F-dl Code/Whirlpool Duet Washer

babysmaidFebruary 10, 2007

Yep, from what I read in here several months ago the F-dl code happens just after a year (mine is 1.5 years old), and that this is a common occurrence. In fact it happened to me a few months ago, and unplugging the machine seemed to reset it. Well, not any longer. I remember there was a fix to this problem, and I thought I had saved it, but can't find it. Anyone remember, or know what to do?

Thank you!

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To follow up on my own message:

Since I removed the surge protector, the machine has worked without any problems for the last three loads. Is this a fluke, or does this somehow makes logical sense? Seems like an odd solution.

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I think Duets have a propensity to have door lock failures...Why removing the surge suppressor would make a difference I have no idea.

F/dL Door Lock Error

A Door Lock Error occurs if the door cannot be unlocked. It will try to lock it 6 times before displaying the error.
Door Lock Mechanism broken or removed from the Door
Check Door Lock/Switch Assembly
Check the wire harness connections to the Door Lock/Switch Assembly and Central Control Unit (CCU)
Door Lock/Switch Assembly Failure

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This has helped me for 6 mos, but I don't know for how long. WHen you start the washer and it gives the fdl error, take your fish and with medium force hit the top back right corner of the machine. I and others have done this and it worked, Actually, it's been a few months since I did that and didn't get an error. But bow on occasion, I get an f 11 code. But all I do is pause and restart and it completes the cycle. I am completely amazed that Whirlpool hasn't addressed this. Oh well. Hope it gets you through.


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Mark, thank you for your tip! Since I've removed the surge protector I've been able to do six loads without any problems. Very strange. I am telling you the following only to make you laugh:
I had to reread your post three times, and then I realized you meant fist, and not fish! I got a hearty chuckle out of your typo, most typos don't happen to turn out to be quite so funny. Anyway, all in good fun! Thank you again for your response.

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LOL, for a minute there I thought that was some special accessory Duet owners recieved with thier machines.. :-)

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fordtech, thank you too for your help!!! Glad you got a chuckle.

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Mark, I attempted to start my 8th load since unplugging the surge protector, and poof! Same ole f-dl B.S. I tried your method, and it WORKED! Unbelievable! We spend $1,000 on our machines, and have to beat it up to start it! gggrrrr! I'm really thrilled your trick worked though. Thank you SO much!

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LOL....Glad you got a laugh out of my typo. I read somewhere on this forum to do that and it worked for me and I only had to hit it one time every few months. Now...about the duet dryer....could someone tell me the best way to clean the lint that gets inside the dryer out? I hear you should do this once every few years but I'm afraid if I take the dryer apart to clean it I won't be able to get it back together.

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Hmmm>this is too weird. Something about coming on here and posting about something that just makes it go wrong. My duet literally as soon as I posted that gave me an f11 code, only this time pause cancel and restart didn't help. Then I got another fdl so I decided to call Whirlpool since I have the extended warranty. The guy told me 2 weeks to get someone out. I had previously called the number on the door of my washer (not the 800 #) and talked to someone local and she had told me she could have someone out the beginning of next week. I told the Whirlpool agent this and he said he could switch to that company.

As soon as I got off the phone I then called the local office number on my washer to give her the ticket number. I also asked her if they could go ahead and have the part (circuit board) ready for when this person comes out so that I won't then have to wait yet another week. The repair man that came out last september and did something to my washer told me if it happens again, thats what I will need. The lady said they couldn't order a part until the problem is diagnosed. UGGHH..So I know when the repair man comes out tuesday, my washer is not gonna be fixed that day. WHy don't these places carry parts on their vehicle so they can do a repair then?

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You know there are litterally tens of thousands of different parts for all kinds of appliances. They simply cant predict what parts to have on hand or even hope to be able to stock them all. Imagine buying a few 300.00 control boards and having them on trucks for months at a time without using them when they could stock other components in larger quantities for less money. Its not easy to please everyone.

