Want to help me with shower ideas?

SheeshareeIIOctober 2, 2012

I'm planning a baby shower for my sister. She's having a boy and is decorating his room mainly with dinosaurs. This is the bedding but she'll be turing the bumper into wall art.

Wanting to stay clear of typical baby shower decor, I want to use dinosaurs as the shower theme along with white, light blue, and orange colors.

I'd love to have the shower at my house but I can't comfortably fit 30 some people and it will be winter so nothing outside. It will probably be at a recreation center or similar place. We're aiming for casual and inexpensive but I believe it can still look nice. I don't want it to look more like a boy's birthday party than a baby shower though.

Growing up my sister loved dinosaurs just as much as her Barbie's and kept most of them. I considered secretively confiscating them to use at the shower but believe I'll pass. I will say they much larger and nicer looking than anything I've seen in the stores today.

On the main food table I wanted to frame the baby's name and meaning. I like the look of the orange frame and drop cloth mat but would frame it in the portrait direction.

I also want to make a stacked picture frame holding ones of her maternity photos. I'm not sure what style I'm going to go with but I like these. Here's showing frames in the shower colors. I like the middle one but would make an odd number of stripes so the top and bottom would be the same.

Anyhow, I'm thinking of displaying those on easels and also doing some type of vignette with a dinosaur and a nest with an egg. The plastic dinosaurs look a wee bit menacing so maybe a fun stuffed dinosaur. I'd then make an egg in a proportionate size. I saw a neat tutorial making a paper mache egg with a balloon and painting it. I'd like to do something else to make the vignette say 'baby'. I wonder if it's possible to make a little diaper for the egg?

These cuties look friendly and happy!

Ok, I'm too tired to try and find different stuffed dinosaurs. I just realized they're pink and don't color coordinate. Of course, they could just be pink because they're the 'mommy' dinosaur. Yep, that's what I'm going with for now.

As a backdrop, I'd like to wrap a large board in colorful stripe fabric with a hanging banner that saying 'It's a boy' since I'm already using the name in a frame.

I'm stumped about the tables. I'm not sure how I want to do the combination of colors. I originally was thinking the blue tablecloths and orange plates but then considered white tablecloths. I'd like to keep orange as an accent. The food will be buffet style but I'd like to have the plates and napkins on the table so they'e not naked. I did consider making fabric or burlap silverware holders... maybe wrapping the napkins around the silverware and tying with a bow. Maybe no silverware on the tables!

I've wanted to make cake pops forever and like the idea of using them as individually wrapped favors with little tags. Making them into egg shapes would be fun but then they wouldn't be able to stand. I also thought about making dinosaur sugar cookies.

I love the look of these. I even like them in the white cupcake papers on the white plate.

I also like these.

I have no idea what to do for centerpieces. I thought about flowers but don't know what types or colors.

I love this idea and want to do something with it. They're hard boiled eggs with the outsides cracked and then dyed. This is what they look like when you peel the shell. I like the blues ones.

Thoughts and ideas? Thanks!

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That's better.

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Looking at photos, I'm draw more to dark blue.
I like how the colors are used in these.

I know I said I didn't want to use orange as a tablecloth but I like this photo. I do prefer the other two over this one though.

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dinosaurs are fun!
the cake pops are adorable- i think they're a great idea!
i think mums or carnations are a good flower choice because they come in less feminine colors and are a less feminine flower in general..
if i went with the eggs, i wouldn't put them in birds nests... i probably would choose not to do the eggs at all, but maybe if they're placed on a 'dirt like' substance(like cookie crumbs)- i would probably do a green or a brown color too so they don't look so robin like...

my boys are teens and older now, but the smithsonian museum shop and discovery channel shop used to have great stuffed dinosaurs...you might want to check those websites- or if there is a science museum near you, check out their gift shop for possible cool stuffed dinosaurs...
have fun! sounds like you'll really make it special!

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Not sure how difficult this would be, but I think it's adorable! I've also seen it with a "baby" inside made from a grapefruit - but that kinda creeps me out for some reason.

