Adding Fragrance to Unscented Detergent

happsMarch 30, 2011

A while back, I purchased a large box of powdered fragrance free laundry detergent because it was on clearance at an unbeatable price. I never tried fragrance free laundry detergent before and I think I made a mistake because I miss having a scent to my clothes. I don�t want to throw this large box away and was wondering what is the most cost effective way to add scent to this powder, so the clothes will come out with a scent.

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Try adding a few drops of essential oil in a fragrance you like to the rinse water.

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You could also mix it half and half with scented detergent you like. The scent will not be as strong but it will be there.

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You can also use Method dryer sheets. They are scented, but not perfumed, and they won't coat your clothes with that plasticky waxy crap (Bounce).

I like the marshmallow baby one myself, but I usually combine it with a lavender to make a wonderful scent.

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If you want a pleasant scent to your clothes, focus on what's happening in the dryer and not the washer. The solution is simple. Buy some essential oil that you like - my faves are lavender and citrus. Put about 15-20 drops of this oil (or combination of oils) on a wash cloth. After your clothes are dry, throw the now scented wash cloth into your dryer and tumble on NO HEAT for 10-15 minutes. All of your clothes will have a wonderful, natural scent that you can actually smell and won't give you cancer.

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