how to test washing machine valve?

WasherFlusterFebruary 20, 2013

A vendor came to replace my washer in a closet. He turned the switch off on the washing machine valve. He told me that he can't replace the washer because there was a running gushing water noise. I heard the noise when he pointed it out. He told us that we need to get the building water to shut off in order for them to replace it. After the vendor left, I went to check on the switch. I did not hear the gushing running water noise anymore. I'm wondering how the vendor made that noise. What did he do? Is the valve broken because I don't hear the noise anymore. How can I test whether it's the valve is broken or there was a delay in the water shutting down when the vendor turned it off? I believe I have the Symmons Laundry Mate Valves W-600. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Is this a valve or handle you turn to turn the water on and off? I have never heard of a switch used to turn water on & off before.
Switches are usually electric in nature, valves are used with water.

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It is a handle from the valve. Currently, I have a Symmons Laundry Mate installed. I cannot see the valve but the handle. The contractor slid the handle to off. He said the valve did not turn off the water. He said the water was running and I heard it. I am trying to test the valve. I turned off the valve but I cannot hear the water. I do not know what he did. If you have any idea how to test the valve, please advise. And thank you for responding.

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Turn the washing machine on to fill, and turn the water valve off. if the washer still fills you need a new valve. Compliments of DH.

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