LG Washer Help Please!

cancun271March 18, 2006

Bought the LG WM2277HW washer at Home Depot, together with the matching Dryer. Got them delivered, we were very excited because we have three kids and mounds of laundry. Machines arrived, happy day.

Three loads later - code "LE" - motor overload, pull the plug, disconnect the water, call service. Not what we were looking for for $1,100.

Called LG, bad idea. They wanted to service in a week to 10 days. Not happening. Went back to Home Depot, they were much more reasonable, got agreement for new machine. Just delivered today. Joy again. Third load - code "LE". This can't be happening.

Before I drop in on Home Depot and share my innermost feelings with them, does anyone have any idea on what is going on here? I don't see anything else here or elsewhere on the web to suggest that these machines are so fataly flawed. Could we be doing something wrong? We use the HE detergent, loads are big, but not packed in.


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I found this under "Error code" in the Laundry Forum search:

RE: LG Washers & Dryers Part 19
Posted by: beachmamaproperties (My Page) on Mon, Sep 19, 05 at 18:18

i have an 1812 washer from best buy. delivered in late june 05. Today, after having no problems, i get error message LE which stands for OVERLOAD in MOTOR. So I called for service. No service appointments in my area, somebody has to locate a service company within 24-48 hours. In the meantime, the CS agent told me to unplug, drain water and clean filter. I did this and I am doing a test wash. So far the code is gone. Should I keep my request open and send somebody anyway??
I have 4 kids and NEED my washer!! I don't want to start the process again if I get the code within the next 24-48 hours. Anybody ever had this ERROR code?

RE: LG Washers & Dryers Part 19
Posted by: bonusman (My Page) on Mon, Sep 19, 05 at 19:23

I got that LE message too, on the very same day my machine was delivered. They told me to unplug the unit and wait 2 hours before using it. 7 months have passed and no problems yet.

RE: LG Washers & Dryers Part 19
Posted by: beachmamaproperties (My Page) on Mon, Sep 19, 05 at 22:07

re: LE code
washer working fine after I unplugged, drained water. I did two loads tonight no problems. Yea!

Hope I have a continued run of "no problems" again!

RE: LG Washers & Dryers Part 19
Posted by: mzzckd (My Page) on Tue, Sep 20, 05 at 14:43

A couple weeks ago when our LG 2277 we got the same thing on the first run (right after the delivery people left). I unplugged, turned off water,...., and set up appointment for service. Next morning I decided to plug them back in and see if they worked, all was fine and continues to be.

You can also read all kinds of good stuff on the LG threads. Just do a search on "LG" and you'll find a lot.

You might try that until you can get a service person in

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Obviously there is something wrong here, but what to do?

We are thinking seriously about returning the LGs and getting Kenmores. But now I read about the dread "F11" code on the HE4T. Kenmore, Maytag, Whirlpool, GE... class action lawsuits... it seems that every machine has problems. Does anyone make a FL washer that actually works?

How is Home Depot's extended warranty plan compared to others? (Best Buy's terms are great, but they don't like to honor them - too much work to get what you paid for) Maybe better to just buy this and stick it out with the LGs?

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Why not try the new LG 2688. It's the lastest model and maybe some of the issues with the 2277 have been worked out.

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Look at the Maytag 8700 or 9700 series. The class action lawsuit against Maytag was for the first generation of their Neptune series. They are now on their third generation (still model number MAH5500,6500) and have come out with the 87 and 9700 models as a big step up.

The Kenmores ARE the Whirlpools, so don't go there.

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The new Maytags are re-bagged Samsungs.

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Sounds like LG has some kind of computer firmware problem that requires a 2 hour long reboot -- hardly inspires confidence if you ask me. Maybe it runs on Windoze? LOL!

Maybe give the GE Adora a try -- lots of good reviews here.

