Rheem reviews ??

lisadluJuly 25, 2014

We live in the desert where it gets 110+ daily for four months out of the year. Found out our ductwork was inadequate after moving in a year ago, so now looking to replace ductwork and ac system which is 24 years old and uses SO MUCH ELECTRICITY that I dread opening the bill each month.

We are looking at Rheem 5 ton 14 SEER condenser #14AJM60A01 and 80% furnace #RGPS10NBRJR. The furnace is only a single speed and I'm not sure if upgrading to a variable speed is worth any electricity cost savings. We may only be in the house 5 years and just getting new units and ductwork should really help electricity wise. Any opinions on these units?

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I like Rheem. It is a mid line HVAC manufacturer with quality and dependability but really not cutting edge top of line equipment.

However I don't care for the models quoted because they are low end builder grade HVAC. The condenser is made South of the Border. Wouldn't have it. I can make some upgraded suggestions if interested.


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Tigerdunes - Yes, please give me your recommendations. Our main concerns are adequate cooling and lowering those monthly bills. Thank you!

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Since humidity is not an issue, it is not necessary for you to have a var speed furnace. A good single stage with a high eff blower motor should be just fine.

You want an AC condenser that has a minimum 15 SEER rating with full cooling BTUs for rated size.

I prefer Trane/AmStd or Carrier/Bryant. Of course with best matching evap coil. Filter media cabinet as well. Make certain new ductwork has adequate returns strategically located for superior airflow and improved comfort. Of course super excellent insulation properties.


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Thank you Tigerdunes!

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If your existing system is 24 years old, then it was probably around 8 SEER. With inadequate ductwork (undersized and/or leaking) it would have even less delivered efficiency. Going to 15-16 SEER should cut your bills substantially, especially with sealed, insulated ductwork and attention to insulation (particularly in the attic).

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