Dryer still slow after HE washer?

marvelousmarvinMarch 1, 2013

When you use a high efficiency washer, does it take less time for your dryer to dry your clothes? I know its supposed to do that theoretically, but I just want to confirm if people actually notice a difference in real life.

My washer broke down so I got a high efficiency washer and kept my old dryer. But, I noticed that there wasn't a change in how long it took to dry my clothes. It still took more than 1 cycle to dry the clothes.

If it takes the dryer a long time to dry the clothes when coupled with a HE washer, does anybody know what might be wrong with the dryer? Does it mean there's something wrong with the glow bar igniter or the gas valve coil or could it be something more serious?

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Marvin -

1 - Clean your dryer vent - take the panels off the dryer and clean inside the dryer too.
2 - make sure your dryer exhaust pipe is as short and straight as possible

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My dryer always dries faster than the clothes wash unless it is overloaded with towels or something.

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Not all "HE" washers are created equal. Your machine may use less water, but may still only spin at a low rpm compared to others on the market.


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Definitely check the dryer vent hose/pipe to see if it is clogged. Often this is the usual cause of long drying times.

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