crown molding extending past wall open to above

popescudanaJanuary 16, 2013

Hi, we have this issue with the kitchen cabinets crown molding sticking out about 2-3 inches around the wall that is open to above and it looks pretty bad from above. Not sure what can be done to make it look "right". We thought if we ask the cabinet installer to remove it, it will look unfinished so that's not much of an option either. If anyone has any ideas, how to "hide" it or make it look less obvious, it would be much appreciated.

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Put a cap on it. Flat trim to fit the space and in matching color. Almost like a mantle type effect.

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I would remove it from that side, and have the front side die into the corner of the cab.

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Hi, thank you both for your answers,. unfortunately it is not possible to flat trim it to fit the space as the other side of molding coming from the front of the cabinet will not "fit" if this side is not as "deep" - i have thought about removing this side molding and cutting the front one straight rather than at 45 degrees but it looks strange. not sure what you mean have the front side "die" into the corner?

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What about building out the sheetrock above the crown so that it does not extend beyond it?

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