Most servicers will work on ANY appliance companies equipment, not just the ones they normally service. Today so many machines are virtual throw aways after the first breakdown. So the servicers tend to stock more parts for high end machines to make up for the losses stemming from service calls that end up with no repair. Im talking real high end stuff like Wolf appliances where you can easily spend 4000.00 for a builtin oven.

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Mark, sorry to hear about your washer. I've washed about 19 loads with one f-dl code, used your method and it worked for days. Now, today it's decided to flip out again. I will continue to unplug, hit, do whatever I have to make this washer run, but I am getting frustrated. I think I will write a letter to Whirlpool. This is outrageous. I love my Duet, when it works. Talk about a love/hate relationship!

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An additional tidbit: I've noticed that if I unplug the machine for 10 minutes (or longer) it will secure the door lock. If I unplug, and replug within a couple of minutes it stays in the error code mode. It's running right now after unplugging for 20 minutes or so. Coincidence?

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Hello, I have been reading your postings and have checked other reviews. I am trying to decide whether or not to purchase this washer and the dryer (GEW9250PW). If you could purchase another set, would you have bought this particular one?

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Fordtech, thank you for the link, it was very helpful. I had my husband tighten the door handle/latch and it seems to have worked (keeping fingers crossed). If the machine starts to act up again I'll have him replace the latch. I didn't know if we had the right tools to repair, and wasn't sure what it was we needed to do. I didn't want to call a repair person since I have read in here that they will try to sell you a new circuit board. Thanks again!

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Were you referring to a Whirlpool Duet, or a GE model?

If Whirlpool had corrected the door latch issue, I wouldn't hesitate for a second to buy another machine. It's been fantastic! OR, buy the extended warranty.

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Did you tighten the door handle, and latch? Did you replace the latch? It might be worth trying if not.

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I found two things worked. First I had to reposition and tighten the door latch and second I had to push the black button that signals the door is close (but with the door open) and then try and lock it which seems to unjam it. This is on a 9150, so I don't know if that works for all duets.

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Thanks to all for the posting on the Duet.

How do you unplug the surge protector? I would like to give this a try before spending $200 + dollars on boards.

Mine is 1.5 years old and poof the exact problem F/DL error. Had a service man come over and he replaced the door lock plastic assembly and poof working again, but wait 1 week later and poof F/Dl once again. Good thing their is a river behind my house with rocks so that we can wash our clothes, going to try the dishwasher tomorrow, ha ha.

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This duet washer is a really bad buy. At first I loved it then as soon as these errors started it all went to hell. I replaced the door used to move the wires around and that would fix it. Then I finally replaced the door latch and that worked or a month. Then I found by hitting the thing next to the door latch on the side of the maching worked but hurt my hand every time. Now nothing is working. I am trying to wait the 20 min with it unplugged as someone suggested. I have called whirlpool and they deny even knowing about this even though its all over the internet. So not only does the washer have a problem so the the character of the company.

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Well, looks like I got lucky. just a loose connection on the door switch. Still a pain in the a&^*&$*

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Reviving the Whirlpool washer F-DL post---my neighbor and I both are experiencing the problem. I've had it going on for over a year--my washer a few years newer than neighbors.
I had contacted Whirlpool when I first read on this link about how common the problem is. Lot's of follow-up--as I recall, an email, also I think a letter and a phone call--but they won't DO anything to STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCT. They gave me the local authorized repair company info.
I've been a lifetime Whirlpool person, with all Whirlpool appliances for my personal home as well as all Whirlpool appliances for rental property.
Would I buy this washer again?? If Whirlpool had chosen to acknowledge a problem and stood behind their product. Now, I am looking for a new brand, Bosch, or the other higher end one(name)???? I feel I paid too much for this washer to only have lasted a couple years and then required expense repairs.

I would like to hear from folks that have had good luck with other brands, and which brands they are.


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An additional request. Neighbor's Duet now has a Control Lock code. Anyone have a remedy for that?

