Lack of Blower Output

garlicjimJuly 4, 2011

I recently had A/C added to my existing system which was relatively new. The house is small (1700 sq ft), but the farthest vent from the unit simply doesn't cool well because of the lack of forced air. All the other rooms have two vent outlets, but I keep one closed in all the room because they all cool just fine. The room in question is the room in which we spend almost all of our time (the den/computer room)

1. Can I change the blower unit without getting into a big expense of having to change the whole system.


What about this mickey mouse fix, which will be easy:

Cut into the big duct running to the particular rool, installing a fan, and wiring the switch into the system?

The unit is by Fraser-Johnson.


Many thanks,


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Do you have a separate air handler for the AC, or is the air blower integrated in the furnace?

Did you talk the installer contractor about the problem? If so, what solution did he offer?

How many people and computers are typically in the den at the same time?

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