Becareful in regards to Sears detergents.

happymomof2kidsMarch 1, 2013

I just received my order today. I purchased one of the advanced formula powders, two of the powders with fabric softener, and two of the perfume and dye free liquids. All of them literally stink. They all smell like burnt or cheap plastic/latex. The odor is strong and is tranferring to the laundry, which I have to rewash. In fact, the load of towels I have in now I will have to rinse and rinse and rewash again. Opened the door and they still stink.

I'm going to take a trip to the closest Sears and try to exchange for some that doesn't stink or get my money back. I just figured I would give you guys a heads up because I know some of you use this brand too.

I don't know what they did to their detergent, but no one is going to want to buy it if it all smells this bad.

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I hope you arent having an issue with your machines.

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Try Charlies Soap!

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Does the bad odor come from the bottle and box of detergent, or just the laundry and washer?

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I bought a box of Sears detergent (orange/green box) a couple months ago, first time trying it. I was surprised to find it has no perfumed scent. It's a mostly-neutral, slightly chemical/plastic scent as HappyMom describes, although I don't find that to be a specific problem. The clothes don't pick it up. They either smell like "nothing" or pick up the scent of softener when I use it.

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I bought a bottle of their liquid detergent at their store and when I went to use it, it was as thin as water, apparently someone dumped out the detergent and filled it back up with water. Sears wouldn't take it back, claiming I could have done it to get free detergent. Oh well my shopping dollars now go elsewhere.

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As Fordtech commented I hope its not your machine. The only thing I purchase from Sears is their powdered detergent in the orange box. I haven't noticed what you describe and I have been using it for years. I have actually thought about trying the Kirkland brand just so I don't have to make a special trip just for the Sears detergent.

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@ jdenyer232 I'd file a chargeback with my credit card company over that..

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HappyMom, I'm glad you posted this and it wasn't just me. A couple of months ago I purchased a box of the powdered detergent with Oxy and a small bottle of the regular liquid detergent. When I opened up the box it had a very strong smell of plastic and when I checked the liquid it had the same plasticky smell and it was very thin! I don't know what happened. I've been using Sears detergent for many years and never had this smell. Always had a clean lemony smell. I had to transfer the powder to another box to get rid of the smell. The plastic lining could be the culprit.

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Maybe it is manufactured in China now? I have purchased some tires made in China that the rubber reeked so badly from outgassing it could take your breath away. Maybe some plastics have a similar super strong outgassing odor like that.

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I bought a box of the Sears Ultra Free/Clear powder today and opened it immediately because of what I read in this topic. It smells exactly like my 2-year old box of the same detergent and says "Made in U.S.A." on the outside of the box.

As soon as I have a full load of laundry in the next day or two, I'll use the powder from the new box. If it smells normal, I won't report back. (i.e., no news is good news)

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Glad to hear it is the same to you. I purchased 6 big boxes a year or two ago and still have a couple to consume and dont want to have to switch brands if I dont have to.

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