he had some stuff similar ot what we are looking at.. All from CHINA though.. but very very different product then the line we are looking at.. These you could tell were and are very cheaply made. WE didn't say anything to the sales guy, but you could see they poorly fit even their showroom and he kept saying oh they will be better these were put in quick etc. the doors/drawers wouldn't open etc. were tight you could feel the boxes were not all that made well, very flimsy etc etc.. they looked nice from the outside and i am sure in any picture. HE also quoted us about 5K for our kitchen OUR kitchen is not a small kitchen . the prices we are getting from HD are upwards 16-20K, just tells you how cheap the cabinets are. They don't include anything etc etc and you can them in about a week to two weeks time they have a local warehouse. and yes probably are RTA

The cabinets we are ordering are ordered and custom fit, (may be semicustom) and come delivered boxes already assembled. assume bolted,glued whatever before shipped then they need to be installed. WE are going to the showroom tonite w/ more questions. the other thing is we do not have to pay total price upfront. you give them a deposit and balance is due AFTER installation.. and they also have to install the cabinets to keep the warranty in place which is 20 years.. We are going to ask more questions etc etc.. but i do have to say we have had the corbels and flutes in our hands as well as doors that he let us have so we can decide what we want and they are very solid hard wood. You can see where they pieced things together. Also the doors are all mitered very well made. Maybe this is a different product coming out of China then the prefab RTA that people are ording online. WE could not order these online. They have to come out and design the kitchen, measure your kitchen etc etc.. Anyways just wanted to mention a few things as I can see there isa big difference in our product vs. some of these chinese rta cabinets.

ours have bells and whistle, beautiful handmade corbels ,molding, hardware etc..

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You seem to really want these Made in China cabinets. You should go ahead. For myself, given the word about the economoy these days, I'd be loathe to send my money to anyplace except an extremely up-standing business - regardless of country. And to a Made in China product? forget it! There have been way too many stories about poor or non-existent quality controls - not just of your cabinets but the very plywood itself. Poor quality plywood, poor quality and toxic glues ... toxic stains. At the end of the day, the product may not be dangerous at all - but with so few standards and no regulations whatsoever, the probability of getting a dodgy product is not that insignificant at all.

You seem to be advertising these cabinets more than evaluating them. Have you seen any other cabinets to do a critical analysis? If you really are nervous about Chinese cabinets (with good reason, I'd say) why don't you look at a couple of custom shops in your area, to see what you would be getting or giving up with going with these cabinets? Kompy and others have said here many times that if you are looking at cabinets at Home Depot, that you can almost always get those brands for less from an independent cabinetry shop than you do at HD, and that you'll get an overall better product and better support from that independent shop. if you're looking at Kraftmaid or the like at HD, why not try looking at an independent shop or two and to test the custom waters since YOUR product is supposedly custom, take a look at a good local custom shop in your area.

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in no way am I Advertising these products. I came on this forum with real concern and questions. I have looked at HD cabinets and yesterday visited a KD who carries medallion, omega and kraftmaid and he will be giving me a quote tomm as i gave him our blueprints and dimensions already.

The reason I am writng back on this board is to get input feedback etc.. just like some of the other posters- the diy that bought rta's overseas or locally produced. heck lots ofp roducts are made overseas. I know a very reputable company that a friend of mine worked at that moved all their production of (disposable cameras) to china a few years ago. yes the company overseas the facility but you still don't have control of what type of product/material they use. NO, i agree . I am especially concerned w/ that.

I love the cabinets I won't deny that. They have exactly what I've been looking for finish wise, accessory wise- molding, corbels, cabinet style etc.. the construction seems to be similar to other custom cabinets made but again who knows what they use or anyone for that matter.

again, my fear is what everyone else 's is here - is am i getting what I am paying for. and w/ out testing the product like the Kitchen Assoc does, how would I know otherwise.. yes use American made, but we make RTA also . Again these cabinets are not RTA like the online group or the ones that others bought. I guess that also gave me radar and ih ave looked at those links and pics and they are distinctly different.

I also had a custom guy come out to the house. I really liked him. He came in a bit high and he has now told us he'd come down 1000 under anyone else. the problem w him is I haven't seen his work except pics. NO showroom etc. He did not bring his stains, his actual woodwork except the doors. he gave us a bid w/out what we actually needed to lower the price then to find out it was gonig to cost addition 1500.00 . now he says he can beat anyone by 1000.00 so there is that "trust" issue.. we still however could go w/ him. He's local and turn around time is about 4 weeks.. We may have to invite him over again..

anyways, thanks , i appreciate everyone;s honesty and it's not that I don't believe what others are saying and that i am not skeptical, as that is why i wrote here, because my instincts were questioning something.

