AC Makes Buzzing Noise at the End of Cycle

jotoboJuly 19, 2011

I have an AC unit on the roof, ducting and central air, thermostat, etc. That kind of set up. It's also provides heat. Its a Carrier 48GS/GX gas/electric Packaged Unit.

It cools fine. Recently, at the end of the cooling cycle when the compressor turns off but the fan still runs, there's a buzzing sound. It reminds me a bit of the sound a the air break on a tractor trailer makes, if you've ever heard that.

This doesn't happen all the time. I'd say it happens about 1 out of every three cooling cycles. By cooling cycle I mean when the AC comes on and goes off.

Any ideas of what is causing this. How much will a repair cost?

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There is a difference between a buzz sound [electrical] and a whoosh sound [pressure] find out which one it is and write again. If electrical could be contactor if pressure could be compressor.

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It's definitely a compressor type noise. Like the sound an air compressor makes as you pump up your tire.

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