Hate my Samsung WA5471AB washer & dryer!

fourgr8kidsFebruary 29, 2012

I'd give anything to have my old Maytag washer/dryer back! Hate, hate the Samsung top loader! Twists my clothes into knots that can only be removed with ironing....if that!!! Any suggestions?

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Sorry you're miserable - nothing worse than spending good money and feeling it's a waste.

Some HE TL seem prone to excessive tangling. I believe it's the way in which they move clothes in the drum.

I checked the Samsung site and only came up with this:

"High efficiency washers like the WA5471 are designed to extract the maximum amount of water from the clothes, enabling them to spend less time in the dryer. This is one of the features that maximizes the overall efficiency. Besides the spin speed, another factor that can cause wrinkling is overloading the washer. Therefore, if reducing the spin speed doesn't resolve the issue, it may help to wash fewer items in a load."

Have you tried lowering your spin speed? You don't have to spin at max speed all the time.

Good luck!

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I use tennis balls (placed inside of socks to prevent dye-bleed) when drying sheeets or quilts in my Samsung dryer. The washer isn't a problem, but sometimes large items such as sheets will roll up into a "cigar". Neither washer or dryer twists any of our clothes or other items. We have the 520 series.

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dave1812, isn't yours a front loader? The OP has the HE top loader. They would work differently.

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What about...taking them out of dryer before wrinkles are dried in...Is dryer over-crowded? Also..have you tried those steam balls you can throw in w/ wrinkled clothes? It's a plastic ball with water/sponge on inside and many steam escape holes on outside. It may be as "As seen on TV" item. I use w/ my wrinkled clothes if I don't get out of the dryer on time. I used to use wet hand towel,this seems better.

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Sometimes when I pull the wet clothes out or my FL they are kind of tangled up. I give those items a shake before putting them in the dryer and haven't had any issues. How full are you loading the washer? Is the dryer full when clothes are dry?

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am still hating them! Have tried everything. I should not have to spend hours doing laundry with an HE Samsung washer/dryer. Just got finished with 2 loads washing & drying & taking pictures so I can report back to Samsung. Talked to them last week & they told me to stick a towel in with regular laundry to even things out. Excuse me? A towel in with sweaters, etc? I have a problem with that! We will see where this goes.

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Also...not overloading. It's just my husband & I, both in our 60's. Not much laundry on a weekly basis; a load of darks, a load of lights, a load of towels, and a load of sheets. That's about it. I have done laundry for a family of 6, so I know how to do laundry. I never dry much of anything, except towels, underwear & socks, for the entire time. I take everything else out after a few minutes & hang them up. Before the Samsungs, I NEVER needed to iron a thing - maybe once in awhile. Now, it's iron everything. I didn't spend upwards of $2,000 to make my life miserable. And Samsung's answer to this is, "oh, well".

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Well, see, the thing is, you knew how to do laundry in your previous (traditional/agitator?) toploader. You have a machine now of a completely different design. The same techniques and usage habits carried from your previous washer obviously aren't working.

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Still, months later, hating both washer & dryer. And to you, dadoes, I understand it's a different bird. But....might I say....I should not have to change my way of living to suit that different bird. Nor, should I have to dry my clothes to a pulp! My clothes are so wrinkled after the wash cycle, drying them for the entire time, or taking them out halfway thru, makes not a difference. I just bought a $200 sheet set that looked beautiful right out of the package, but after washing & drying - and who would not wash them before putting them on the bed? - I was totally disgusted! I had to iron the pillow cases & really would have liked to iron the sheets, too, but why should I have to? It's an ongoing battle with Samsung & even HHGregg is ready to throw in the towel!

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And to you, dadoes, I understand it's a different bird. But....might I say....I should not have to change my way of living to suit that different bird.Can't say I disagree, but unfortunately change of habits often is required. Nor, should I have to dry my clothes to a pulp!If wrinkling is due to uber spin speeds, don't run every load at the maximum. Surely there are choices for slower speeds ... make use of them ... i.e. change of laundry habits. Also, drying items at a lower temperature allows for more tumble time which helps deal with wrinkling via the dryer.