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This discussion is important for others with this problem. I had the fdl error and figured the door latch was the problem. Spent $55 for a new one, found the repair manual on-line (other forum) and replaced the latch. No fix. Found this site and did the fist on the corner and wahoo! it worked. At least I saved the cost of the service call. Our machine is 5 years old and this is the first problem with it.

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The problem is most likely not a defective door latch. If you get an F-dl error, remove the top cover by unscrewing the 3 screws at the back (you will need a TORX screwdriver). Locate the central control unit at top rear center (the white box with most of the wires connected to it). Turn the control on and attempt to start the machine. While the machine is attempting to lock itself, you will hear the clicking sound of the F-dl error originating from the control box. Wiggle the control box vigorously and ensure all wired connections to the box are secure. If successful, the machine will overcome the F-dl error and automatically lock itself in the middle of the maximum 6 attempts. Replace the top cover before running the cycle.

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I disagree that it is a defective door latch. Based on what I have read in the past, that almost never helps in MOST cases..It seems like the when the error codes start, it's either f11 or fdl or vice versa...My machine started the Fdl code 1.2 years after buying it. The replaced the door latch...it didn't help, so he put the old one back on (since that wasn't the problem)...so I now have a new door latch in my attic 4 years later.....at any rate, ultimately they had to replace the CCU......Since they replaced it, I was afraid that the problem would reoccur after approximately the same amount of time but it hasn't. The only thing I have done differently is that I keep it plugged into a surge protector.....Someone said that wouldn't help because these machines have built in surge protectors....I don't know if whatever the problem was with the original CCU was resolved in the new CCU they put it mine, but I haven't seen an error code in four years..My machine is just over 5 years old now. When the board was replaced, it was done so under warranty. Those have a 2 year warranty on them.......If anyone reads this and is having a problem with error codes.....I suggest looking at this link.....Good luck

Here is a link that might be useful: duet ccu

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Organic Maytag Man,

Suppose wiggling the control box doesnt work? Then what?

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If you start getting any error codes........The FIST thing will work for a month or so, then it will stop working.....So when you start getting the errors, that is the time to start getting a service call going so the repair man can come out, diagnose the problem, then order the part blah blah blah....come back a week later and put it in.....At least the FIST thing will work and you can KEEP doing laundry until you get it fixed. Odds are, with any error code your getting, it's the CCU board, not the door latch! It could be the door latch, but it likely isn't. What I don't understand is WHY some people can go five years with their machine before they start getting error codes, and then there are those of us who only had it a year before it started. I hope the error codes don't start AGAIN for me. KNOCK ON DOUBLE WOOD! My machine is over five years old now and has been doing great for years with no problems. We shall see. Be careful and try not to come on this site and RAVE about your machine. Each time I have done that, something has gone wrong. :)

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litlcat, if it doesn't work, i would recommend just giving up and buying a Maytag, that way if something goes wrong, you can just call the Maytag Man to fix it. that's my 100% unbiased opinion.

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The problem with Maytag is that Whirlpool now owns them.

Whirlpool customer service is awful and I am not replacing this expensive, just turned 5 years old Duet set, with another. It's always had issues, and now when I try to wash a load I get the F6 error. After researching it, it looks to be board problem (another board issue....again), causing the motor to overheat. It can also be a bearing problem. I'm not putting another dime into this overpriced set of junk.

I'm going back to a top loader....a cheap simple design. And it will not be a Whirlpool. Looks like I'll be going to Lowes tonight.


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I just spent 150.00 to replace the latch on my duet. An hour after the repairman left I tried to start a load only to get the dl f once again. Called, he said he would be back tomorrow. so I searched the internet and found this site. Laughed about the fish, but went and punched my machine only to laugh harder when it locked and started. I hope it continues to work I have about 4 loads of laundry. Thank you so much!