You could do dino cookies:

A dinosaur diaper cake:

Love the cake pops ... You might also consider a cake ball cake! I work with a young man who makes these on the side, and they are fabulous! In the colors of your theme, of course ...

I love the colors you're looking at. Very "boyish", but still babyish and sweet!

The one thing I'm not keen on is the eggs. Again with the creep out factor (at least for me).

Have fun!

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Have you done a search on Oriental Trading for dinosaurs? They have great cheap decorating ideas that can be used for room decorations later one.

My kiddo got a $1 cowboy hat that was used as a shower decoration and that thing finally fell apart after years of his daily wear--he loved that cheapo hat.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dinosaurs

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dk, I love OT for party things. Shee, there are other party sites that may give you a lot of ideas.

BTW, the blue and orange is so pretty together!

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Shee - good to "see" you! You are missed.
How are you and "little man" getting along? Sounds like you still are enjoying your "creativity". Baby showers are fun!

I love that dinosaur diaper cake - fits the "theme", serves as decor, and serves as a diaper gift to the new parents. Nothing wasted. GREAT IDEA!


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I really love the pictures in the beginning with the baby blue and orange. The cake pops with the little ribbons are amazing. You have some great ideas! I will say I didn't care for the royal blue and orange - it looked a little too Florida Gators tailgate party to me.

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If you're doing pictures, include one of your sister and her husband as infants.

Orange and blue mean Auburn Tigers in my neck of the woods - so I'm not fond of it. ;) But the pictures posted are pretty. Maybe add a touches of a third color, so it's not related to a sports team.

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I guess you have hit your stride as a new Mum if, in addition to being a Mum, you have the energy and ideas for this shower. You really have a lot of creative ideas. It sounds charming.

My only comment is about displaying the baby's name. I think it's a cute idea BUT after reading that recent post about people being critical of names, will your sister be receptive to it being announced and, therefore, open to thoughtless criticism?

Turns out, I do have another comment. I like the look of the eggs but won't they have to be very large to get the dinosaur idea across? It might not be clear that they represent dinosaur eggs when they're small.

How great is it that the cousins will be so close in age? I hope your sister lives nearby and the kids grow up spending lots of time together. I didn't grow up near my cousins but my nieces & nephews did and I envy their closeness to each other.

I'm already looking forward to the pictures from the shower.

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Busybee - I'm going to look into the flower thing more. The centerpieces don't have to be flowers but I can't think of anything else. I also wasn't sure if using flowers was ok since it's for a boy and isn't related to dinosaurs.
I was thinking for doing a small vignette somewhere with those cracked eggs but since you mentioned bird egg... ehh, I might bag the idea. : )

Sunny - I love the watermelon. I think I could pull of making one but don't think I'll able to get watermelon that time of year. I have those same dino cookies saved in my shower ideas folder.
I may take a stab at the diaper cake. Are you guys thinking for centerpieces or just somewhere at the shower?
That cake ball cake is pretty awesome! Her MIL is pretty good at decorating cakes and is a very sweet lady in general. I think I'm going to see if she wants to take charge in that department.

Dktrahan - Oh yeah, I haven' looked there yet but will do. Thanks!

Oakley - I'll have to do some more digging around since I'm still in the planning stages.

Tuesday - Hi! Aw, thanks. Did you ever see my updated baby post when I came home from the hospital? I don't remember seeing you pop in there. It's ok if you did and didn't post. I just remember you asking how everything went and was hoping you caught the update.

Little man is doing well. He's happy as a clam most days and sleeps through the night now. He finally had a series of fully blown baby giggles for the first time just recently! I'm lacking sleep but it's my own fault. It's my time when he's in bed.
I'm hijacking my own thread for a min. here he is. :) We just love him.

Angel - I'm going to bag the dark blue and go with the light since it matches the room and is more baby like anyhow. One of these days I'll learn to stop trying to plan things when I'm tired. :)

Allison - Oh, I like the baby picture idea! I'm going to do that.