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fourgr8kids, it just didn't work out for me with the TL at all for the reasons you list. I had the Maytag Bravos and it presented a similar situation. My clothes were so wrinkled, so twisted, so shredded and pulled out of shape. Sometimes because they were so twisted and knotted they were not even exposed to water or washing at all and came out just as dirty as they went in. Forget about rinsing well, they always felt like soap residue was in them after drying, even with always using the extra rinse cycle.

I got fed up one day when something with a very easy stain didn't even look like it had been touched after waiting for over an hour for it to wash. It looked exactly like it did when it went in. It was gross thinking of drying dirt back into the clothes. I decided that day that I had had it with this expensive POS and sold both the washer and dryer at a great loss to me after only two years of using it. I bought a GE pair front loader that I really love. It was half the cost of the Bravos as I got that set when they were still very expensive. It was a very hard thing to do but I just couldn't take it another day. I believe the W/D you have is similar in mechanics to the Bravos if I am reading you right. Good luck, do yourself a favor and if you possibly can sell it and get something you can live with. I see people on here say how much they love theirs and it amazes me. But I think they have figured out how to put more water in the machine but that wouldn't have mattered to me as I was done with it. I hated how loud it was sounding like an airplane jet engine spooling up and really loud when filling with water. The tub sounded like a waterfall going into a steel pipe. I am so much happier with this new set but I am sad that I spent so much money on the first set and then ended up buying again.

Here are some things that helped me:

don't get the biggest tub you can find because it gets out of balance easier than a smaller tub. Mine is 3.5 instead of one of the bigger 4+ tub sizes. It's still a big tub and if they keep telling you to put less clothes in the bigger ones that are TL then the trade off is minimal if any at all.

the second thing is that you don't need to get the highest spin speed as this just contributes to the shredding and set wrinkles. The offset of drying time being less is not enough to be worth it or make that much difference.

Wishing you all the best. I know that many people really love their TL HE machines and I don't wish to offend anyone this is just my own experience and some others that I have seen post about their unhappiness with them. There are many happy owners but I just wasn't one of them : )

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You can thank the friendly government energy preservation policies for your troubles. No manufacturer can build a washer like the old ones you like and comply with the regs. Unless you can find a way to defeat Samsungs settings and get more hot water into the machine Id say give up and try to find a decent 5 year old Speed Queen on Craigs list for a good price and sell the new brutes at a loss. No use looking ahead to years of aggravation.

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nerdyshopper, it's easy to get more hot water into a Samsung!! I added a few extra hoses, two wyes, two faucets, and one one-way valve. I can get all the freaking hot water I want now. For cold washes, close off the hot-bleed faucet. For warm/hot washes, open up the hot-bleed (bleeds hot water into the COLD water inlet of the washer) and purge the water lines of cold standing water, by momentarily running the hot water into the drain system (takes about 10 seconds--my washer is close to the hot water heater). I have my heater set to roughly 145-150 degrees.

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I still don't see how what you do puts more water in the machine. Could you please explain?

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What dave is doing defeats the Automatic Temperature Control and fills the washer with hot, cold, or a mixture as he wants by manually adjusting the extra valves he has installed.

It doesn't put more total water in the machine, but it allows him to adjust the balance for warm to a higher percentage of hot water than the ATC would normally provide.

Or you could buy a Speed Queen washer. My SQ AWN542 has no ATC on the HOT water setting. It will admit straight "tap hot" water from your water heater supply line.

The government did require them to fill the tub with less water on the new models, but there's a water level adjustment screw behind the front panel that set the fill level back to pre-government regulation levels.

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In other words the marketplace is a government-mandated obfuscation-riven crock in which the consumer is left adrift. Welcome, everybody.

I like my machine (1995 German-built Duet 9400) and have figured out how it works and how to make it do what I want after "pulling teeth" to get the information I wanted from the mfgr. IMHO it is totally unreasonable and a mandated travesty to expect the general/buying public to do this.

Sorry state of affairs but that's where we are.

