Question on repair of Bryant A/C

TexanInOhioJuly 22, 2014

I have two Bryant A/C units. The model numbers appear to be:
533GN024-A and 433GN048-A.

One has started dripping condensate from the secondary drain.

My home warranty company sent out a technician who blew out the primary line, discovered this did not help and went looking for the problem. He said there is a plastic drip pan that is cracked and should be replaced. But since the unit is 11 years old, he cannot get the part and so I need to replace the coil.

His price for a 4 ton coil installed is $2275.

I am a bit suspicious. I would appreciate any help I can get.


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Call another tech to see if the pan can be repaired. Of course they all want to sell you a new coil to make more money. but some one out there must be willing to fix it. all they need is some water proof sealer(cost 5 dollars).

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Thanks for the info. I will check around. I think I may know a couple of people who could do this.

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this is why I wanted to repair my own AC and replace the attic fan blower relay switch.

Find some heat-retardent water-proofing caulk. After caulked, turn the AC off and let it dry to 24 hrs, so, you get to take a vacation.

BTW, if you did buy the coil to be replaced, you would be getting the one he took from someone else, and the next sucker would be getting yours.

Good luck

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Much smaller scale, but my GE Heat Pump Hot Water Heater had it's drip pan cracked and broken by a "tech."

We Epoxy repaired the crack and saved the cost of a replacement.

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I don't really know if it would work, but there is a sheet (edpm rubber, I think) that is used to line Koy fish ponds. It is extremely weather proof and thick enough to last. If you could get some in the right size, you might just trim it and cement it to your pan for a very long lasting fix.

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If you have a home warranty don't they pay for repairs?

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