Violet jelly?

ryseryse_2004May 4, 2014

I thought I saw it posted on this forum but can't find it now. Anyway, there was a beautiful picture of the jar of violet flower jelly. Since I have a yard full of violets right now, I thought I would taste a few ------- tastes like grass.

So, if you add enough sugar to anything I guess you can call it jelly.

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You have to add pectin, too!

It's half way down the second page now.

My granddaughter and I picked dandelions yesterday, we'll make jelly this afternoon, and then we'll pick lilac flowers and I'll make jelly tomorrow night.

I realized, when I was explaining the process to one of my kids, that you can make jelly out of water, sugar, lemon juice and pectin (which is probably what the big food companies do, then pick a flavor and color for the day, and label it).

The recipe will work for any edible flower. The deeper the color, the prettier the jelly. Some are real jewel tones.

We are foraging this spring and having a great time.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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It needs to be steeped to get the flavor i'm guessing. Not made it yet but my yard is full of them. I could easily get the two cups some recipes suggest.

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Not only the flavor, which is subtle, but the color.

I usually pack about 4 cups of flowers into the bowl before I add the boiling water. Two hours gives a pretty good color, more just deepens it.

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