Pics of kitchens with BLACK appliances!

laurielepJanuary 24, 2009

We are completely gutting and redoing the kitchen. Last time it was done was 1953 :)

Right now I have white appliances and we decided to go with black. We both aren't into stainless but after viewing a bunch of the finished kitchen in this forum, I noticed that the majority have stainless (which does look awesome!)

Does anyone have black? If so, post some pics for me!!

We are going with a Mocha Maple cabinet with lighter countertops (haven't picked out the counter yet)

Flooring is ceramic tile, med beige.

Thanks :)

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I have some black appliances along with a stainless fridge. I was kind of concerned that a black fridge would end up being a big black hole. I'm not sure what I'll get (black or probably stainless) when I replace the DW, it was the only appliance I kept, (and it just keeps on working).

Good luck with your remodel and enjoy your new kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: Long view of the kitchen

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We have all black appliances except for a stainless range, but it has a black top!

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We went with all black appliances in our kitchen remodel.
Click on the following image for more pictures:

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You can easily find kitchens with black appliances in the Finished Kitchens Blog by looking in the category Appliances:Black.
Now not all the kitchens in this category have only black appliances but you should be able to find many with all black.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchens in FKB with black appliances

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Sorry to hijack laurielep but I must tell momj47 that I absolute MUST have that chandelier!!! OMG, it's like it was meant to be! Here's my towel pig and his little buddy, flying pig:


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this is very helpful. I will soon be making the black vs. ss decision too. I especially like seeing black with the offwhite cabs. I was concerned too much contrast, but downsy's got it right. It looks like having a lot of other black helps the overall balance.

Downsy, I notice that your microwave aligns with the bottom of your cabinets really well. Usually it seems they are a little higher or a little lower. Is that a 12" upper cab or 15"? what kind of M/W?

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one more :)

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Thank you everyone for posting pics! It's so hard to make a decision! I picked all the appliances out and it's all about color now.

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Hi Wendy!
My cabinets above the MW are just shy of 15". These cabinets are 20 years old so maybe they made different sizes back then? LOL

We originally didn't have a MW up there when we bought the house, but asked the builder to put one in, so he had to adjust the cabs to fit the MW. The original MW was a Kenmore and we replaced it several years ago with a GE Spacemaker (XL 1400). We got lucky because it fit perfectly.

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