Gas Furnace - Coil for AC

tamalegirl55July 22, 2014

The house we just bought has an electric furnace and no AC. We are converting to a gas furnace and would like to add AC in the future. Once contractor has said we need to purchase a coil for the furnace to be able to add AC in the future. Another contractor told us that all new furnaces come with the required coil.

Appears to b e conflicting information and I'm feeling a little confused. Can anyone shed some light?


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How soon do you plan to add the AC? The best way to do this would be to install the furnace and AC at the same time. The fall would be the best time to do this assuming the funds are available.

Forced hot air furnaces don't come with coils. The coil is a separate item. The contractor who said furnaces come with coils does not know anything about HVAC.

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You have air handler or gas/oil furnace. Sounds like you have air handler.

Pls confirm.

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mike_home, thanks for the info!

tigerdunes, we are converting from electric furnace to gas furnace..

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Then you will need a matching system, gas furnace, evap coil, and outside condenser. Probably a new thermostat and filter box cabinet as well.


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