Bosch Next 300 leaking from the bottom

crl_February 11, 2013

This evening, I noticed water in front of my Bosch Next 300 washer. It was leaking during the final spin portion of the cycle--I am certain because I mopped it up and more came out. The water seemed to be coming from underneath--it was not coming from around the door and it was not coming from the water connection.

The machine is 4 or 5 years old.

Any guesses as to the problem? And as to the cost of the repair?

We moved about two months ago and these machines are really too big for the space and we intended to replace them in two or three years anyway (as part of a laundry room and kitchen remodel). I am half wondering if we should skip the service call and go straight to replacement?

Thanks for any thoughts!

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If they are anything like the Nexxt 500, the first thing you want to do is unplug the machine from it's electric connection. Do this immediately.

Remove the back panel from the machine. This will probably take a star-drive with a hole in the center, found at auto parts stores.

The drain hoses on these machines are connected near the top of the machine with a push-on type connection, not a locking connection. These can work their way loose over time, particularly if you have moved them. Unfortunately, the drain hose (if it's like the 500) is located directly over the control board with only a small guard. Push the hose back into place until it clicks - it takes some effort.

Get some rubbing alcohol, 90%, and pour it over the control board and any electrical connections - make sure it gets everywhere. This will clear any water and detergent residue out of the connections and assist with the drying process without hurting anything. Place a fan blowing into the machine and let it dry thoroughly before trying to start the machine up again and see if it works correctly. If it doesn't, it would be cheaper to replace the machine than to repair it.

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Hmm. I appreciate the directions! I wonder if I can do this though. I am not sure I am strong enough to move the machine even and I am decidedly unhandy. Dh is working twelve hour days seven days a week at the moment so there's no possible time for him to do this for the next couple of months.

If the choice is paying for a service call or not, I am wondering if we would be better off just buying new. . . .

Thank you

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