LG Waveforce TL

mainer_at_heartFebruary 8, 2012

Does anyone know which cycles on the LG Waveforce actually use the Waveforce technology? I just ran a towels wash, and realized that the towels just swish gently around in the tub for the whole cycle. Which cycles actually spin the tub at high speed during the wash, using centrifugal force to push the water through the fabric (I'm assuming this is the "waveforce")? I'm sure I could figure it out by trial and error, but it would be great if someone knew ...


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Hi mainer_at_heart, I don't own that machine but I do recall another poster answering that question before.

Here is what he said and a link to that discussion:

"The cascading water over the clothes during the Wash/Spin is the wave force action. It happens on load 8lb or more. It depends on the load size and amount of water in the machine. It seems to work mainly on the Normal/cotton cycle and heavy duty."

Here is a link that might be useful: My new LG Wave Force washer Review

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Perfect, livebetter! I knew I'd seen that somewhere on here but couldn't find the post again. Thanks for your help!!

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Can't tell for the LG but the Kenmore version has a chart that shows when the WaveForce kicks in. They call is Cascading. If I had to apply this chart to the LG, I'd say the spinning action activates on Normal, Heavy Duty and when the Cold Wash option is set.


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I own the wave force washer. The water jet/spinning action happens when the load/water level are at a certain point and the machine can spin it evenly and fast. Ive had it happen on the towels cycle too. If the water level is too high or low, it will not spin fast enough for centrifical to push the water through the jets at the top of the tub. It is not gauranteed to work on normal, HD, or cold wash cycles every time

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Really????? So it's a complete toss up whether it happens or not regardless if it's supposed to be part of that cycle?

That's kind of disappointing to hear :(

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yep that is pretty much how it works. I think they should of just installed a recirculation pump in the washer and let it work the whole time, no matter what size load or water level is in use. It is quite impressive to see it in action. Either way, my clothes come out as clean as when I had a front loader, ust with more water now

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Seems to work about 80% of the time for us, the main 4 cycles we use are cotton/normal, towels, bulky/bedding and Bright Whites for the HOT wash load.

Either way our clothes come out clean as can be and smelling fresh.

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