Kenmore 80 series washer - dirty debris in basin

xiaobao12February 14, 2012

Hi all,

I acquired this washing machine second hand thru an acquaintance. I've only had headaches since hooking it up. The first wash that I did was with white towels - after the cycle finished, I noticed that there was small debris on the towels. I thought it was because of how dirty the towels were. I thought nothing of it.

Since then, I've used it two or three times. The third time, I noticed the debris again, on some of my clothes. After looking online, I decided to run the machine without any clothes. I checked to make sure that the water coming into the basin was clean, cold and hot. After running a cycle, I noticed the debris again in the bottom of the basin. I researched online again and found an article on how to clean mildew from a washing machine by filling it up with hot water all the way up to the top of the basin, above the plastic rim (you need to fill it by hand the last few inches) and then adding a cup of bleach and letting it run for 10 minutes, rest, and run again, etc. I did this two times and was still getting the debris. I then did it one more time and used Lysol instead of bleach. What I saw after running this cycle was disgusting. The Lysol released even more debris than the bleach. The pictures below were taken before the Lysol run.

The debris is mushy and somewhat flaky and falls apart when pressed.

What is going on? Should I keep on doing what I am doing until the water runs clean? I am aware that surrounding the metal basin is a plastic basin - does this need to be replaced?

Also, a very important piece of information, which I'm sure is related. When I went to pick up the washer, I was told that the basement had flooded.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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A flooded basement wouldn't have much effect on gunk inside the machine's tub ... unless the flood was 4+ feet deep to get into the machine, which I suppose is possible.

Beyond that ... it's very common that toploaders are infested with grunge, just as much so as the complaints about frontloaders nowadays, and for the same reasons: improper detergent dosing, too much liquid fabric softener, and too much cold-water washing.

Your choices are:
1) Keep running cleaning cycles until the debris is gone to your satisfaction.

2) Disassemble the machine for direct access to clean the inner basket and outer tub.

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I just bought a used 70 series washer.
Long story, but took it apart in order to get to a rusted front leg to level it properly.
Since it was mostly taken apart I pulled the plastic tabs and had great access to the plastic outer tub. Not much of anything on it. Some dried paper looking debris on the very top, but clean as a whistle otherwise.
I had run several cleaning cycles with LemiShine and hot water.
It may have cleaned it.
There was some debris floating in the water during the cleaning cycles.
I believe my unit is at least 10 years old.
Hang in there you'll get it cleaned up! =)

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