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Thank you so much, Mark! We had the same problem tonight with F dl error code and hitting the machine as you said it worked for us too!! One load of laundry done :) I don't know if it's going to work again!!! Let see, we can still use our fist and hit the machine again, no problem :)
Thanks again.

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OK Mark almost hit the nail on the head with his lightly hit the back top right of the washer, what this does is vibrates the connectors to the door switch sending unit and in most cases will work for you. (as I have been reading in almost all cases) HOWEVER!! the real problem lies with the door switch it's self. Here is how to get threw the problem. Tools you'll need, 7MM wrench or star head screw driver and a flashlight or trouble light.
There are 3 (three) screws that hold the lid of the washing machine on...60% of you probably said after reading this I'm not mechanically inclined...no need to worry this is very very easy!!. Ok so back to the three screws they are located on top in back of the lid. Use either the star head or 7mm wrench and take out the three screws, now from the top front of the lid slide it back you may have to give it a tap or two to get it to slide off, depending how old the machine is. Now open the door of the washing machine and just above were the latch of the door inserts for the door lock there is a little push button switch. What this switch does is tells the solenoid the door is actually shut. This little bugger is the problem it is sticking to the open position..not the button it's self but the control switch behind the push button and the wall of the washer...Here is were the flash light comes in handy because you can get to this switch with no other mechanical wrenching..provided you don't have Hulk forearms.

Shine the flashlight down inside the front of the washer to were the switch is and you'll see it, it will be in the exact same spot the push switch is sticking out of the washer that we were just talking about. Before you go reaching in make sure the WASHER IS UNPLUGGED, you probably won't get a shock because it's like speaker wire it's only sending a signal,,but hey Safety first rite!! ??. Reach down to the switch and lightly wiggle it around, it should re-set. Before you put everything back together again plug the washer in and make sure it works. At first the error code will come up but just hold the Start cycle button down and it will re-set and start washing again. If this doesn't work, unplug the washer again and try wiggling the switch around again.
Sometimes these wires get corroded and can't send the signal with a little wiggling it will flake off the corrosion and will start the signal again....Well I hope I didn't bore you all to much, good luck.

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For the life of me I don't understand why a technician would replace the door latch. Obviously the latch is not getting the signal to lock.

It's like replacing the hood latch on your car because your headlights won't come on.
The problem is not the door latch it is in the switch that controls the signal to the board and in some cases the board it's self can go bad while the switch is in perfect working order as I believe in the case with Marks Machine.

Whirlpool has one of the worst reputations for customer support, LG I believe takes the crown for worst customer support. Anyway it's nice to see forums like this that let people help other people. Companies should be held to higher standards for customer support.

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I unplugged all the connectors to the ECU at the back of my Duet and slathered them with Vaseline because another website said it is a conductor and it would help with the signals. Well that worked for a few months. Now we get F11 with every load! Will try fiddling with the door latch. Also big problem with mildew smell. Will never by Duet again. We paid over $3,000 for the pair here in Canada five years ago. Next time, I'm buying Samsung steamers.

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I'm glad this post is still helping people YEARS later (LOL)

FYI......My problem with the F DL was NOT the door latch at all. It was the CCU board or one of the control boards, I can't remember which one. Since it was replaced I have kept my machine plugged into a SURGE PROTECTOR and this problem has NEVER resurfaced years later.

I highly recommend ANY of these new electronic machines be plugged into a surge protector from day ONE.

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Good advice was given..... take the 3 screws off the back of the washer, remove top panel and shake the white box at the center rear portion of the washer..it's right on top! No more door lock code and washer works! Next washer will be an agitator, no frills, top loader, with mechanical knobs!

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I have had success hitting the machine & unplugging. I, too, am frustrated by the lack of response from Whirlpool. I am going to alert Consumer Report & any other agency that monitors this type of problem. I was told that companies hire individuals to do nothing but monitor Twitter for negative (and hopefully positive) Tweets. I have never Tweeted but I will now - please join me in Tweeting about this monster machine. This is not acceptable & we need to hit Whirpool in the pocket book. They have no problem "soaking" us! Thanks for all the advice - it has kept us in clean clothing, towels, & sheets for several weeks.

