New Bravos 850 Washer - No Heater?

yehudimenuhinFebruary 13, 2012

I just bought the Bravos 850 (Feb 2012) and the hot cycle is only lukewarm. Fearing that the heater feature had been dropped, I consulted the Maytag site and literature. To my dismay, the heater is only mentioned as a feature in the 950. Not in the 850. I don't read that as proof, but it makes me wonder if they stopped putting the water heaters in the 850 model. Does anybody have a way of confirming? I got a very uninspiring response from the Maytag sales rep...

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My Bravos washer (bought almost 2 years ago) has a heater. IIRC, its model number is 875, but it's been discontinued. Did you think your new washer came with a heater? If so, I'd ask about swapping it for the 950. HTH

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This one is the MVWB850Y. Same model number that's been around for a year or two, but I haven't learned anything conclusive. I'm willing to return it, but I don't want to go through the hassle if I does indeed have a heater and it's just not super hot.

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When I activate the washer's internal water heater, hot wash water is FAR too hot to touch, and steam comes out if I pause and open the washer lid.

Even warm wash water heated by the internal heater is warmer than lukewarm.

If there is no button on your washer panel to activate an internal heater, your washer does not have that feature.

If there is such a button, it is visible on your washer panel, and the washer manual will tell you how to use it, including which cycles can use it.


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The 850 definitely doesn't have a button. What a ripoff. I thought it was more common for features to percolate down to lower models over time over time, not to be removed from them.

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Parts diagrams for Whirlpool & Maytag models (except there may be a few not listed) can be seen at Whirlpool's web site (or Maytag's) under the Owner Center or Customer Service section, Manuals & Literature, search by model number.

MVWB850YW0 (or MVWB850YG0) does not have a heating element.
MVWB850YW0 Parts List (check Page 5)

MVWB950YW0 does show an element.
MVWB950YW0 Parts List (check Page 5, item #27)

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