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Marine1945July 24, 2011

My Carrier A/C system developed at least one leak in the coil (plus the capacitor blew yesterday). At best it will be $1000-1600 to replace the coil. It is also Freon 22. An A/C repairman, who we have dealt with in the past is recommending a new system, including both an A/C system and furnace. He is advising that it is best to replace both systems, since if we replace the coil and the furnace goes, then it would take a more complicated replacement of the system. Plus, he indicated that our current Carrier furnace (Weathermaker 9200) will not work well with new A/C systems, since it is a single state system and will leave the house with higher humidity (50-55% vice the 35-40% that we usually keep it at using a portable dehumidifier). He will develop quotes for several systems, but gave me an initial quote.

He will install:

ï· Trane Furnace Model TUHMC100ACV4VA

ï· Trane A/C Model 4TTX5036A1000B

ï· Trane Indoor Coil 4TXCC043BC3HCA

ï· Trane Programmable Stat Model TCONT802AS32DA

In addition, he will install a central return in our basement to facilitate better circulation, thus hopefully assisting to reduce humidity.

The quote for the above is $9,870.

We live in northern Virginia. We have some pretty cold winters (some weeks below 20 degrees, and down to single digits on a few days) and hot summers (some weeks above 90 degrees, with days above 100).

He will provide another quote that will look at using a heat pump as the primary for both heating and cooling, with the furnace and A/C system as augmentation. He indicates this will be a significant energy cost savings over our current configuration or even the system above. That will be about $11,000.

These seem like pretty high numbers, and more than we would like to pay. He is pretty reputable, with a small, but apparently pretty competent, staff. I had previous experience with bad contractors using poorly trained personnel (bathrooms). And I know that HVAC contractors are the key to a good system, but this seems awfully high. (He does have a 10 year parts and 2 year labor warranty, which appears good.)

Thanks for any assistance or advice.

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I think your bid is high also.

We live in N VA also and last week asked 5 contractors to give 3 bids each: good/better/best.

The good bids were Trane and Goodman = $5000
Better bids were Carrier and Bryant = $6000 - 8000

Recommend you get more bids.

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