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Which model washers have these problems? I want to know so i know which models to avoid.


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I loved that when you called it a MONSTER machine!!!!!! That was too funny......

Honestly, I don't know which models to avoid. Mine has been fine for years since the board was replaced.

But I agree, this problem is showing up a lot........I was also told that if you see a rash of problems on the internet from a product, that it's only a "fraction" taking into account all the units that are out there, and that people will only come on and post if they have an issue.....If everything is working fine, no one mentions anything........I wonder if that's true.....Are we the only few of the millions out there that have ran into this problem?

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I had the door lock problem, dl fault code about 2 years ago, after the duet washer was just over a year old, so now it is 3 years old, and the circuit board might be gone again, first repair company wanted $90 for trip charge, to get to my house, then $50 per half hour labor, plus part, probably would be doubled for their markup?

I have been using the fist hitting the back corner, and unplugging to see if this can be worked out, but I am not optimisitic it is a long term solution, however, thank you so much to the perosn who posted those ideas.

Now as regards whether I would buy this again, I think not, it is just to painful to think that the circuit board wears out after two years, necessitating a repair which is almost as costly as a new machine at the Sears outlet.

Further, I have had the same issue with the circuit board on my jennair dishwasher, twice, and now have also had to replace the circuit board on my jennair range, but I did get a break on that and only had to pay some labor, because the oven was heating bake and broil at the same time, temp over 700 degrees, and a safety hazard. Scary what these circuit boards can do.

I think Whirlpool owns Jennair? Hence the problem?

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@susan(bondgal00seven@yahoo.com) - Since you're having problems with more than just the washer, I can't help but wonder if all your circuit boards are going out from power surges, spikes, or brownouts.

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@Cavimum 6/3/11==No I am sure a brownout is not the problem. It has only been the three Whirlpool/Jenn-Air appliances which have failed during this time, no problems with any other appliances, and I was told there was a built in surge protector by the certified technician who installed the appliances.

In the case of the latest problem,another DL-F, we took the top cover off of the washer today, and found that two of the connections were loose inside. That is where the electronic wires plug together at the top back of the washer.

Now, this makes me wonder in the case of the washer, if the circuit board was the problem in the first repair, or if it was just a loose connection and I got charged for replacing a circuit board, and a door latch. I remember the last technician telling me that the covers were put on the machine with a special screwdriver so that only the tech could remove it, but my husband removed those screws with a pair of plyers since we did not have the torq screwdriver. Seems to me that the connections, in case of duet washer problem, should be checked first, before calling for expensive technician help. It was not hard to do, and I think that Whirlpool should have said to check this before paying a lot of money on a repair, since the washer can vibrate with an off balance or heavy load, and that might have been what loosened the connections...(?)

In all of the cases of repair of the three appliances, the technicians took out the old circuit board and said that that was the problem, however.

Thank you to the person who explained how to take off the top of the machine, I would not have even thought to look in there, and the connections were the first thing that we checked.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is the solution this time, and I hope to avoid another exorbitant repair bill on these appliances which seem to break down with regularity.

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Yes the top is EASY to take off.

You may want to look double check to see if these are plugged into surge protectors.

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In reference to my previous post, about the plug in connections which can come unplugged in the top of the machine, and which can be checked once the top cover is removed, I am wondering why this has not been addressed by Whirlpool, and why they would have little plugs which can work themselves apart, quite easily it seems, when the spin cycle vibrates.

I have been getting appliance warranty offers, for around $150 per year, on each appliance, and I have never felt that this was a good way to spend money.

I am so happy I found this forum, I was thinking what a ripoff these appliances are, which keep having issues.

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Its sad there is not a washer and dryer on the market worth the price they ask. After owning ASKO, Matag, and LG... I must say, I'm sending my clothes out now. Its worth the $230 a month.

