Lennox XC14 price check

joeinpaJuly 24, 2011

greetings all. great forum. very helpful in research.

My 16yr old trane AC has finally passed on after 2+yrs fighting a coolant leak. Timing was not great with 100 weather but that tends to be the case for these things. Anyway, just got a price for a replacement Lennox system and wanted to sanity check the pricing.

Old unit was a 4 Ton Trane 10SEER unit. Heat and Air work fine.

$7126 Installed

Lennox XC14 4 Ton Unit Seer 15 stated

Honeywell Prestige Thermostat with outdoor sensor

Condense pump and drain


Safety Disconnect



Nitrogen Purge Test new system

Small items associated with install (trap, pump oil, sound reduction package)

10yr warranty across board

1 year annual maintenance

Installation in PA (Philly Burbs)

Appreciate any feedback on system and price

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how do you heat? Are you saying $7100 and it doesn't include a new air-handler/furnace indoors?

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Indeed that price was sans furnace :(. I realize after getting my second quote today that they where trying to stick it to me royally.

Second quote was not apples to apples but for a Trane XE15 basically as above for $5400.

Also quoted me a full replacement for air and heat. (Heat still working but also 16yrs old). Quoted Trane XL16i and 100K 95% furnace (TUH2C100A9V4VA) but price rockets to 11K.

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The trane quote is better. They shouldn't add $5500 for a furnace though.

If you heat with propane, you should consider upgrading the A/C to a heatpump. That shouldn't cost much more.

What is your total cost for electricity per KW? what part of the country are you?

Its possible your heatpump can handle the majority of the heating and your propane would just be for the extra cold days and you would save money! Ofcourse this all depends on your electric rate.

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I am located in Philadelphia. PECO is service provider. Looks like .15 kWh fully loaded with all charges (gen, disty, etc.)

They did quote the AC w/Heat Pump at $6600 so around $1200 delta.

I was trying to recall the conversation but I'm thinking I showed my pleasure with the first number before getting the full system number and may have set myself up for a bump in price.

At any rate, have a 3rd quote coming in today and need to make a call this week. Leaning towards the full system XL16i. I will likely try and beat them up a bit or ask to move the thermostat to the ComfortLink II at same price. I know thats overkill but kind of like the "future proofing" and I'm a technology guy to boot.
Again, appreciate the feedback. SO happy I didn't panic and rush on the first quote. Going to suffer a tad in the heat but well worth it.

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.15 isn't cheap, but its still better than propane for most of your heating needs.

The uprgrade cost to a heatpump is pretty high. You should find some more quotes.

If your heating with propane, and your electricity is .15 per KW you should definitely geta heatpump to handle the cold above 30 degree's. Again, a more proper upgrade cost would be about $500 for the same version heatpump over A/C and the extra work with a new t-stat in my opinion.

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