Another gremlin attack?

sally2_gwMay 12, 2012

I'm at work now, on explorer, sneaking a minute to see if the forum is working. This morning at home the cooking forum page would start to load, then go blank white. I tried some of the other Gardenweb forums, and the same thing happened. I was able to go to other websites with no problem, so I don't think it was my computer. Did this happen to anyone else?


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I had the same problem a couple of days ago.

I reinstalled AdblockPlus, at the suggestion of a helpful GW poster, and now everything is back to normal.

Here is the link to install it on Firefox:

Here is a link that might be useful: Adblock Plus for Firefox

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I haven't had that happen, but I also use Adblock.
I use Chrome and told hubby to install it on his computer, and he uses IE. Even if that isn't the problem, Adblock is a definite asset Sally2.

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Thanks, because this week and especially last night I had constant pop-ups only on the CF. I was really feeling frustrated!

Although we routinely use Firefox, I guess that Adblock plus wasn't installed. BUT it is now! Thanks, no more pop-ups this morning!

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I won't be home to see if it's still a problem on my home computer until this evening. I use Safari on a 15 or so year old Mac, so no telling what will work and won't work. A lot of the newer software doesn't work on our old girl.


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Okay, I'm home now, and it's happening when I use Safari, but not with Firefox. It shouldn't be happening at all. I'll contact the powers that be and let them know. Thanks for the input.


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I use Firefox,
But haven't had the problems mentioned here.
I am definitely going to check out the Adblock, though.

I'm thinking there really are some gremlins
Sneaking around this forum.
I can't find a thread about making pasta sauce
That was here yesterday.

What happened? ? ?


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No problems here on iPod, Android, Firefox or IE.

Rusty, the thread incl your post is still here on the first page.

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FOAS, yesterday was a rough day,
so I was extra tired last night,
Couldn't find that thread at all.
This morning it jumped out at me!


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Sure enough Rusty and Lou's pasta sauce recipe looks good too!

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So far no response from the tech people, but that doesn't surprise me. I wrote to them over the weekend. Hopefully today I'll hear from them.


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It's the tracking cookies....too many and it seems that some never load.......right now I am waiting for data from ping.chartbeat to transfer.....and this won't post until it loads.....

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I take back what I said - android started whiting out shortly after I posted. Hitting refresh once or twice seems to help, but it's annoying enough to where I don't bother trying.

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Same thing has been happening to me all weekend. This is the first time I've been able to get in all morning, too. I also used a different computer to ask the powers that be on Saturday, no response. Aggravating as it can be!

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I don't know if this would have anything to do with the problems some are having, or not, BUT I have noticed that starting about last Thursday (maybe, Wednesday?) my Do Not Track Plus software started showing up to 16 "blocks" from CF. Before last week...there were NONE.

Right now, here's the list:

Google Adsense
Dedicated Networks
Vibrant Medi
Mindset Media


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GardenWeb won't even load on my cell phone. A message pops up that says it's an unsecure site.

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Well, this is the first day I've been able to visit the cooking forum on Safari without it whiting out. I never did hear back from the GW tech people. That's not the first time they haven't responded to a query from me, though. I've been having other problems with my computer ever since DH did a scan for bugs on it. It won't save any history. Since none of this is cooking related, I haven't been comfortable bringing that up on this side, but I figured the gremlin attack would be seen on the discussion side. Anyway, it's finally working for me. At least, at this time it is. If they'd just let things be and quit messing with it trying to add more ads, they wouldn't have so many problems.


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I've had that problem too. Clearing cookies and cache fixes it - that's a pain because one has to re-enter login for all the sites that normally remember, but it does fix it (until it recurs, but so far it has only hit me a couple of times). I update Mozilla Firefox and - knock on wood - it hasn't happened again.

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