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FWIW I've had my WM2277H since October and had no error codes or "real" problems with it since it was delivered. I've crammed it full w/towels, done queen sized down comforters, delicates and hand wash w/no errors and no problems (other than a few peeves that are FL related, not LG related). I wouldn't bag the machine yet--lots of people here have been extremely happy w/theirs (including me), and info from here (LG threads) is what sold me on them. So what if you have to uplug it ONCE for a couple of hours? If it solves the problem (and the hassle of a service call) and never comes back, I don't see the problem. If it doesn't, a new set should be okay too.

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Best Buy Just picked up my return of my 0642 LG set today (second) set DX'd as "warped drum". They wanted to replace, but I figured when I also got the "LE" message and a load of wash that didn't finishing it's cycle, that was enough for me! LG was good at answering their phones. Best Buy was good at bring me another washer. But what was I going to do when it had to be fixed by someone that didn't know how with a part that he couldn't get his hands on? I don't mean to set fear into anyone. That is just how I thought. Perhaps I am wrong? But I am now going to try a Bosch.

Just a thought...You said you have 3 children...when I had my set of LG's, I had stuck my hand in the drum and rotated it and the time signal gave a reading of ---, someone had stated in a thread that when that had happened to someone else, that perhaps that was due to somekind of current preceived by the mother board? Anyway, right after I had turned my drum, I had the "LE" reading", which by the way, I had to ring the load out by hand then it worked on it's own after it was unplugged, just a regular wash
without clothing was run. Could one of your children have turned your drum in play?

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I have noticed this "feature", but don't understand its purpose. It seems no more than another way to turn the machine on, but I will try the experiment you suggest.

We have now run about three loads since the "LE" code, and all is well so far. Three loads is all the laundry left in the house at the moment, including two sleeping bags. I have noticed that the "LE" appeared in both machines when washing heavy loads. In the first machine, it appeared when the machine tried to spin. In the second machine, you would start the load, 2-3 minutes would elapse with no activity, then the code would appear.

I may have mentioned that I was over at Best Buy, which also sells these things, and they had four "open box" washer/dryer sets. Two had standing water in the washers. The manager conceded that they were returns, but claimed that nothing was wrong with them. They were offering a $200 discount on the purchase of the pair. Woohoo!

It seems possible that "LE" is bustin' out all over the place...

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I have the WM2077 from HD with no error codes ever...yet. Mine too has that "feature" that spinning the drum by hand turns the washer on. Maybe some kind of "electronic foreplay?" Incidently, I washed a one-piece full body suit of Carhart overalls (EXTREMELY heavy when wet) and I threw in a winter jacket to help balance the load. That load gave me the biggest vibration of any load I have ever washed, but it did not freak out the computer. btw, I washed it on Normal, but if I did it again I would use permanent press, as the normal setting did not produce enough water to thoroughly saturate the winter suit. Some areas of it even remained dry. I find that happens when washing tightly woven heavy fabrics, such as denim.

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Returned to Home Depot today to drop off the heap of boxes that the two installers left in the garage. They accepted them graciously after some internal squabbling over which department was responsible for taking the heap, which filled an entire pickup truck.

Discussed the "LE" problem, and they then said that I would have to contact LG directly. I said, "Ok, there's the phone, let's do it." So we did. LG said no return, just service. I said, Home Depot, it's your problem. The salesman got on the phone with LG, and, lo and behold, we are going to get another washer.

The LG call-center rep did actually concede that this is a problem - a new first for LG - nice to see that they are started on their 12 step program to acceptance and recovery. The LG girl told me that they have been having this problem, and to unplug that machine, wait 30 minutes, and plug it back in, and the problem will never come back. A cheerful thought, but it strikes me that the market demographic that buys these washers isn't going to accept that answer for a $1,100 washer that has a problem before the delivery truck gets out of the driveway. I have a feeling that soon they will come to believe in a Higher Power, in the form of the United States District Court when they get served with their class action lawsuit.

Home Depot says $89 for the 5-year Soviet Socialist Extended Warranty Plan. They will get (more of) my money the next time I am down there.

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So did you unplug it or not? Everyone else said theirs working after unplugging the washer.

