Window Air Conditioners

MStarJuly 23, 2012

I just installed one for the first time. Before I bought it, I thought, how do you keep burglers out? I'm still wondering.

I guess this is a good reason to get a portable AC. Which I had bought, but it was SO heavy and bulky(despite having wheels). So I returned it. Then the other day Frys had one that was much slimmer. Next time I'll get a portable.

But back to my dilemma: I mean, a burgler can just slash the 'curtain' thing that 'seals up' the window on either side of the AC. Feedback?? thank you

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Your analysis is correct which is why lots of people install bars/cages around window AC units.

Note that portables with one hose are a very poor investment. They are very inefficient compared to two-hose models.

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On the window A/Cs that I have owned, the window was "locked" in position so that it could not be raised (allowing the unit to fall out) without unscrewing a clip.

A burglar that slashes the "curtain thing" would have to lift the unit out of the raised window to gain access.

With no window, the burglar can throw a few pieces of duct tape across the glass pane and smash the window.

Just some thoughts.

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By screwing the upper sash to the lower and making sure the screws holding the AC unit are more than 3/4 inch long.

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Put unit on 2nd floor window and hope burglar does not have ladder.

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Not something I ever thought about. I guess I live in a very safe place (says everyone). I've never seen any house with cages around their A/C unit. All of our window units are on the 2nd floor.

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