Roof Unit - Elec Wiring Thru Exhaust Vent?

ceburyJuly 16, 2012

Question: How far away from "standard practice" is punching a hole in existing roof exhaust vent to run wiring through attic for Tstat?

I have a roof mounted gas pack. They upgrading tstat wiring into the house, through the attic, but the roof jack housing existing electrical is over an area that is inaccessible from the attic (over vaulted ceiling). Current wire is also immovable, tacked and stapled down every few inches, thus we can't push/pull more through the existing roof jack.

Option 1) Penetrate roof and install new roof jack.

Option 2) Use a nearby existing vent, currently used for bathroom fan exhaust.

They want to do #2. I don't blame them, it's quick and easy. Punch hole on side of vent above flange and drop wiring through, seal with poly.

They say it's not against code. I'm leary, but don't need to create a bunch of extra work for them and risk extra roof penetrations for me.

Your opinion?

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They'er kidding, Right ?

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I guess they came up with a 3rd option, wireless tstat connection. Not sure how, since the base receiver still requires wiring -- unless they plan to mount the receiver on the roof and bypass the attic entirely.

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Of course it's not code. Worst of all, it's going to create a spot for dust to collect on. Some places will permit wires etc in a cold air return, but an exhaust vent must be sealed and as smooth and streamlined as possible for better airflow, and reduced dust collection spots.

DO NOT allow them to get away with using the vent. Done properly, there should be no issue with a new roof jack.

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It sounds like you don't have a permit. IMO, get one immediately. YOU the homeowner are liable... NOT the installer!

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