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Yes. This one has not had a problem since being unplugged, however, the first one did too at first but then crashed again a few loads after being "reset". Soon we will have #3 as another data point - getting to be a regular consumer lab around here...

I did conduct airfresh's experiment (rotate drum naually, then wash) and all this does not draw the sting. Seems to just be an alternative way to power up.

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Any thoughts on the mildew smell? Lg will not help. I cannot use bleach because of my septic tank. Vinegar makes it worse. Did I spend $1100 on a washer that makes my clothes stink? I do not know what else to do.

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dsteber say:

I cannot use bleach because of my septic tank.

You can use bleach with your septic tank, especially if you only use it once in a while. You could probably use it every day and it would not harm your septic system. I've researched septic system problems, and household chemicals rarely, if ever, cause problems. Every day, millions, if not billions of bacteria are added to the tank. The problem with septic tanks is improper or absent maintenance. Regular pumping of the tank is mandatory, every three to five years, less if a really heavy load is on the tank (like seven people living in a three-bedroom house and the sink has a garbage disposal). The pumping eliminates the solids that the bacteria cannot digest, and the scum layer on top that is also indigestible by the bacteria.

Because of dilution, household bleach will not kill enough bateria to jack up your septic system. Neglect, however, will not kill your septic tank, but worse, your drain field.

Ultimately, the drain field is what you are trying to keep solid free. If the solids level in the tank rises high enough, the solids contaminate the drain field, then look out.

In some areas of the country, it is easily a $10,000 repair.



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I meant to say more if your septic system is handling more material than normal, like if more people are in the house than would normally be there.

Also, I'll add that Ridex, or yeast or any other septic treatments are snake oil, and should be avoided. Yeast is actually very bad for the system, because it causes turbulence in the clear effulent, bringing solids to float out into the drain field. Very bad.

Three layers:

Scum layer on top, like oils and fats and things that float

Clear effulent: more or less water with some dissolved solids

Solids: the solid, indigestible stuff, including sand and sediments, that rest at the bottom of the tank.

The system depends on the three layers, the middle layer, the effluence, is what should flow into the drain field, with the scum floating on top, and the solids trapped below.

Mess up the trinity, and then the ruination come in.

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I need to make some comments about the LG service (It Sux)
I have the LG 3677 Tromm Combo washer / dryer. I do like the machine However. I purchaced it almost 2 years ago from a private appliance store in White Plains New York. I had the machine for 3 months. First I remember after a few weeks the machine leaked from the dispensor and from the door. The cycle times were not running correctly. I had the service from a company called Metro in New Jersey come out nobody in my area in Westchester at that time. The guy didn't know what he was doing and totatly screwed up the machine. Situation worse and to make a long story realy short and a big hassel LG agreed to have the machine replaced. I had the machine for 9 months and it developed a slow leak from the bottom of the front door. I called for service and they found a local guy. He came in 2 days and fixed it by releveling the machine and tightning the door.
Problem resolved. Almost 2 weeks ago problem developed again with leak from the door. Being I am in second year of contract I had to call GE warrenty service. They stated I need to wait 48 hours until they find someone. I waited and still after 72 hours they didn't fint anyone and ended refering it back to this same guy that came and fixed it 11 months ago. It took him a additional 6 days to come and service the machine. Claimed because of the Holiday weekend. But thats not a excuse to have to wait 9 days to have a washing machine fixed. And also why isn't their other people that fix these machines. Well machine was fixed or at least I hope it is. He retightened the door and I ran 2 loads after the fact so far no leaks. I have 2 issues here first this should not have happened twice in a year and second why isn't their more people to service these units. And of course not wait so long to get service. I would like to call LG and press them to have more service people be trained. Please comment.

