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hpxmirageMarch 25, 2011

We're building a new house and have ordered a Miele Speed Oven, warming drawer and Diamante Plus dishwasher.

I was very intrigued by the apparent quality and performance of the Miele front loading washer and gas dryer, but tonight noted that the Miele dryer vents in the lower left (as you're facing it) side corner of the dryer.

Unfortunately, our laundry room is set up such that the dryer needs to sit to the right of the washer, and have a rear or right vent out the side of the house.

What alternatives among the newer models of front loaders do owners and appliance professionals here recommend? Standard size (but with pedestals) and LP dryer.


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I have the big Miele Dryer T9822 and it can be vented from either side or the back. You simply keep the caps in the vents you don�t want to use.

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I also own the T9822 and it has three venting options as Mieleforme stated (left, right and back). I specifically waited for that model to get the multiple venting options.

My laundry is also set up washer to the left/dryer to the right but the Miele installers easily switched them so the washer is on the right/dryer on the left. They vented the dryer out the back and ran an extension vent to the wall vent. It's nice to have them open to eachother properly.

I received my pair in February and I'm really loving them.

My second choice would have been the LG WM3885. Larger machines with steam options. They seemed very nice as well but I opted for less bells in hopes of superior performance.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele T9822

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There is no alternative to Miele. Anything else is a compromise!! LOL :)

As everyone is saying , the new T98xx dryers have venting options!

The electric dryer does more reverse tumbling that the gas dryer. Not sure why, nor was the Miele tech, but he did confirm that the electric Miele dryers start reverse tumbling early on, and do it throughout the entire cycle. Less wrinkles, less balling up, less headaches. Electric is, IMO, notiecably quieter as well.

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Hmm, this has taken a turn I hadn't anticipated. Thank you each for your responses.

I have natural gas at our current house, and a terrific Kenmore Elite gas front loader (one of the first) that will convey with the house. The new house will have propane, primarily for my range and tankless water heater. I had assumed that the LP dryer would be the way to go.

Now I find myself wondering about the cost-effectiveness of electricity vs. LP, which I have to buy for a 250 gallon tank that feeds the other devices.

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The electric vs. gas decision for me, was based on my cost for electricity here where I live in California. Gas is much cheaper and much more common for dryers around these parts because of the outrages power rates. Yes its true, the dryer does do a bit less reverse tumbling than the electric model but the results are great, can't see them being much better. However, I did crack into the programming menu and add the 10 min cool down option, during this time it does a lot of reversing so this may compensate for it somewhat.

The only thing I don't like about this dryer is the 45 min warm program (the only timed heat program). I use it if the moisture controlled programs sense something is dry when deep down inside it's not, like a comforter. Here is the problem.The moisture-based programs will shut down after about 20 seconds or so if the dryer detects the load is already dry.Your only option to further dry items or fluff your clothes before you wear them like many do is the 45 min warm, if you want heat. Problem is if you forget about them for very long the dryer gets everything way too hot, so hot you can't hold the items. I had Miele check it and apparently it's fine, operating as designed. Definitely the biggest disappointment about the entire set. It should be called 45 burn you stuff program. I rarely use it anymore. Found better ways to dry comforters and bought a steamer to steam my clothes. None the less a little disappointing.

Note on the gas dryer. I think it does less reverse tumbling because when it does reverse the gas shuts off. The flame is dependent on proper airflow, when it reverses for those few seconds there is none. Obviously you don't want that too often. Electric dryers obviously are not affected the same way. This is all speculation on my part however.

With all that said they are still so good overall I would buy them all over again. However you may want to wait for the Miele IntelliQ set. I would if I could, they should be out in a few months here in the USA.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele IntelliQ

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mieleforme, everything I've read about the IntelliQ is that it is launching in Canada. Has anyone contacted Miele USA to find out if it's launching there for sure?

That was one feature on the LG I liked better. It has various timed drying settings. I do really like my Miele though. Little things like the lint screen are outstanding. I'm pretty sure barely any lint is getting into my vent system. The mesh is SO fine it catches everything.

I'm getting used to regular laundry coming out with residual moisture. I know it's much better for the fabrics.

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No I have not verified but I know for fact those machines are for the North American market, ours might have some tweaks but we will get them. Summer would be a good bet.

Agreed all of the "little" design features of the Miele machines are great reminders of what you paid for. Micro Mesh filters, the glaring Honeycomb drums, solid "Thunk" of the door when you slam it so hard just to test what it can take, JK..;)

I'm also more tolerant of some left over moisture. originally I had changed everything in the programing menu to make everything as dry as possible. Now with the exception of the 10 min cool down I have everything back to default. It is better, Miele knows whats up, fo sho. Now my hoodies and sweaters don't shrink. Anything else is a comprimise aint no lie......

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