Purex Crystals Fresh Spring Water Scent

covingtoncatMarch 17, 2011

Smells like Persil. I kid you not! If you are looking for a scent enhancer, give it a try.

I've only done a couple of loads with it so far and clothes do seem softer than no FS at all, but I'm not sure if I've hit right amount yet. I used the recommended medium as my W/D are the smaller sized stackable Miele's.

No waxy feel like that of traditional FS.

Me likey!

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LOVE this product. The Fresh Spring Scent is the only of the 3 scents that I like. Henkel, which owns Persil and Purex...perhaps the reason for the Persil like smell.

I have done 6-7 loads now with Persil Color Gel and almost a full cap of these crystals per load. For sure not as softening as liquid softener,,,but clothes, towels and sheets do feel soft and smell SO, SO good!!!

It's also nice not to have to rinse and clean the fabric softener tray and siphon valve. Just dump these crystals in the same tray along with the detergent. And, they are like 90-92% natural. No oils, waxes...This is my new favourite laundry product.

So yes...a fantastic addition to Persil. I did try it with Method Peony Blosson detergent, and the smell of the crystals were great with this soap as well.

Great job Henkel!!!

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Im gonna haveto try them. I did check them out in Walmart, havent bought them yet. So no FS is need when you use them I take it?

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@ gates1....The idea is, that these crystals are the Fabric Softener. They FOR SURE leave laundry softer than if you just use detergent alone. I always use Downy liquid softener, and Downy leaves my laundry very soft and fluffy (but NEVER coated, waxy or oily).

These new Purex Crystals leave laundry about 50% as soft as when using Downy...but then that's about 50% softer than if you just used Detergent with nothing else.

I love not having to worry about cleaning left over softener in the FS tray. Also, these crystals leave the inside of my stainless wash drum in my Miele sparkling...and my laundry room smells fresh and very "Persily" :) GREAT product!!!

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I just tried these in this scent and worried about mixing scents so I just added it to some free and clear All.

When you mix it with a strongly perfumed detergent like Gain ,which I already find too strong, what scent do you end up with? I worry about getting a really strange scent when they are mixed together.

I used it on towels and I don't think they were dramatically softer, but they were a little softer.
I don't used fabric softeners and haven't been thrilled with the feel of my towels since I got a front loader so this is an improvement.

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I think mixing scents could cause overload if you're not careful. This particular scent smells very much like persil, so matches quite well with it, while adding some softness to the fabric and extending the scent.

If you don't like persil scent to begin with, you won't like Fresh Spring Water either. Many of us have commented that we DO like it however, and would appreciate a softener, too.

For me, this is a good alternative. While not as soft as most FS, it is still softer than just detergent alone. I have mostly switched to vegetable based softeners since they switched the formulation on April Fresh Downy.

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To chime in....
I just purchased the lavender scent, but have not used it yet.
I did notice though on a similar note, that Costco has quit carrying their soy based softener. Target no longer carries one either! Hmmmm.... wonder what's behind them pulling them from the shelves.....
I am anxious to try it out!

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I bought the one in the blue this morning and used only a tablespoon because I was worried about the scent. I do not like the way it smells. It makes me kind of sick. I remember a similar fragrance from my past but can't put my finger on it. I like the idea of the crytals alot, though.

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I bought the Fresh Spring Water crystals yesterday and have not tried them yet. My laundry day is tomorrow so I will give them a try. I like the scent in the bottle but it seems very intense. How much does it linger after washing (incl. extra rinse) and drying?

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It lingers, so far a few days later, I can still smell it. But, they market it that way, so I was expecting it. Its not as intense, to me, after drying. When I use Persil, the smell is almost gone after drying. This keeps it going. To me a plus. But maybe not for others.

I found the smell of Downy lingered, too. For several days or sometimes longer. YMMV

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It boggles my mind how our sense of smell can be so different.

I do not find that the smell of Persil is almost gone after drying.

I couldn't stand it with my previous washer and gave it another go in the Miele. Still smell is too strong for me.

If I wash my kids' clothes with it I can smell it on them days later. I think maybe it's the actual smell I don't like. Wish I did because I like how it cleans/rinses. I can tolerate the Sensitive version much better but they don't make a sensitive without optical brighteners.

I can't get into this crystal thing.

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@ Livebetter: And I thought I had a strong sense of smell. Seriously, people tease me about it all the time.

Maybe you should be in the perfume development business .... Or bomb/drug detail... LOL

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covingtoncat, that's funny ... I worked in "prestige fragrance" for over 10 years. I was in advertising but I did always have to participate in brand development things.

Fragrance in laundry never bothered me until I removed it. I used to use Tide and Downy and never thought anything of it.

A few years ago I went "greener" so scents became much milder and more natural. Now anything else is very overwhelming to me.

I do like some scent though so it's tough to find products that make me happy. I often do a mix if a brand has a scent and an unscented I'll mix half/half.

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I have to disagree. Unfortunately to me it does not smell like Persil. It does however smell like Vernel softener "Day At The Sea" which I'm not crazy over. Too bad Persil doesn't make a fabric softener that smells like its detergent. So far there is no replacing Persil, wish it would come to the USA.

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@ Mieleforme: I have some "Day at the Sea" in my laundry cabinet. I will have to compare. I didn't really like it that much, but I do remember thinking it went pretty well with the Persil. Everyone else in the family liked it, though.