WE plan on making a decision soon so that is why I have also been actively writing , we have NOT decided w/ who yet. either custom guy, the KD or HD.. we are getting at least 4 bids.

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also i have been reading that al ot of furniture that is US company is made in CHINA. i read in the furniture forum problems w/ this as well. thomasville, Ethan Allan, etc, what is one to do. As a matter of fact, I think this company makes some Thomasville or did at one time.. ??

It seems al ot of companies now outsource to China.

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Circus Peanut

It seems al ot of companies now outsource to China.

They do, Rosema12, and that's why it's important to weigh all your options before committing.

"You get what you pay for" applies to other things besides the actual material quality of the cabinets (which I can't believe are terribly good at that massively lowest price). I'm also in the camp of wanting to buy from places where I can be reasonably sure that the workers work under decent conditions and earn living wages.

I don't mean to preach at all -- heaven knows I have tons of China-made products in my own home -- but actually, once you make a conscious effort to screen out such producers (China, Taiwan, Indonesia, often India), it actually can make your shopping choices much easier. :) Or at least that's what we're finding.

Good luck deciding it all, it's really a balancing act eh?

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"The cabinets we are ordering are ordered and custom fit, (may be semicustom) and come delivered boxes already assembled. assume bolted,glued whatever before shipped then they need to be installed."

I recognize you haven't bought them yet but that you don't know how they are assembled is a bit of a red flag, IMO no matter where your buying your cabinets you need to know how they are constructed (assembly, thickness and grades of materials etc.) . Plywood is great but the notion that that alone will determine the quality of a cabinet is completely false. A well assembled medium grade particle board cabinet will last considerably longer than a badly assembled plywood cabinet. Being custom built descrbes the production process not the quality. Similarly Conestoga Woods makes a line of of RTA cabinets that are considerably better than a lot of assembled product that is being sold out there so being shipped assembled isn't a determination of quality either.

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I also doubt that it is being shipped assembled. I think it will show up at your home assembled by the installation crew but I doubt it comes that way from China. I don't know what custom fit mean. Can you explain that? I know these are really tough decisions to make and sometimes emotional when you really like something and you want it work. I ask that you put that aside, judge these things fairly and then make a decision. That way, no matter the outcome, you went into it knowing the potential risks.

Did you see any of the installed kitchens that they used as references?

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I have not ordered cabinets made in China (Brookhaven, made in the good ole' USA), but I did order a fireplace mantel. It was nice wood and beautifully carved. The pieces fit together perfectly. I know that cabinets are a lot more involved, but not all products that come from there are junk or suffer from poor quality control.
I also ordered a "no name" range hood from China and it works beautifully.
On the other hand, we bought a GE Christmas tree two years ago that was made in China. As we were decorating the tree for the first time, I found a rusty long razor blade covered in tape at one end. I guess a worker was using the razor to cut off excess plastic from the tree before packaging. I am just glad that my children did not come across it first ...
Like anywhere, there is bad work going on there and good work. Hopefully your cabinets will be from the good work ...

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response to carryscott:
I know that statement sounded like I was confused. The reason i said that was because I've been reading alot on these boards about RTAs and that got my radar up to wonder how these come from china.. as most NOT RTAS come already made as a box(bolted ,glued etc) that same day I read about the RTA type cabinets one of the references said oh yeah they brought everything to my house and i put the "pieces" in my living room until they came back to install them.. I discussed this w/ my husband after reading RTAs and said hmm pieces? and he said maybe you should have clarified from her what "pieces" meant, boxes or piece by piece. so we will ask him tonite when we get to the showroom how they come from China. As far as construction we have the specs and they are to be made from all plywood /dovetail drawers etc etc.. we have the exact sizes and all.. I just was confused when I reAD About RTAS and that same day someone mentioned the word "pieces". again this is all new to me, and that's why I am here..

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First please accept my apology I re-read my post and I misjudged the tone quite a bit. I stand by the observations but please disregard the know-it-all quality as nothing could be further from the truth. Can't speak for anyone else but I found deciphering cabinetry really difficult so I understand how much info there is to try to keep straight. Whatever happens I do hope it works out and you end up with a good quality kitchen that lives up to your expectations.

