AC fan motor price reasonable?

diane_mn_2007July 23, 2007

I have a Bryant system and recently had the fan motor replaced. The part number is HD44AE131. I was charged $966 for just the part and I would like to know if this is reasonable. I found several sites online that offer this particilar part for far less but wanted to see if anyone could verify. Thanks

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Wow, a $1000 motor. Must be made of gold, or has a huge mark-up on the price (probably the latter). I found one on-line for $547. Must be one of the new variable speed motors. This is why I went with the good ole 3 speed motor on my new unit as it costs less than $100 to replace.

I think you already know the answer to your question, Diane.

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Yes, that is an ECM. Anytime you are dealing with them and an OEM supplier, the part will be steep. Is $966 the installed price? Not that bad considering the cost of getting the part, driving over and installing it plus the overhead of maintain the van, gas, radio, uniform, liability insurance, health insurance, staff behind the scenes...

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Come on, BL. An entire Goodman air handler with ECM costs less than $800 to a smart homeowner. You are an HVAC pro and if you had to buy an ECM for your own system, it would probably cost you less than a few hundred bucks for the part. $1000 for a motor? NFW. Not unless the windings were gold instead of copper.

With that $1000 motor replacement, there goes all of the savings in electricity costs that Diane has gotten from the ECM (and will ever get in her lifetime).

Take care.

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I'm in an area where dehumidification is not a big problem, so I don't see needing variable speed. But, are you concerned about "cold blow" in heat pump mode. I have read that one of the problems with standard motors in heat mode is that the heat pump blows cold air initially. Are you going to just live with that?

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Diane, a rule of the thumb....markup is generally 300%. The cost of labor, insurance, pick up and delivery, operating costs will also be marked up about 300% and added to the bill as repair charges.

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My new 3 speed air handler has an 8 second blower time delay from when the compressor kicks on to when the air handler fan kicks on. This is supposed to help "cold blow" on heat pump start-up. There is also a 65 second turn off delay wich allows the air handler fan to run longer after the compressor kicks off. My old Trane heat pump did not have a delay, and I never noticed it.

My decision to get the 3 speed fan motor instead of the variable speed was made after I researched the 2 options and decided what was best for me. I am happy with my choice. If my blower motor goes after the 10 year warranty, it's less than a $100 replacement that I can do myself. $1000 for a blower motor (part only, no labor) is just plain insane.

Take care.

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Thanks for the reply. I do believe that total cost of ownership is important, not just initial cost. I am struck by the difference in cost between these motors. I would like to know the cost of the ECM X13 motor, but I bet it's expensive also. Good job.

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I was surprised to find that Carrier quoted us ~$975 for one of their ECM motors. The same motor from Trane is about $500. Goodman is even less. Bryant is part of Carrier. Mine is ECM and under warranty for two more years. I replaced it twice. If it fails after the warranty period, I'll wire in some fan delay relays with a 3-speed PSC motor. 300% markup is common for parts ranging between $40 and $150 but I would sell a $950 motor for $1150. About the same markup as a PSC motor.

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