LG vs. Miele...help me out please!

TiredMamaFebruary 27, 2011

Last week, I purchased LG Top Loading HE machine WT5101. So far, it is nothing but trouble. I am starting to wonder if it is just a fluke, and I am not sure if I want to exchange it for another LG, or look at Miele instead.

Has anyone had water/condensation within the LED control panel with their LG? There is water under the power button and the entire control panel. This started within the first 24 hours. Also, as mentioned in another post, the water is not getting past 133 degrees, even though I have maxed out our hot water heater. It is supposed to get up to 158 which I need doing cloth diapers. Has anyone stuck a thermometer in during the sanitary cycle? Another thing that has happened, just once, is that after the cycle completed, there was about 2 inches of water sitting in the bottom of the tub. It had not spun out at all. Clothes were in the middle, not edges.

This particular LG machine is rated so well compared to other machines I'm looking at, but I am losing my faith in LG. Any advice on keeping this or on buying a Miele instead would be appreciated!

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I also looked at LG in my local appliance store. They know me well and know how I stress over buying appliances. I thought I was going with LG at first too but they told me that since LG has been selling appliances in this country, they have been a mess and unable to get their act together (poor service, no parts, and troublesome products). They said Samgsung was better than LG. They love Miele and Electrolux and report little to no problems with them. I got the ELectrolux but now I have a case of buyers remorse!! Get the Miele, I would do it in a heartbeat! Hope this helps :)

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We have the LG 5101HV and have had no problems. Salesmen at Appliance stores seem to always be trying to point you in the direction of the appliance that they want to sell you not always the best appliance.

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When I was out looking at W/D back in September, I asked the Sears Salesman what laundry appliances rate the highest in terms of sales and least repairs. He told me Samsung followed by LG. Of course, I didn't want a Samsung front load, so I didn't get anything from Sears.

I did get the Waveforce elsewhere particularly b/c I liked the looks of it and its capabilities. It hasn't given me any issues yet. Hopefully, it stays that way.

Tiredmamma...it's appears you have a defective unit, and I can see your hesitation of not wanting to repace with same.

Good luck and let us know what happens.

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Offcourse sears was pushing samsung and lg.. as most of their kenmores are lg and some samsungs (top end models).

Even reading here and doing some research one can find that lg is not very good in terms of reliability but samsung is comparable to other brands in terms of reliability.

Now lg you get feature packed machine without breaking the bank and i think is the attraction for a lot of buyers somewhat like a KIA.

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Thanks everyone. Now I have had the LG end with a few inches of water in the bottom and clothes heaped in the middle two more times. I am not loving the Miele reviews I am finding either. I am thinking of just buying a super cheap not-that-great-rated GE again. At least I won't end up having buyer's remorse if it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg.

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I spent months contemplating and researching new machines. My 10 year old Frigidaire FL was dying.

I narrowed it down to the LG WM3885 or the Miele W4842. I went with the Miele (plus matching dryer T9822) and am REALLY happy with them.

Trust that I read everything (and every review) out there. While I can't speak to the LG (although my parents have a brand new LG pair) I can say that the Miele is something you need to own to appreciate. It is very solid and runs very well. It definitely uses higher temps. Everything seems to come out so clean and soft. While the dryer is touchy - when you figure it out is works beautifully.

These are the temps for each machine:

LG (WM3885)
Extra hot 70 C (158)
Hot 50 C (122)
Warm 40 C (104)
Cold 25 C (77 F)

Miele W4842
Sanitize 70 C (158)
Hot 60 C (140)
Very warm 50 C (122)
Warm 40 C (104)
Cold 30 C (86)

Only the Miele will use it's on board heater in all programs (except Normal) to guarantee these temps. LG will only engage the heater in Sanitary (Extra Hot). If temperature is something you are big on - you should consider this.

I also decided on Miele as I received a free upgrade for a 10 year warranty (Canadian promotion) and I am confident that service from them will be excellent. Already my experience with delivery and set-up was top notch.

Good luck with your decision - I appreciate how hard it can be.

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I cannot say anything bad about a Miele washer at all. I agree with the wash temps and I know I would like that in a washer. Im thrilled to see that miele doesnt sell out for a tax rebate to lower the wash temps too. Ive had my LG for over two months now and so far, It appears to clean as well as my 10yr HE3T washer did, that heated the water in most cycles, cold warm and hot were all heated. So far I am very pleased with it, it cost me considerable less than a miele machine so that was a plus. If it dropped dead tomorrow and warranty wouldnt fix it, then Id go buy a miele and suck up the two grand for it vs the 698.00 on sale I got my LG HE TL

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