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If buying cheap cabinets from China was an easy and risk-free process we would all be doing it. The domestic economy needs your dollars. If you want to buy something foreign go get a nice bottle of French wine.

Good Luck ! :)

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I originally considered cabinets from a Chinese importer because the display at the home show looked so pretty, and it was such a great price. Then all the recalls started with Chinese food, and now I never would buy them. Who knows what toxic stuff would be on the cabinets next to my food and food prep stuff? Do I want that all over my silverware? Not to mention what I would have to do if they started warping (mail them back to China for a replacement?)
For about the same price, I am going with Ikea, which offers a 25 year warranty. Maybe it won't look quite as "custom-made", but it's within my budget and I don't have to worry about lead poisoning.

Carla in Sac

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thanks for all the replies. We did go see the product and it actually is quite beautiful.. they are made in china but the company factory is run by the guys that own the business here. the one partner actually overseas the operations in China and it is run by american cad engineers.. WE were able to see the entire factory tonite, the boxes shipped from china, wrapped and each piece of cabinet is Custom made exact to your liking. whatever you want. they make the boxes, and they are not shipped piece by piece. I saw the actual boxes myself. I was very impressed. they are all made out of solid wood and plywood specs as mentioned above. I can see some differences and imperfections but overall a very quality product. they are not any where near 5000.00 cheap. they are very close to custom made prices but a little less expensive and they add in a lot of the expensive extras= hardward, corbels, flutes , valances , side panels etc etc.

we still haven't made a decision, but i did want to reply to any of those wondering..

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Rosema12--Just to add a couple of points that either haven't been mentioned &/or possibly not emphasized enough, IMO. So, in the spirit of adding a little more information and points to consider:

Just to make you aware (regarding the local custom cab guy), a lot of cabinet people don't make their own doors; they order them from companies that specialize in making just doors, drawer boxes, etc. (See one example at the link.) (IOW, definitely need to inspect his finished work. Real kitchens, not just samples.)

Concerning the Made In China cabinets--I've not seem much mention of the hardware, specifically drawer guides. Do you know what you'd be getting in the hdwe? Drawer guides/ slides particularly are a royal PITA to retrofit so I'd be double darned sure of the quality of hdwe used as well as the tolerances (drawer boxes) in the event that you need to replace these items with hdwe of known quality & reputation at some point in the future.


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cilantro can you tell me specifically what i should ask? I know they have full extension drawers and self closing. But what kind of hardware are good cabinets/drawers using? and cheaper versions? I wouldn't even know what to ask.

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i am assuming you mean sidemount or undermount drawer slides? which are better or not? i believe they are undermount slides/ self closing full extension

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We are in the process of removing our Chinese made cabinets that have only been in place for 2 years. We had problems with them from the day they were delivered. I think most of our problems were with our contractor, mainly the way he assembled them and installed them. However, many of the cabinets arrived with issues, warpage, separations, etc, that my contractor tried to hide rather than get resolved. The issues he did try to get resolved with the manufacturer, were ignored by the company.

My contractor refaced the cabinets and put new doors on them to make them look better. Now the finish is literally falling off the doors.

It didn't save us a ton of money over the other options we were looking at at the time. The reason we went with these cabinets is that the contractor would handle the entire process. The cabinets looked good in the homes I looked at, the put together cabinet he brought me looked good and was solid, but what I got was junk.

Even my contractors bonding company said they cabs were junk and paid me the entire amount of his bond. Small claims court looked at the pictures and info form the bonding company and awarded me the rest of my money back.

Now, the cabinet company was Arbor wood productions.

Just my experience, hopefully yours would be different.

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I am a custom cabinet maker. I ordered and put together one set of these RTA cabinets for a church project on a budget. My labor was free on it.

The quality was not very good, and the finish varied quite a bit from one door to the next. I would use them in a flip house or a rent house, but not mine.

My cost for materials to build a kitchen is about twice what the whole cabinet package cost, and I do have wholesale accouts with my suppliers.

My customers have always been happy to show their kitchens to future costomers. See if they will supply you with a past customer that will let you look at the quality and color first hand. That's my advice.

Good Luck


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Ask what brand name of drawer slides they're using. And if they're full extension. When you know the brand & model they're using, then you can google to get opinions on the quality.

