replacing current central AC

domingos35July 16, 2011

replacing a Carrier 38ckc060370 5 ton 10 SEER system






will i see a big monthly savings

and is this a high end unit?

ac company wants $4000 installed

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what is your location?

This is interesting.

This a low end Rheem condenser with very good numbers.

You should be aware this is a 4 1/2 ton system, not a true 5 ton system. Pretty important if you need a true 5 ton.

The air handler with a high efficient blower motor is not var speed.

numbers below.

3799471 Active Systems RHEEM 14AJM SERIES RHEEM MANUFACTURING COMPANY 14AJM56 RHLL-HM6024+RCSL-H*6024 54000 13.00 16.00 1

As far as savings if all things are equal and they won't be, you should save up to 25% compared to your old 10 SEER system.


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i am in south florida.
yes i need a true 5 ton ,because my home is 2556sq ft AC
so the sales guy was lying to me?
what do u recommend as far as a good ,mid to upper range 16SEER system?
he also told that higher SEER does not mean higher electric bill savings. true?


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are you in a coastal or inland location?

what exactly are you looking for-a sgl stage system or a two stg system?

good dehumidification?

just to be clear, the system quoted has excellent numbers with a very good price and it is available in a true full 5 ton system. what is warranty?

was dealer including new lineset and thermostat?

savings can sometimes be elusive when going to higher SEER systems.

I assume you heat when needed with a small heat strip-correct?


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i am in about 10 miles from the coast.
i am looking for a 2 stage system
good dehumidification
dealer included in the price
digital thermostat,float switch,surge protector,step downs,line flush,permits
10 year warranty,and 2 year of free every 6 month tune ups
heat comes from the same unit so i guess it uses a small heat strip i think 10 Kw , not sure.
whats the model # for a true 5 ton?

thanks for your help

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here is a two stg system. for features and details, suggest you check Rheem HVAC website.

It won't be $4K.

3764504 Active Systems RHEEM RARL SERIES RHEEM MANUFACTURING COMPANY RARL-060JEZ RHPN-HM6024+RCSN-H*6024 58500 12.55 16.00 1 RCU-A-CB Yes


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