Maytag dryer won't auto-stop

mrpandyMarch 10, 2014

We bought a Maytag washer/dryer set in 1987 and they have been bulletproof until now. The Model DE590 dryer will still dry the clothes, but when it's on automatic, the dial never moves and it doesn't shut off. Timed dry works OK. It's like the dryer can't sense that the clothes are dry. The vent and filter are clean. This model doesn't appear to have a moisture sensor in the drum. I'm guessing that it checks the humidity of the output air to determine when to stop. Does anyone know of a solution? There are two sensors between the drum and the outlet. Maybe one of these controls it? Thanks!

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Auto-dry on your model works by temperature, controlled by the thermostats on the blower housing. The timer does not run while the heating source (electric element or gas burner) is active ... that is, when the exhaust air (drum temp) is less than the target operating temperature.

When the target temp is reached, the element turns off and the timer turns on ... until the temp drops enough to trigger the heat source back on. And so it goes, cycling between heat-on/timer-off and heat-off/timer-on until the "time" runs out to Off.

Per parts diagrams your machine has two operating thermostats (high and low temp selection, presumably), one of them may be bad. If you normally run on high, try low to see if it works then.

If it doesn't work on either, then the heating element may be partially failed such that it isn't producing enough heat to reach the target temperatures.

Or there's a problem with the timer related to internal contacts for the auto-dry function.

Or the exhaust ducting is clogged and you've not yet found where.

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