Blender died...

lizbeth-gardenerMay 18, 2012

Tried to do a search but no luck. Anyone have a blender they love?

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A Vitamix or Blendtec is the only one you will need for the rest of your life :) Love mine - expensive but worth every penny.

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I have a cheap-o Oster.....don't use it often....mostly use the processor....or the "boat motor".
I've had this oster for more than 25 years....makes flan, quiche fillings, chops nuts and makes frozen Margaritas and not much else.
Depending on what you want to use it need to spend a bundle.

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I have a Vitamix and it is great. I also have the Ninja; I've had it over a year and really like it-very powerful. I'm not a fan of EuroPro products; I purchased this without realizing it was a EuroPro. I also understand that the early version of the Ninja weren't as well made as the latest. I bought it at BB&B with a 20% off coupon so there wasn't a big investment.

*I am glad that I read and followed the directions; it seems that was the problem with reviewers who didn't use it correctly and cautiously.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ninja

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I love the Ninja QB1004. It is a versatile blender/ food processor. I use it every day, instead of my expensive Kitchenaid blender. The Ninja is incredibly easy to clean.
I bought mine at BB&B using a coupon.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ninja QB1004

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Another happy Ninja owner - Ninja� Kitchen System 1100. I needed a blender that would blend large quantities of cooked wheat for recipes in the book, "No Wheat Grinder Wheat Recipes" by Cindi Van Bibber, along with the other ingredients in the recipes - which will test the capabilities of a blender, to be sure.... I just couldn't go the price of a Vita Mix and really love the Ninja. Having the two sizes of "bowls" plus the other attachments makes it even more useful. Check Sam's Club.


Here is a link that might be useful: Ninja� Kitchen System 1100

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Strange... I hated my Ninja. Ended up taking it back to Costco and exchanging it for a Cuisinart that was half the price. It works okay, not as well as my old Oster- but I'm saving up for a Vitamix. I wish I'd gotten one a long time ago instead of having to buy a new blender every year.

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I have a vintage Oster that I bought from a rummage sale for a couple of dollars. Gets the job done much better than a couple of other blenders that I've had in the past. Does especially good job mushing up the ice for smoothies.

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A friend gave me a Ninja, the Montel version. It had a leaky pitcher and they replaced the whole unit under warranty. So now I have a used Ninja with a leaky pitcher, called the company and they want $50 for just the pitcher. I've been debating whether it's worth it. The thing is huge so I'd have a hard time dedicating the needed kitchen real estate.

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We also have a vintage Oster, and I hate it. It looks really cool, and DH uses it for smoothies, but I find it doesn't work well for me. The blades whir away while the smoothie ingredients sit above the blades. Only the bottom inch or two seems to get blended. I have to constantly stop it, stir things around, then blend again. DH loves it though. He's so into vintage, and I like vintage stuff too, but I would love a blender I don't have to fight with. I ust don't have the space for two blenders, so I leave the smoothie making to DH.


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Sally - I had similar feelings about my vintage chrome beehive Oster. Then someone gave me a new Oster which worked much better. I noticed that the blades were shaped slightly differently (IIRC the new one was "taller") so I put the new blades in the old Oster and it made a big difference. There's a thread from a while back where dcarch talks about changing the angles of the blades, etc. to make blenders work better. He might have been onto something there.

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Don't use a blender that often, so when I found a KA at a YARD SALE for less than $5... bought it. Doesn't have a terribly deep container. WOuld never have bought it new, but definitely serves the purpose when I need it.

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That's an interesting idea, FOAS. DH said we could probably buy new blades. I'm going to look into that. Thanks for the idea, because that beehive blender is really cool looking.


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