Anyone use IKEA cabinets/sink in a laundry room?

akcorcoranFebruary 2, 2013

We have a set of glass kitchen upper cabinets that we want to re-use (three double doors) and found an IKEA style that is actually a very close match to the door style. I was considering using them to just "round out" our new laundry room. I am doing a set of shelves that fits four laundry baskets on the bottom of one wall, so I don't need lower cabinets there really, I just need two or so for under the counter and then was looking at one of their large utility cabinets to put next to it (for brooms, vacuum, etc.)

I was also looking at the sinks for maybe use - we won't really use it that often (I haven't hand washed but maybe three things a year - and most often it was my daughter's "cozies" (blanket or stuffed animal.) Just want running water to wash our hands, etc.

So, I'm trying to assess quality and longevity. And, the prices seem low but then there are sneaky add on costs (I guess all the cabinets are on legs so you have to add a toe kick if you want one?) Plus you have to assemble them...?

Anyone use IKEA in building the storage in a laundry room?

Thanks in advance!

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I'm interested to hear others responses as I've just designed my entire (new) laundry room with Ikea cabinets. I chose to put my $$ into custom cabinets for the kitchen and ensuite largely because Ikea couldn't offer me the finish choices I wanted for these rooms. I have yet to actually purchase and install the Ikea laundry cabinets (house still under construction) but I'm confident they will be perfect choice for their price and the room function. Once installed if they look as good as the design tool shows them I'm going to try to use Ikea in my mudroom and maybe even master walk in closet.

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