Respected brand names for slides are Blum, Accuride, KV, and others. (Woodweb is a treasure trove of info where you can read cabinetmaker's discussing methods, tools, material...)

Chances are that they're using a no-name slide (full extension undermount Blums cost around $50 a pair.) With a no-name slide, you just don't know what you're getting. Could be OK; could be crap. Replacing them would be up there on the Worst Jobs list and, obviously, it would get expensive.

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I REALLY REALLY appriciate your reply because the cabinets from were infact the grandjkc cabinets. I went on the grandjkc website you posted and found a local dealer ( just a half hour from me in Blackwood, NJ. I contacted them with the quote that kitchenspro gave me and they beat it and also offered free delivery right to my doorstep. My girlfriend and I went down there last night before the Flyers game since it wasnt far from the stadiums. They had the exact cabinet we were looking at setup on display so we got to play around with it. They look beautiful in person and everything worked flawlessly (drawers and all). I did see what the one person mentioned which is the door having a different color wood look on them. It looked like a few different pieces of wood put together then stained but I thought it gave the finish character. They had a single cabinet out on the floor that I was able to disect and I saw how they were put together with a staple gun and wood glue. It felt solid and was heavy which was good. Basically if you are good with tools you shouldn't have any trouble assembling these RTA cabinets. You are basically building them from scratch though so if you are not careful getting them even before applying the glue and staples then you will have problems. Here is a link to the assembly directions from, as you can see the durability of the cabinets is entirely up to you when putting them together:

I am going back tomorrow morning to make my final decision. My package is going to cost $3700 delivered to my house, this is for a big L shaped kitchen with a large island. I would LOVE to stick with an American brand name but at the moment I dont have the money to do so. The price is so tempting and the build and finsh looked great on these in person. The full extension drawers and soft/self closing mechanisms worked great and I tested every cabinet in that place last night. I even slammed the drawer back in and it caught it and slowly pulled it back in.

So unless these things self destruct as soon as I hang them on the wall, Its hard for me not to go with them. I will take pictures tomorrow while I'm there and post them here.

Thanks again everyone

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Rosemal, have you made your decision on cabinets yet?

I got the cabinets on the recommendation of the contractor as he's put these cabinets in other kitchens and said that the company is easy to work with and the cabinets are good quality. The price was also a significant factor in the decision.

I didn't know that the cabinets were made in China until the boxes arrived and would definitely have preferred US-made products, but, given how many companies get their stuff from China, I'm not sure how practical it would have been to go that route, especially given the cost factor.

I also spoke numerous times with Vicki at Kitchenpro. They're nice people to work with, but, you do need to stay on top of every detail of placing and confirming the order. I think their software program that you have to use to draw up your order is annoying to use and didn't always work correctly, but Vicki said that it was being updated on one of the days we spoke (thus why it wasn't recording input from my end), so it's possible that it works better now. Even so, I think you do need to triple-check that they have everything from your order on their shipping list before it goes out.

Vicki told me that they get their cabinets from, as I recall, three different manufacturers, so that may account for the varying experiences of other posters here with Kitchenpro.

My kitchen is still in process, so I don't really have experience in using the drawers to see how they close yet (no knobs), etc., but they are in place.

I have the Cinnamon Maple finish. They look beautiful and well-made. The stain is even. There are a couple of imperfections or very tiny blemishes that look like minor scrapes.

If you get any of the Rev-a-shelf accessories, I'd recommend getting them from Home Depot or Lowes for about half the price of ordering them from Kitchenpro.

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hi there. yes we did end up ordering our cabinets. But these are custom made cabinets , NOT RTAS etc.. we actually went to the warehouse , got a couple more bids so had a general idea of what our kitchen was going to cost (went to Kd got estimate on kraftmaid through home depot and KD and also got an estimate that was 10-15% more than KM) so for all our cabinets plus all molding, matching side panels, corbels, spice rack, garbage, pull out shelves in most cabinets, 2 full pantries, wine cabinet/ beveled glass, decorative pieces, onlay, and includes now our laundry room we got a price a little less then wHat KM quoted us for just basic cabinets no extras.. we love the color they have - cherry espresso the style of the cabinet which is one of the more expensive door styles, the quality of the cabinet is made very well compares to KM and self closing and fell extension drawers and doors so we went w/ in china made cabinets.. they came and drew up the paperwork, and custom made our kitchen all details size etc. the downfall is they take 8 weeks but that is ok as our renovation is just beginning on the rest of our house and by the time that is ready we will be ready to demo the kitchen just before cabs arrive. the service has been exceptional. he has come out to our house twice in one week to design it all and whatever we want we get.. i have seen the finished products in the showroom and client's pictures.. i am happy thus far