Hhireno -Yes, I know she'll be ok with the name thing. She's already announced it and did get a couple funny looks even though it's not an unusual name. Good call though just to be sure.

I'd have to probably pair a small dinosaur with those cracked eggs. I think I'm just going to pass on that one.

We're very excited the two cousins will be close in age and they'll see each other on a regular basis. I wish I were close with my cousins.

I talked to her MIL tonight and she's looking into a place. She was excited about the cake pops and the dinosaur theme. My mom doesn't get amped up for this type of thing (showers) so I'm basically taking the wheel.

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I think I might use the cake pops as centerpieces. I like the idea of orange stands. I also like the idea of adding olive green (maybe ribbon for something) into the mix.

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Shee, no ideas, but your son is SO CUTE. And wow-- sleeping through the night??? None of my kids did that at his age, or even close to it!

I think this would be an awesome gift:

Only $249,000, + shipping and installation.

Here is a link that might be useful: Most Amazing Aunt Gift Ever

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He's absolutely adorable Shee!!


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What a cutie! Don't you think babies look especially cute in stocking hats? :)

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OMG, how adorable. Those cheeks, that smile. You made my morning.

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Awww..my little guy just turned 13 months and that picture made me miss the baby stage!! What a cute face!

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Shee - he is absolutely divine! I want to (lightly) pinch those chubby little cheekies! Eeeeeee!

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omgosh! he is beautiful!
i have dinosaur cookie cutters(like SC pictures) and have made quite a few over the years---they really turn out cute! they are time consuming tho, as are all cutouts---maybe mil can take on decorating?? maybe centerpieces could be some type of combo of the cake pops and the cookies??

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Shee, he is just the cutest little guy! Thanks for the picture.

The shower plans sound good...enjoy!

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Oh, Shee - he is precious! And you are so lucky he is sleeping through the night already. I know what you mean about it being "your" time when he is sleeping.

Your sister will have a memorable baby shower with your creative input.


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Shee--we just had a shower for my daughter a few months ago. She loves books so in the invitation envelope we included a card asking everyone to bring a children's book with a personal message in lieu of a card.

She recieved so many wonderful books in addition to wonderful gifts.

Just an idea I thought I would share. You have put so much thought into this shower. Your sister is lucky to have you.

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Thank you!

Anele - Ha, oh wow! I can't imagine someone buying that but if you had the space and the extra cash... She'd be the talk of the town with that in the backyard, lol.

Oakley - Yes, I love wearing different hats on him! I just bought a crochet aviator hat. Really wish I knew how to knit or crochet!

Busybee - I like the idea of adding both the cookies and cakepops.

Red -They did that at a shower for my friend recently and I thought it was a great idea and am going to mention to please consider a book instead of a card in the invitation. I would rather spend money on a book that benefits the child than a card that, most times, is thrown away. Maybe that's a common thing to do now but I never heard or thought to do that until the recent shower so thanks for mentioning it.

I'm a visual person so I think I'll do some creative mock ups. I believe I'll have a much easier time deciding what I want to do if I can see it.

Thanks and I'll report back!

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I have lots of daughters and nieces having babies lately, and the book in lieu of cards is done at all of their showers. One of the big gifts from the grandma or a group gift has been a bookshelf for the baby's nursery. When the gifts are opened the books go right onto the bookshelf.

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so glad you posted a picture of your little man, he's so handsome !!

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If you have a Sam's Club near you, check for the book called Dinosaurs by Maurice Pledger. Its a book with sounds and pop-sps. I bought my DS the forest one and he loves it. You could use it as a centerpiece then it becomes a gift for the baby. You can probably find the book at other stores too. I just saw it at ours a couple weeks ago.

You can also find large dinosaur floor puzzles that you could put together and then glue together. The puzzle could then be a wall hanging for the baby's room. Melissa and Doug make one puzzle and you can check educational supple stores for others. Just a couple of ideas that could serve a double purpose.

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