staggered paddles in new whirlpool dryer

rick955iMarch 1, 2011

does anyone know the reason for the staggered paddles in the new duet dryers with the stainless drum? are they supposed to limit balling and twisting? If so, any experiences with them and whether they work?



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Asko had something similar with their "butterfly" drying system. The paddles alternated from the front to the back, supposedly to help prevent items from balling up. Unfortunately, it didn't work. Sheets and duvets balled up every time.

The best solution against this phenomenon is a reverse tumble dryer.

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It just makes a little differences in the air flow pattern while your clothes are tumbling.

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Apparently, this new dryer is supposed to vary the tumble speed to accommodate different sized loads during the drying process.


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MRB - interesting concept...where did you hear that?


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Whirlpool had a couple TOL models in the early 1970s with multiple tumble speeds, by way of a variable pulley and belt shifter. First three speeds, then two, then they dropped the feature. Fastest speed for large/bulky items, medium for normal loads, slower for dainties.

Prior to that, from the mid 1960s or so, they had numerous 2-speed dryers ... but the heat input and airflow rate changed, not the tumble speed.

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Not too informative but for what it's worth:

Here is a link that might be useful: YouTube Video

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Thanks whirlpool trainee - that was very helpful. Is there an actual definition or description of adaptive tumbling that you know of?

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