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Str8out, I'm glad relating my experience was helpful to you. It certainly sounds like there is a variety of products and quality available from China, given the range of opinions expressed by me, jenellecal, chefnewbie, stephanielynn, and others. It would seem logical to research individual companies and lines separately and not necessarily castigate it all wholesale due solely to country of origin. I want to spend my money on the product, not a name brand, so I'm willing to do the extra work. Of course, all things being equal, I would prefer that money to go to local (or at least American) companies. But had we not been able to afford cabinets, we would not have done a remodel at all; that would have kept area contractors and stores from benefiting from the large number of products and services we did purchase locally!


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Rosemal wrote -- **yes we did end up ordering our cabinets. But these are custom made cabinets , NOT RTAS etc.. we actually went to the warehouse , got a couple more bids so had a general idea of what our kitchen was going to cost**

So what company or brand of cabinets did you end up ordering?

Let us know how you like them when they arrive! ;)

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OH GEEZ! For a month my husband and I have been researching kitchen cabinets. We never jump into a sale that "seems too good to be true" and continued to google chinese cabinets. Yes i do find it strange there is not one review except this on that i have come across in all of my time on the internet. We were about to order when we thought it might be to our advantage to order one 12" bottom and top to see how it all works. Seems as if they would make sure a good one was sent? We are both aprehensive of trusting our money to get what we think is a quality product. Shopping in Canada is a little tougher than in the US. In order to get these cabinets we have to pay duty,exchange, "china tax" @ 9.5%, gst & pst and shipping from PA! And the dang things are still 4k cheaper than the Home Depot and much cheaper than custom. My husband is a carpenter & tradesman and the only reason we are looking this way is time factor. We were told that they are a quality product but it gives me a an odd feeling when all online pictures are not clear enough to see the grains in the wood or show doors that would not be sent. We priced just doors and my husband would make the rest but oddly enough the total cost of the cabinets was 5k and just the doors is 3k? My gut tells me to just build our own and forget about the dream of staying on budget. Can anyone tell me why there is no companies in Canada that sell the China made cabinet? (i guess we are too honest? lol) I believe in keeping my purchases here in Canada or US and not in China but the cabinet companies are just way too expensive for the budget. I too went to BBB but nothing comes up, never sure if that is the real name. Thanks to all for sharing your stories and i will sit and ponder this for another month.

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Guess you don't live on the West Coast. Cuz, here in the Lower Mainland (ie around Vancouver, BC), it seems there is a new company popping up on every second corner importing cabinets from China! We just had a brand new one in our fairly small town, and we priced a bathroom vanity in maple- 48" with two banks of drawers, full extension and reasonably well-made, fully-assembled for $300CAD. Our carpenter who is finishing off our kitchen had quoted us $1700! Mind you, his would have been painted and laquered, these are just stained, but still, for a basement BR, what do you think we are going to do? I'm kinda bummed, cuz I really wanted white cabinets- but guess I could always paint these. Can buy paint and a lot of extras for $1400!!!

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i can't seem to find anything in Canada. I live in Manitoba so east or west it does not matter. The cabinets fit the budget but all the hoops we have to go through to buy in the US is crazy. I would like to know where they are since i have googled like a crazy person but never found any Canadian companies.

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Well I received my cabinets and they look awesome. The guys from showed up in a truck and delivered them right into my living room. He then went over everything on my invoice with me to make sure everything that was ordered was delivered. Very professional.

I opened up one box and everything looked great and the finished door-front looks fantastic. I will start assembling them this weekend with my pnumatic stapler and glue gun. I am a perfectionist when it comes to these things so I will be taking my time insuring that everything is done properly. I will most likely put these together with more staples and glue than the instructions call for to make sure these things never come apart.

The sides are thick enough to where I could even drill pilot holes and put a screw in everything to ensure sturdyness...along with the staples of course.