They don't really dig the lavender Vaska FS I've been using, which REALLY bums me out, because I LOVE IT! The smell and the feel, both. After using soy or veg based FS, traditional liquid FS were too much for me in smell and feel (waxy). That's why I tried the crystals as an alternative.

The crystals come in 3 scents, including lavender and some tropical scent. They did not have the tropical one on the shelf the other day and I already have plenty of lavender scented FS already, so that's why I bought the Fresh Spring Water.

I'm trying to move the kids towards more eco-friendly laundry products and this was an experiment.

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@ mieleforme...

What do you mean you wish Persil would come to the USA? There are many, many stores that sell it in the USA and Canada, and almost unlimited online retailers! There are at least 3 stores in a 5 mile radius where I live, that sell Persil Gel, Universal Powder, MegaPerls, Sensitive and Vernel softeners.

Yes, the new Purex crystals (blue bottle) do not smell exactly like Persil, but the scent is close & it extends the smell of Persil after drying. It, to me, is not overbearing, but it for SURE does linger a few days. It has been awesome for sheets and towels. They smell very "German detergenty" and really fresh and crisp!!

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larsi, are you over your Vaska love affair? Just asking since I know you were using it for sheets/towels.

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I dont think Larsi is over with her love affair with Vaska, she just lost it in her 1000sq ft laundry room with all the other products she tries LOL!!! Im just as bad, so ot making fun of you Larsi, just some humor here. I will have to try these crystals on monday, get some when I get off in the morning. Id love it if it did resemble Persil, when I wash with Persil, I barely smell it once the clothes are dried. Now of only Yankee candle would sell there clean cotton scent to P&G and they would put in detergent and FB, Id never shop again for another fragrance

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@livebetter.....Vaska is still great for sheets and towels! I did go back to Persil Color Gel and/or Clorox Green Works for clothes (I need the enzymes).

@ gates1.... LOL Larsi(me) is not a she! :) Ughh, you mean my 1500 sq ft laundry room with the 800 sq ft of shelving to hold all my laundry products?? Yes!! LOL :)

gates1...if you like Yankee Clean cotton, you MUST, MUST smell Gold Canyon's Fresh Linen candle. OMG...it is amazing. If they made a detergent and fabric softener that smells like Gold Canyon Fresh Linen...I would never buy Persil again!! Oh, I totally love Fresh Linen!!!!!

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I wish it would be sold here like all other detergents are, as you know currently it is imported. When I can walk into Target and buy Persil products I will be happy. Not to mention I'm sure prices will come down a bit. The smell and performance of Persil, I find, has yet to be duplicated.

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I've been using the lavendar one, I like it.

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I did 4 or 5 loads of laundry yesterday with Purex Crystals Fresh Spring Water and I don't like it. The scent is sort of old fashioned European laundry - reminds me of my grandmother's laundry smell. In the same family as Persil (or its Italian version, Dixan) but much sweeter. I like the smell of Dixan, it's clean and fresh, the Crystals smell sugary which I don't like too much. But my daughter and her friend commented yesterday that they liked the smell of the "new detergent" I was using ;-) In terms of softening, Purex Crystals really doesn't deliver. The towels felt rough, clothes came out wrinkly from the dryer, and everything has a weird sticky feel to it, not silky and smooth. I typically use fabric softener (very sparingly, usually half or less of the recommended amount) and Purex Crystals don't come even close to the softness I get from FS.
So I will not be buying this product any more.

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Sorry Larsi, I too have been assumed to be female. I guess it just shows that guys can be laundry fanatics too. Where can I but these candles you speak of? I never heard of them. BTW I bought one of each scent of the cystals today. From the bottle, the blue on does not smell like persil, but maybe after it is used it may resemble it.

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Izeve, I'm going to have to agree with you. When I was folding the warm towels after using the purex crystal, I thought they seemed slightly softer and that is when I posted that I thought they were slightly softer.
But then when I used them after they had cooled off, I didn't notice any real difference with a towel that had been washed without any fabric softener.

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Sorry, it is CLEAN SHEETS by Gold Canyon Candles. You can order right from them, and there are always candles on eBay and sometime Amazon.

CLEAN SHEETS smells SO, SO much better than the Yankee Cotton candle. You gotta try Clean Sheets. Honestly, myself, my spouse, my mom, aunts, cousin, grandma, uncles...we all bun Clean Sheets. They also make a room spray. Wow, it smells like heaven. Clean, crisp, fresh. You can just light one, and everyone thinks you just cleaned the house!!! LOL

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Hi Mieleforme! I pulled out my bottle of Day at the Sea, and it too, is very similar to the Fresh Spring Water Scent. Sort of in-between both. I'd be interested to hear what others think.

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Thanks Larsi, I will check them out and see what they have to offer. Its gonna be hard to get me away from Yankee candle clean cotton though.

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Interested to try this. Checked out the website, not a user of fabric softener but I found the info about the composition of traditional fabric softeners and how they work quite interesting.

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So far I ve tried the lavender scented ones, never noticed any Stronger frangrance smell in my blankets after they were done. Maybe my washer rinses all the smell out. Right now Im usingthe blue bottle on sheets and mattress pads, will report back

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The blue bottle came out much better....not all that impressed with it so i wont repurchase them in the future, fun to try though.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I got the blue bottle and we like it a lot. My cleaning lady asked what it was today when she was doing the laundry, she loved it and was going to stop on her way home to get her some.

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I think these are great and feel better about using them vs dead animal liquid fat lol!

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