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mapr1July 8, 2011

I am looking to replace my central a/c and furnace units.

Was given a quote of $9400 for a Kenmore 4-ton 14.0 SEER A/C unit and a 90% efficient furnace unit.

Does that sound reasonable?

Any opinion on the Kenmore brand?

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I would not purchase HVAC from a third party big box store especially Sears. Generally the price is higher than the quality.

Kenmore is only a rebadged brand whether Appliances or HVAC.

I believe Nordyne's HVAC "appliance brands" had the Sears "Kenmore" contract. Not certain if that has changed or not.

I've said enough on the subject. Perhaps other forum members have a different opinion.


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Thanks. The Sears contractor was saying that Carrier and Kenmore are essentially the same as they are made at the same factory. Not sure if that is true or not.

Does the price look high assuming Kenmore is average quality?


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It sounds high to me but I also try to find everything I can online and do it myself. I found more energy efficient equipment online for $3710.

Rheem 4ton 18 seer $2750

Goodman 95% Gas furnace two stage 4 ton 92k BTU $960

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your not going to be able to install your hvac system yourself unless you are very, very, handy and you want to risk messing up your equipment.

There are installers out there who don't mark things up and aren't trying to make several thousand dollars on a single install. You need to find them.

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Stay way of Sears installed HVAC equipment. There are better choices for less money.

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Everyone seems to be negative on Sears.
So, any recommendations for the Philadelphia area?

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You can try asking your neighbors who they have used to install their HVAC equipment. You may get a good recommendation.

If you get no good recommendations, then try the method I used. Go to the major brand web site (Carrier/Bryant, American Standard/Trane, Rheem/Rudd, Lennox) and look for authorized factory delears in your area. I recommend you pick one brand and interview 3-4 delears. Prepare your list of questions for the interview and get their quotes. By the third or fourth interview you will know what to ask and be able to get a better feel who is the better installer.

Post the quotes here and someone will give you feedback.

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