Photos are coming, I promise. It may take me a few weeks of installing but I'll document everything. So far I'm happy, hopefully the happiness remains throughout the install! lol

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strout so glad your cabinets arrived ok and that you are so far soo happy. I cannot wait to see your pictures. you got a heck of a deal also.. mine will be here around March 19th ready to install.. which is fine as my house is torn apart right now and the rest of the hosue should be completed just before it is time to demo the kitchen which we will start early March. so i figure in 4 -6 weeks I will have the kitchen of my dreams. I will def post pictures and let you know how they are etc.. My concern was the doors and stains, as you just never know until u see. but we paid al ot more than some of these RTA brand cabinets. we paid one price and got whatever extras we wanted..

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Did you installed your cabinets yet? Please post pictures! I would love to see your cabinets.

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Just wondering how str8outs cabinets turned out??

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I would like to know too. (BTW I'm going with Kraftmaid but am curious)

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One general comment I will make about customer service (in my area) based upon experience with my own kitchen(s) and in designing a few kitchens for other people: very few people are "repeat" customers of a particular kitchen dealer because the time frame of doing kitchen remodels is years, if ever.
So, pleased or very displeased customers...its hard to ascertain some of this information. There is a very high volume dealer of several well-known brands of cabinetry in my area that is Notorious for customer service that borders on hostility -- and yet they still have a booming business. There is no need to keep customers coming back because even the smoothest kitchen remodel is disruptive and most people live through it once.

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I would be careful with things made in China. The main thing is quality. You get what you pay for. They are not going to ship good lumber too China and have them make cabinets and ship them back. Check the color carefully. The color of one cabinet may be slightly different than the other. And you don't know what chemicals are in the stains and paint. Such as lead. (remember toys from last summer?). There was also a report with problems with sheetrock from China. It's great to save some money but not worth risking your health.
There have been so many things recalled that are made from China. It's okay with a large US company backing them. But with small companies it will be hard to get help in the future. Just some of my opinions.

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Hi all Cabinets should be in this week and once all is done I will post pics and details. Our tiles are going as we speak and there was a few weeks delay in the cabinets which we expected as that is the one thing the references told me would be an issue is they take forever!!! Pics soon.

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Oh and btw it is a US run company. They have engineers/cad that are Us they all make furniture that used to be made here and now farm it out to china as its cheaper. So I am hoping it is more of a quality product as they have quality control run by fellow us employees. Not sure if any if this makes a diff but it is not just a co owned and ran by china. Just like a lot of us comapnies name brands. I know it doesn't make a diff but we take our chances I guess just like with anything

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rosema12...unless I missed it, what's the name of the company you went with? I'm in LA/OC as well so I'd like to check out their showroom.


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The nicer cabinets from China come from TSG. They have some of the best quality cabinets. One of the online stores to carry their line is

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I have been an employee at medallion for many years and since we had mass layoffs a couple of years ago there have been many changes. They do not allow the cabinet assemblers to use as much wood glue to fasten pieces together. They also now add water to there drums of the glue greatly effecting the effectiveness of the glue itself. We are running with about 50% of the employees that we had in the beginning of 2008. Which means everyone else has to rush to get done what needs to get done. I am only posting this hoping our company will make some changes and go back to the way we were in 2007. So in my opinion cabinets from any where but medallion cabinetry or schuler cabinetry would be a good idea. Even china!

Medallion cabinetry, medallion, cabinets , elkay , medallion cabinetry, kitchen remodeling, remodels, remodeled homes, home building, medallion cabinetry,

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Looks like this thread died. Whatever happened?

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Our contractor took us to a company Best Cheer in OC and I hated the quality and look of the cabinets! They are stock cabinets, and if they don't fit, it costs a lot more to retrofit them.

We went with PCS because they were recommended by a friend of ours who builds high end homes with only quality workmanship. PCS has varying levels of quality, and their low end cabinets are sold at the big box stores. Made in USA. You have to have a contractor to work with them. They do not sell direct.

Even if the OP has left this thread, it can still be helpful to others in the same boat.

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"Assembled in the US" stock cabinetry with 5/8" sides for frameless and only a 1 year warranty? No thanks.

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Very interesting read.

We have one China RTA kitchen installed that "looked good", but the promised pictures of the completed kitchen never got posted.

Then another "not RTA" custom Chinese cabinet manufacturer order where we never know if the products even showed up - and despite many posts, and repeated requests - this name of this phantom company was never revealed.

My guess is that after 5 years, they are no longer "torn" and the only question remaining is "Why did I think I could get $16K worth of cabinets for only $4K-$5K?"

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