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donnar57May 12, 2012

My husband and I like to travel with our own coffee makings, and that includes the coffee maker itself. While many motels do offer in-room coffee makers these days, more often than not you have to go beg for decaf or at least enough for 2 big cups.

Our old travel appliance has started to leak, so we have begun to shop for its replacement. We are looking now for a coffeemaker that will brew directly into our commuter mugs. Locally, we have only found the kind that take the Keurig cups. Thanks, but those blasted things take up so much space and they are expensive.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a personal coffee brewer?

I did find one through Amazon, that looks likely. If this one is any good, can it take other types of commuter mugs as well as the one included with it?

Thank you!!!!

Donna (mostly a lurker on here, I learn so much!)

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Sure, it will take other commuter mugs, but only if they are the type shown in the photo - the short squat ones. Unfortunately, DH and my mugs are a different style, the taller thinner ones. If your mugs are like ours, you would be better off with one of these:

Our personal favorite is the one from Gevalia. We have worn out two already. Each lasted several years. And we didn't use them at all while traveling, but used them every day to get us out the door to work.

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Donna I have a Black and Decker one cup coffee maker and I really like it. It will not take a travel mug and is made for a cup. It will only take a coffee cup full of water. It has it's own reusable coffee filter that is easy clean up. Bad side it does not give you real hot coffee but that works for me. I use one heaping teaspoon per cup. hope this info helps Patty

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I worked at a pizza restaurant where my boss was absolutely clueless and replaced our giant coffee maker with a keurig personal brewer. I don't know what he was thinking! My heart would sink every time I had more than 3 orders of coffee at a time. But it worked great for just one.

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I have one I got free from Gevalia that has two travel mugs included, so you can make one cup of decaf and one of regular. I drink regular and Elery drinks decaf once in a while.

It works fine, but took some use to figure out how much ground coffee makes one cup to my liking.


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Those French Press pots from Bodum are really great for a quick cup BUT you'll need a source for hot water to make the coffee. I took with me on our last trip an old Percolator I got for a $1 at a garage sale and that worked great!

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I got this one free when I bought a shipment of coffee, then promptly cancelled the coffee subscription. I don't think their coffee is all that great and I was startled when I saw the price to just buy the coffee maker!


Here is a link that might be useful: Coffee for two to go

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Yep, Annie, that's the one we love. Yes, the coffee is expensive. But it's smooth. So smooth, that no matter how much grounds we use, we just can't get it strong enough to suit us. So, we're bad. We get the coffeemaker and the first shipment of coffee, then cancel. Then we mix those beans with our preferred beans and use them up that way.

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Just to think outside the box: if you like strong hot coffee, you might consider using a $10 filter cone like this, brewing into a nissan thermos:

You can buy a high quality nissan thermos of whatever an appropriate volume is you need, and they keep stuff hot a long time. They make them in different sizes. Here's one that's 61 oz:

Of course, you'd still need something to boil water with, and you'd need to pour the coffee into your travel mugs, but you'd have a lot of hot coffee throughout the day. More gadgets, but more flexibility.

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Hamilton Beach makes a 12 cup coffee maker that empties directly into your commuter mug. It is the HB 12 cup Brewstation Deluxe coffeemaker. I don't use HB small appliances but this seems to be what you are looking for. NancyLouise

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After reading everyone's posts, we ended up with the Hamilton Beach 6 cup coffeemaker. It's due to arrive any time (mail ordered it through Amazon; nobody around here seemed to carry it).

Thanks so much for the input!


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Now hubby loves kuerig you know what I mean not sure of spelling ,he loves it,Days I have dialysis I make a pot from the percalator???Days I dont he makes it on th personal kuerig?? I like the old percalator pot,I like the gevalia coffee mm

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