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nerdy, it's really easy to adj the water level. remove two screws that hold the stainless top on. slide it aft, and off. looking at the unit from the front, you will notice a sensor at the right front corner that has a hose going to it. turn the screw (use the correct sized slotted head screwdriver) CLOCKWISE about 1/2 to 1 turn. DO NOT FOLLOW THE CRAZY VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE SUGGESTING YOU TURN IT SIX TURNS!!!!! Even 3 turns is too much. You don't want so much water that the clothes sit in a huge amount of water, because they won't wash properly. They need to be lifted by the fins on the drum. I know have a bit of "extra" water, besides what it takes to wet the clothes. Water level barely comes up to the bottom rim of the stainless drum. Don't go overboard!!

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knot2fast is correct: by adding hot water to the cold inlet, I'm getting around the limitation imposed by Samsung's ATC, which, IMO, is a disservice to anyone who wants a hot wash. Without "cheating", even the Hot wash option will provide a wimpy, tepid wash temp. IMO, being the hot wash temp option being labeled "hot" is fraud.

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Wow--I just reread my last post and it seems I must have not been paying a lot of attention to what I wrote! Let me rephrase the last two sentences: Not only is the Warm wash coolish, but the Hot wash temp is barely warm if one doesn't blend hot water into the cold inlet fitting. IMO, it is fraudulent for Samsung to label any of the wash temps "Hot", due to the "politically correctly" settings of their Automatic Temperature Control.

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Ditto about the "hot", "warm", "cold" thing. With the HE machines -- not just Samsung -- these words now mean whatever the mfgr says they mean.....except they don't want to tell you even that.

FWIW, my 2005 model Duet thinks "hot" is between 100-105F....when I run the tap to full-hot (130F) before beginning the fill. If I want hotter than that bathtub temperature for my actual load in-use, I have to select a cycle that uses the heater. "Warm" is about 90-95F.

"ATC" on these machines is a joke. I agree with dave1812's use of the word "fraudulent".

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Following up on my initial post re: Samsung top load washer: Another repairman came 3 weeks ago & discovered the hot & cold water lines were switched. He corrected that & said I shouldn't have anymore problems with wrinkling. I was getting only hot water in the rinse cycles whereas all rinse cycles are normally cold with the Samsung. I was excited to try the first load after the repair. Well.....nothing's changed! I've continued to put most loads on the 'low' spin cycle and even then it spins as if it's on 'high' speed. Another call to Samsung resulted in yet another repairman arriving yesterday. He did a trial run of the 'low' spin cycle & agreed that, indeed, way too many rpm's. Is now ordering a new computer for the washer. I'm ever hopeful, but I must say, I would prefer to send this thing back.

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Send it back or sell it. See my previous post, lol. I was not going to have that top load Bravos which is similar to what you have one more day!!! We're mad as h3ll and not going to take it anymore!!! I really love my GE frontloader I switched to but if I had it to do over again I would probably gotten an upper model with the hot water heater onboard. I still love what I have and have plenty of options on the model but that is the only thing I would have done differently. I cannot even tell you how much I love not having to deal with that Bravos HE hateful machine.

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It's now July 12, 2012, and nothing has changed with this Samsung set; I have only learned to tolerate it. Since I NEVER close the lid of the washer, I didn't think I would have to worry about the gasket smell. Was I wrong! Now I find myself having to run the 'pure' cycle, along with adding Afresh. Actually, this is the second time this week I have had to do this! Our laundry room is on the second floor, by our bedroom, & you can't stand to walk past the room without smelling the foul odor. I'm on the war path again!!!

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OP, I am so sorry to hear of your bad experience.

It seems quite obvious to me that all HE TL's are not created equal (which is also true of FL's).

My Maytag Bravos HE TL is wonderful! It does everything I need it to do, very well. I wash for a big family, huge loads several times each week, and have never had a problem. Laundry comes clean, I almost always spin at high speed to reduce drying time, and I never have to iron anything.

So I do think it's very unfair when all HE TL's get a bad rap. Not saying you yourself have done this; you've had a terrible experience with yours.

Are the machines still under warranty? If so, can you get some help, or perhaps replacements?

