Ok, I think my Miele T9802 dryer hates me

larsi_gwMarch 8, 2012

Did a few loads of laundry today...all flawless results using Normal + Gentle (moisture sensing cycle).

Tried to put in a 3rd load tonight after dinner, and the dryer door will NOT close. It looks like some jammed, white plastic door latch or something in the dryer. The door will just not close.

I turned the dryer on and off. Tried gently moving the obstruction in the door latch cutout area....Nothing. Door is unable to close. Of course on laundry day...with about 6 loads piled on the closet floor.

Wonder how long, to get service out? Anyone ever have this problem? Over my almost 20 years with Miele, I've had minor performance issues and computer glitches, but this is the FIRST time, that an appliance is 100% unusable. :(

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Miele was great today. I called in the am, and they sent someone out today!

The Service Tech was a real German. What a treat. He was with Miele in Germany, then Miele Canada for years and now here in Los Angeles.

My luck...he has NEVER seen break, what is broken on my dryer! The entire door latch mechanism cracked inside. Nothing he could do to make the dryer usable.

The f***ing part, is of course not kept in stock (because it "never" breaks). Must be shipped from New York, if in stock. If not, then ordered from Germany. I have NO dryer! :(

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@larsi - Bummer.

Did he have any ideas about your dryer getting stuck for two hours while drying a load of synthetic athletic wear?

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Is the broken part all plastic? If so, could the overheating issue you have been having caused this to happen? Weakened the plastic maybe?

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They don't think it has anything to do with the dryer running for many hours. The dryer will run for up to 6 hours, before shutting down to avoid overheating issues. My dryer ran for like 3 hours, so well within alloted run times. Miele also came out, and checked the dryer. No fault codes for this issue, and Miele said the dryer was fine!

Ordered a NEW T9802 dryer, and Miele themselves delivered and installed today. WOW...total white glove treatment, and it came with a FIVE year Miele factory warranty. I just could not live without a dryer, not knowing when the part would arrive for the door latch. So, I have a new 2012 dryer, with 5 yrs warranty! The Miele deliver team, even came with a Miele laptop, hooked up the dryer (like a Tech would), and programmed the Extended Cool Down Cycle and set the moisture level to More dry/less damp. Impressive! What a difference from 3rd party installers!!

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How did you get a 5 year warranty?

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@ Sstava...Miele USA, now has it where when you buy a major household appliance, Miele Concerige themselves deliver and install the appliance. I was told by my authorized Miele retailer, that you if you do not have Miele deliver & install, then there is NO 5 year warranty given.

My retailer told me also, that very soon ALL deliveries and Installs will be done by Miele. Miele wants no 3rd parties involved. Retailer also believes eventually there will be no Miele retalies, just Miele for everything (Sales, delivery, install and service). Very controlled and efficient this way! The Miele Concerige was awesome. The most impressive delivery and install I have ever had!!

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That is essentially how they do it here in Canada. They do sell through various retail outlets but it all goes through Miele from the sale on.

For example, where I purchased my washer/dryer, they will stock certain appliances but they cannot stock anything from Miele. They even do their Miele orders on a separate computer that goes through Miele.

Once they make the sale, Miele steps in and does the delivery and install and all service.

I really like it this way. I've not had any issues getting service or questions answered.

I did however, have that snafu of my dryer install. Not sure their installers were "totally" on the ball. Plus, Miele sent a tech out several times to deal with what was an install issue. When they finally sent an installer back it got resolved.

My impression is that the techs actually work for Miele but the installers are subcontracted by Miele.

This is from Miele Canada's website in the career section:

We are currently seeking professional and reliable sub-contractors who are fully skilled and licensed in the appliance industry.

Gas certification is an asset.

Candidates must be fully insured and bonded.

Specific training for the Miele product line will be provided.

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How old was this expensive dryer?

So you just bought a new one because you couldn't get parts for it in a timely manner? Seriously?

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I'm asking because Miele replaced my dryer and installed it themselves - by their on Miele service person - but I was not told that I would get a 5 year warranty. My original Miele units purchased in 2009 were installed by Miele authorized service and I received a 2-year warranty as part of Miele's promotion at that time. So you are saying this promotion has changed and is now a 5 year warranty?

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Yeah, $1300+ for a complete new dryer in lieu of a replacement door latch is rather much outrageous. :-)

I bought a door latch for a 30-years-old Kenmore dryer last year, cost $3.15 and arrived in about 5 days. And the machine doesn't run for 3 to 6 hrs on a load of synthetic knits. ;-)

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YES, YES, I bought a new dryer because they did not/do not know when the part will arrive for the door latch. Yes, it is a small part, and I assume the part is very inexpensive. The dryer is 2 years old. There is no way I am going to have to go to a laundromat, or keep borrowing a friend's or neighbor's dryer, and cart around wet laundry! Just not my thing or style.

A dear, dear friend of mine really needs a dryer, so I told her when the part comes in & Miele replaces the door latch...she can have my "old" T9802 dryer. The Ext. warranty is transferable, and she will get a great dryer with about 3 years of Miele warranty. She is SO, SO excited! Yay!

While I am by no means "rich", buying a dryer is not an issue for me financially. I just feel life is too short to worry about not being able to do laundry. At the end of the year, buying a dryer, will make no financial difference to me. Like my Grandma always says: "You've never seen a hearse with luggage racks". LOL So true though!!

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@ sshrivastava

The 5 year included extended warranty is their current promotion, good until the end of March. It's for new purchases that they deliver and install.

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"The 5 year included extended warranty is their current promotion, good until the end of March. It's for new purchases that they deliver and install."

Meanwhile, in Canada, not only do they offer a 10 year warranty, they also offer the newer Miele IntelliQ series. What gives with that!

Miele Canada
Miele IntelliQ

Too much NOS (new, old stock) in the US?

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Interesting, in my previous post in this thread, dated March 13 above, the link to the Miele Canada exhibited the availability of T 9822 gas dryer. Today, the T 9822 is no longer shown nor listed. It looked out-of-place in the listing as it the current model sold in the US and not the new superseding IntelliQ series sold first in Canada and I suspect later here in the US.

This places an additional conundrum on present US Miele gas dryer owners if Miele is indeed doing an EOL on gas dryers altogether. Anyone having owned EOL products knows that both parts and service erodes at a quicker pace than current products.

Here's another interesting tidbit: How much energy is actually used by the clothes dryer? Note the ownership percentage between gas and electric dryers.

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I posted in another thread that Miele Canada told me they will not have a gas option in the new IntelliQ series - electric only.

Mainly do to the low interest in gas (which surprised me).

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I sincerely hope that Miele does keep pursing/bettering their venture into residential gas model dryer units. Since my wife and I are early adopters you've likely already read the posts on our current situation. The final outcome is reliant upon how Miele addresses said issues. However, that being said, Miele is no slouch in the engineering department so I would be genuinely surprised if they abandon residential gas dryers versus perfecting them.

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