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My LG WM2277 front loading washer occasionally leaks out of the dispenser drawer before I get a chance to close the drawer! The leaking bleach runs down inside, as well as down the outside, of the washing machine. I called LG, who sent out a service technician. The technician stated that he was familiar with the problem. The solution, he said, was to NOT fill bleach/detergent/softener all the way up to the MAX fill lines. Otherwise the siphon tube will suck all the fluid out of the compartment, and because the drawer hasn't yet been closed the fluid will flow right down into and along the front side of the machine. As you close the drawer some bleach spill onto panel just below the drawer, remaining underneath the drawer until a subsequent wash cycle, and flow into the drum, destroying clothing by putting bleach spots in it. Although over the past year since the service call I have tried not to fill the bleach all the way up to the max fill line when I ran loads it was nearly impossible to not make a mistake once in a while. The bleach compartment is very small and the funnel on top of the compartment makes it very difficult to see inside the compartment and gauge just how high the bleach level is, so inevitably the bleach will reach the max fill line despite my best effort not to fill it so.

Recently I have noticed that rust is bubbling up through the enamel coating on the front of my washing machine just below the dispenser drawer. Apparently the bleach, which is highly corrosive, has rusted the washing machine from the inside out.

Anyone else having these issues?

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I have had my LG TROMM washer and dryer since march of 2006. I have had the LE error code three times now. I had the repairman out twice and he said that LG has had this problem for awhile now. How can a company expect customers to return if the product they make has poor qaulity control. If they know about this issue, they should fix it and not keep selling a product and cross your fingers hope this one works idea. I will never buy LG again. My cheap washer and dryer from Roper lasted 7 years with no problems. My $1600 LG Tromm washer and dryer wont last 9 months. I am glad I bought the five year warranty plan but who wants to keep unplugging or calling a repairman every few months. I do not reccoment this product to anyone.

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I have had an LG TROMM set for 15 months without a problem. Now, after reading this, I'm worried.

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I bought a Maytag Neptune stacking washer/dryer about 6 years ago, and it is the worst piece of **** you could ever want. It was wonderful at first, but then I put it in storage for about a year. When I took it back out, after returning to college (at 35) it worked for awhile. But two weeks short of 5 years, the whole thing stopped working. You'd press the button to turn it on, and it would immediately turn off. After calling Maytag's service, I was assured that the problem was covered under a "five year electronics warranty." I was told that all I needed to do was provide proof of purchase, and Maytag would fix it. I was transferred to someone else who also assured me that it would be covered, and this person told me to call service back on Monday.

When I called back the following week, I was told that my repair wasn't covered. I was transferred to another person who told me that it WAS covered. Then I was transferred to someone else who said it wasn't, and others who said it was. Eventually I was transferred to a supervisor who actually YELLED at me on the phone...a call that lasted 2-1/2 hours. She told me multiple times that MAYTAG WOULD NOT ASSIST, and referred me to my documentation. I told her that I didn't have it, and that I was a student and it was 3 hours away in storage. She yelled at me again, and told me MAYTAG WILL NOT ASSIST. What a witch!

I also told them that I was working my way through school it the kitchen/bath/flooring/appliance departments at Home Depot. I told them that I could tell my customers about the horrible customer service that I was receiving from Maytag. They didn't care.

Did I also mention that I got the service number from a sticker on the side of my Neptune...it said "Maytag Neptune owners are entitled to PriorityOne service." I thought my $2000 purchase entitled me to a little better treatment than I was receiving, but I was WRONG.

I was told by the next agent that PriorityOne service was only good for the first year. Funny, I didn't see a time limit on the sticker.

Oh yeah, and I was back in school after being a technical/customer service trainer at Apple Computer's call center in Austin, and was getting my MBA with a focus in customer service. I used my experience with Maytag every opportunity I could in my classes as an example of BAD customer service.

Anyway. I'm looking at an LG washer/dryer, and was trying to find out if it's worth the money.

I will NEVER buy Maytag again (that's okay, I was told by a regional sales rep for Maytag that they really don't care if they upset a customer, because customers are upset by other companies and they'll come back to Maytag...pathetic). Maytag was sued over the control board problem, but they only covered part of my repair. That's okay, it broke with the same problem 6 months later. It's still broken, and I bought a cheap washer to sit next to it. What a piece of crap!

Thanks for the info on the LG. ...

