LG says 83* is hot wash. What to buy?

KeyjeyFebruary 23, 2013

We have a new LG WT4870CW HE washer. Service was called the first day because we didn't get a hot water wash leading to 3 replaced parts, including the main board to no avail. LG cust svc said 120* was hot and emailed a specs chart to me that said just that. Cust svc 2 & 3 both said 120* but now LG says 83* is a hot water wash and the written specs are recommended temps but not the actual. Further, LG suggests that our temps in 70s, 80s and a few times over a hundred are within the expected range for hot. Most recently, LG suggested the 83* temp is the machine protecting our clothing as if it can tell if I am washing a silk blouse or a soiled diaper.

Hot water out of the tap is 140* and we've primed the hot water to no avail. LG was highly rated by Consumer Reports which is increasingly suspect in my eyes.

The store has agreed to take the washer and dryer (never hooked up while we dealt with the washer) back and now we are looking for something else.

Can anyone recommend a top loading washer HE or not that will achieve a hot water wash? We can't use Maytag because of how the dryer vent is situated. I've searched archives and read this: http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/laundry/msg051624036767.html


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To my knowledge, Speed Queen is the only manufacturer today that doesn't mess with the hot fill. Hot water goes in straight from the tap. Warm is a mix of of hot and cold (but one can always let the tub fill with some hot water and then switch over to warm to raise the warm wash temp) and cold it cold.


Here is a link that might be useful: Videos on YT

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Asko and Bosch are supposed to be reliable for reaching very hot temps - I think from what I understand Asko sightly better but these are FL

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Keyjey - Why must it be a TL? Are you completely opposed to a FL? If you want to stick with a TL I would definately look at the non HE Speed queen washers.

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In cycles that don't use the internal water heater (such as Cotton/Normal), the soft goal of modern LG clothes washers is for warm to mean 85F/30C, and hot to mean 105F/40C. These objectives are often missed by a few degrees because the machines seem to treat the goal temperature as something to be aimed for in an idealized universe, but **at all costs** not to be exceeded. My LG WM2250 and its replacement, the WM3470 which I have now, Cotton/Normal cycle + warm usually results in around 77-80F, and Cotton/Normal + hot usually results in around 90-95F.

In washers with an internal water heater built-in, when you want very warm water, select the whites cycle, and hot temp. This is likely to result in a relatively consistent 105F wash, at least for LG washers. Most people would consider 105F/40C to be somewhere around Very Warm. I select the Allergiene cycle when I want a truly hot wash, as its goal is 131F, and -- refreshingly -- it really does get there.

As I learn more about my LG WM3470, I'm finding ways to get it to obey my wishes, but it has required experimentation and investigation beyond that which should be necessary IMO; it's rare to find a company that tailors the presentation of its products to the OCD amongst us, however.

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on heavy duty, quick wash, and several other cycles, my Samsung 520 gets hot water, so temps in the tub are over 118. (incoming water is always above 140) the only mode where the ATC screws up the "hot" wash is the Normal cycle. took me a long time to discover that there is a glitch in the Normal cycle when it comes to the hot water option.

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Thank you all. Sandy16, I don't have room for a FL in my laundry room. johnmk - are you suggesting I'm OCD :)? That might be true also but a range of temps on hot water from 76 to 136 is not right, IMO. If mid 80's is what we are gonna get with hot water wash, then appliance mfrs should quit lying to us and say so. When they say hot, I expect hot not a 40 degree range, most of which is not even a warm bath.

My LG washer is being picked up today. I must say, Home Depot has been wonderful with all of this; LG, not so much. The store is taking the washer back since LG will not. I'd think about an LG with an allergiene cycle if it wasn't LG -- will never buy an LG or LG made product again.

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