GE 2.6 washer?

vintage36March 22, 2010

Any info/input on the new GE 2.6 FL washer? It does have a heater but haven't seen anything on a matching dryer for stacking. The dryer is listed at the GE website.

Will see if Lowes has it/them. The max spin for the washer is listed as 1400 rpm!

Wonder who makes it/them.

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Very similar to the Bosch Vision series (that are **not** made in Europe). Door shape and fascia trim are identical

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I inquired to GE about the water heater on their new compact FL 2.6 set. I asked them if the water heater was capable of heating the incoming water to a specified temperature in their respective cycles or does it only heat water to hot in the Sanitary/Hot cycle and this is what they said:

The HydroHeater in your WCVH4800KWW uses water temperature to reduce bacteria and provide better cleaning for the really tough stains. Assuming a hot water heater setting of 120 degrees, and an average ground water temperature of 53 degrees, the Hydroheater will fill with incoming water to approximately 120 F degrees for HOT and 105 degrees for WARM and 65 degrees for COLD. 120 F degrees incoming water is gradually heated to 160 F degrees over the course of the wash cycle.

Not sure I understand this. Does it mean it will heat:

-your incoming hot water(120 degrees required) to to 160 Degrees gradually(Sanitary cycle)?

-your incoming cold water (53 degrees required) to 105 degrees(warm cycle) and 65 degrees (Cold cycle)?


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Anymore opinions on this machine and the matching dryer?

The dryer of my MAH2400 stack is in meltdown. After replacing a 4 year old motor last April, the replacement is starting to grind after only 8 months. I'm going to get rid of them both.

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I was interested in this set but couldn't find hardly any reviews/info on it. I went with the Bosch Axxis set in early Summer(Axxis Plus washer with Axxis Vented Dryer) I couldn't be any happier. Click on the link below to view my review and picture.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here: Scroll to Bottom

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