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i have a 3 month old $1500
LG FL and all was well untill this morning when i went to power it up to do a load and nothing worked just test mode displayed on the readout tried to unplug for 30 min then 1 hour then 6 hours nope still same prob so then i ran the test cycle that finaly finnished still nothing so i call LG and they started to tell me that they have never herd of such a thing that it is impossible to happen with out a human to push the right buttons. so basicly insted of owning up to having board problems they deside to try and blame it on me so then i get a number fromn them for a local service company out of business so then i get a number to yet another company that just happened to be closed so now if im lucky ill get someone to come out this week and tell me i need a new board and they will have to order it so hopefully ill be able to use my brand new
$1500 washer with in the next 2 months. im very upset with LG and will never buy or suggest someone else to by an LG again if anyone does have a quick fix for this so i can go to work insted of waiting around al day for a service man please HELP thank you

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I have an LG WM2277HW washer/dryer combo and we've had it for about 2 years. Today is the first time we've had a problem. We did a load of jeans, and the LE error light came on. I called customer service and had NO problem whatsoever. We were instructed to reset the circuit breaker, then turn the washer on to HI spin cycle. It started in about a minute. I asked if this was a common problem - she said yes, it's like having to "reboot" your computer. So far so good........keep your fingers crossed!
ALSO - she mentioned that even though you are using HE detergent, you should still use no more than 2 tablespoons per load. We'll see.

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LG problems --- grey streaks on white washing is caused by the grey sticky residue of capsule based washing detergent being sprayed onto the washing during a hot wash The solution is not to use capsule based detergents.

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My LG washer just froze up. The drum light came on, and everything else quit. No display at all. I opened up the detergent drawer, and the detergent was still in there, so I guess it didn't run. The door would open okay. I unplugged it, waited a bit, and plugged it back in. Everything worked ok after that. I ran it again. No lights, nothing would work on the display again. The drum light was on again. It opened fine, and the soap was all used up this time. None of the display lights are working again, and the buttons don't respond. It is about 2 1/2 years old. Does anybody know what could be wrong?

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LG front loader is giving me a problem. When the spin cycle starts the door starts to rattle and continues to do so all through the spin cycle. I'v tried to get info from LG, they were no help! I called HD where the washer and dryer were purchased, the person I spoke with in the appliance department didn't think this should happen...great help! I am ready to give up and when this machine falls apart I won't purchase another LG, or for that matter any LG appliance. What's going on this world, does everyone produce crap and then sell it for a high price! Oh the front panel is rusting below the soap, bleach and fabric dispenser as is the clean out drawer directly below...what junk!

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My first "LE" code today, after 7 years of absolutely wonderful service. I got the code when I threw a medium-sized load in and picked the Quick Cycle. I've never done this before and didn't realize "quick" also means "small." We couldn't unplug because we couldn't get to the outlet (grrr), but hubby threw the breaker switch and left it off for a half an hour. No success - we still have the LE code.

I took the clothes out, but still have water in the tub. How do I get it out??? We live in a very rural area and can't imagine finding someone around here who would know how to work on one of these machines, so I think we have to troubleshoot it to the end ourselves.

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i just experienced the 'LE' error code and thankfully was able to solve it without a service visit:) thought i should post on this site, as i had read this page looking for help, on how to go about fixing. i called the LG customer service number and the lady on the phone told me it could be because of soapy water. sounds silly, isnt that what a washer deals with all day? anyhow, the following easy steps solved the error code and now we are back in actiion. step 1: unplug washer. step 2: turn off water. step 3: drain water out of the machine through the hose. step 4: turn water and power back on. step 5: select rinse and spin cycle, do not add clothing or soap to this. you will notice that no 'LE' error message comes on and the machine goes through the cycle as it should.
et voila, you will have a working washer like i do now.

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I have had an LG front loading washer WM2301HW for about 2 years with not problems whatsoever. Lately, I have noticed an occasional time where sheets have had grease marks (?) on them - might also be the matching LG dryer (?) - anyone have any suggestions on what this might be?

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