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My experience with an HE top loader was with the Kenmore Oasis and it was a nightmare, as such I wouldn't even look at them this time around and researched front loaders. The wrinkling/tangling we had with our kenmore. The smell issue we never had so I'm a little surprised you're dealing with that. Is there anyway you can return the machine and get a new washer? I didn't hate my HE TL from day one, it grew with each breakdown and every time the darn thing ruined clothes and caused headache after headache in poor cleaning, unbalancing (constantly), dealing with Sears...by the end I was ready to haul the washer outside myself and shoot it! So I understand your frustration.

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It's now 1/9/13 and nothing has changed with the washer/dryer, mostly the washer. As my husband & I sit upstairs in our loft on the second floor and the washer is running, we are vibrating in our seats, and the washer is on 'low' spin!!! It's been just a year now since we moved and had our Samsung top loader washer & front loader dryer delivered. How excited we were then and how sad we are now. Still dealing with the wrinkled & twisted clothes. I guess you could say we have accepted the fact that nothing will ever be done about the problem on Samsung's end and we have become numb to that fact. To have spent so much $$ and not get what we paid for is a very sad state of affairs. I would expect sometime in the very near future we will swap this set with my son, who we gave our old, but much better set of Magtag washer & dryer, when we moved. There's a lot to be said for the 'tried & true'.

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It sounds as if you just got a bad set.

We have the Samsung WA456 TL. Fam of 4 with lots of clothing. No shredding, no twisting, and no vibration. We love our washer and dryer so far.

If you don't mind me asking, do you simply put the clothing into the machine or on small loose mounds around the impeller? Small mounds around the impeller is the correct way to load. Also, if the washer is up on the second floor, it must be on tile. Wooden floors may cause a bounce.

I would try re leveling and do a recalibration as well. The booklet will talk you through this process.

Now I do know that top speed in your 5471 is 1100 rpm. My unit is only 1000. Maybe that's a diffrence.

Sorry to hear about your issues with the Samsung.

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No, she didn't just get a bad set, these HE TL machines are horrid. A terrible investment. Designed by a sadistic person. Sell it or donate it and get a real washer not just one that is impersonating one.,

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I just don't see that my set us "horrid". So far what we have is great. I am sure a speed queen is a great product if old technology at a high price is what you want.

From what I keep reading, people expect to see the new HE TL washers workjust like old school models. When folks don't see a tub full of water they complain. I knew the difference. It does notbother me. We see better results with this set than our old GE that blew up.

As for noise an such...we simply don't have any of that. We read the manual. This is another thing people just don't do. Folks keep applying old process to a new game and get terrible results.

With that being said...sure there are lemons in every bunch, but to label these horrid because they work differently...well I don't know about that.

$830 for a sq, for a small tub, old technology is counter intuitive. We paid less than 700 and have a bigger tub, less loads, less water use and use less electricity and our clothes are clean.

Lemons...some got them and it stinks. Some do not follow directions and complain when things do not work right. Most of the Samsung's are rated high when you see reviews from average Joes. It makes it hard to believe all of the negative rants.

I am a realist though. If I am wrong...and my set explodes I will man up to it.

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This Samsung 5471 is my second HE TL. The other one was an Oasis. I hated the Oasis, and I am just tolerating the Samsung.

Problems are as others have described: too little water on 'normal'. I combat by either adding a second rinse or using the 'towel' cycle, which seems to use more water.

Fleece comes out with patches of lint, a problem since all of our blankets are fleece.

Pants always twist up. I combat this by only adding 2 pair at the most.

Loads typically unbalance during spin cycle: I combat by trying to only wash a max of 2 bath towels, reducing spin, and never using the bedding cycle (that unbalances 9 times out of 10. Super aggravating!)

I would not buy another HE TL.

Current problem is that the fabric softener dispenser area seems to be accumulating water for some reason. I open it to add detergent (the dispensers are next to each other) and water comes flying out. I have googled it and haven't found anything yet.

I have already decided that when this machine breaks (warranty ending soon) I will replace with a new washer. I'm too old to suffer this much over a dumb washing machine.

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