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ratracerJuly 18, 2014

Just got a York TM9X furnace installed. I specifically said I did not want an air filter box to enable use of a 4 or 5 inch filter. Unfortunately was not home during install and sure enough they added this 'feature'. I didn't want it because 1) not worth the cost of install, 2) cost of replacement filters and 3) difficulty in finding these 'exotic' filters.

Too late now. Specifically it's a Johnson Controls Air Cleaner, model TM11PAC16252 with Source 1 Air Filter model S1-FM410. The filter is not the usual kind in a cardboard box, but rather the top and bottom are designed to fit into some rails or slots in the actual air cleaner and it's also an 'accordion' style in that you can compress it. Then the filter part itself extends beyond the frame of the air filter by about 1/2 inch or so on each side.

The installer said that you can put the "normal box kind" in there but I fail to see how that is possible given the rails measure 2.5 inches in width and I know of no such air filter with that size....so I'm stuck exactly where I didn't want to be...... needing to use dealer to supply an expensive filter.

Anyone know of a possible "normal kind" of filter to replace this one with? Email to dealer was not responded to. Online search proved futile. Approximate measurement of the filter is 16 X 27.5 X 4 3/8 but like I say the rail itself is only designed to fit about a 2.5 inch wide filter

I see that 3M sells a air filter adapter that enables one to put a one inch filter into one of these air cleaners and it holds the filter firmly in place. Is that an option for me? There would then be a gap between where the air enters the air cleaner and where the rail or slot starts. Is that a big deal?

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