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I've owned my Duet washer/dryer set for 7 years and just got my first ever error message tonight when trying to wash a load. I have NOT had either unit plugged into a surge protector (but will after this!)

I'm hoping that one of the suggestions for the fdl error will help and will update once I get it working again.

I'm really surprised to hear all the trouble people are having with this set - mine has worked flawlessly for the last 7 years and I'd buy them again in a heartbeat. Other than when they were delivered, I've never had to move the set for any reason and they are contained in a laundry room (not a basement or garage). Perhaps that has something to do with my lack of errors/problems. I also took great pains to level the washer since I live in an apartment and didn't want it knocking and disturbing my neighbors.

Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions - my husband will get to it first thing in the a.m.!

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>>> Posted by Duke (DNukem@rocketmail.com) on
Mon, Jun 27, 11 at 0:01

Its sad there is not a washer and dryer on the market worth the price they ask. After owning ASKO, Matag, and LG... I must say, I'm sending my clothes out now. Its worth the $230 a month.I've had my Duet set for over five years without a hitch, but I think I've got a way to have a Duet set for five years maintenance and worry free for less than what Duke is paying monthly for his laundry service!

When I purchased my Duet set, I bought it from Lowe's and they offered free delivery and a three year Extended warranty. As part of the warranty, they offered a yearly checkup and cleaning. The extended warranty for three years was about $169. At about two-and-a-half years into my ownership (six months to go on three year warranty) I got an offer for a one or two year extension, which I took the two year, but I called first and negotiated the two year cost down to $55.

So for $224, I had my Duet washer and dryer cleaned and checked every year and if something went wrong I called a local repair shop that was certified by Whirlpool, but I didn't have to deal with Whirlpool customer service at all. So far, all has been good. If I can't get another extension, I might sell these and start the cycle all over again just so I never have to deal with the individual company's customer service departments! The couple hundred bucks is well worth it and you get a much faster response.

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Hi All,
Just wanted to update my progress - I tried unplugging my machine and tried the "hitting" method neither of which produced immediate results. However, after turning everything off and letting it sit all night, it worked perfectly fine this morning! I've run several loads today with absolutely no problems!

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Thank you to all who have shared their journey on this site! I thought I'd encourage those who are dealing with this to try everything here because it really does work. I've had my machine for almost 7 years. Here are some things I've learned along the way.

I replaced the rubber seal around the door almost 3 years ago (after it had a baby washcloth jammed in there, it was leaking). The repair man told me to leave the door slightly ajar after a wash so it could dry out.

About one year ago I started getting the dreaded DL code. I unplugged and let sit 10 minutes and that worked. It happened again and that didn't work, but I was able to clean the connectors with alcohol and that worked for many months. Along the way, I hit the top of the machine with my fist a time or two to no avail. Then I had to resort to tightening the screws (my father-in-law had the tool with the odd shaped head).

This week however, nothing worked so I called a repairman who replaced the door lock assembly. Have gotten several DL-F codes since but waited a few minutes and the lock worked. No such luck this am, so I came back to this site. I wanted to avoid the costly circuit board replacement! Well, it reminded me about the fist to the upper right back of the machine. My husband thought I was crazy, but it WORKED. I wonder if I'd have had to replace the door lock assembly if I had remembered to try the fist!?!

So my encouragement to all who are dealing with these issues -- try everthing mentioned here before you call a repairman.

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This machine has been the biggest disapointment for the price I paid for this set the washer has been the biggest pile of junk ever. it started with the plastic molding cracking of course ofter the warranty ran out the door cracked in several places so the handle came off because of this why buy a new door if it will just crack again. But this I beleive is the main problem because I have gotten both d codes and I personaly think it is because the door has small cracks in it . I know this much I will never buy whirlpool products again.

    Bookmark   November 16, 2011 at 9:14PM
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@ Mark, Thank you so so much for posting your fix for the f-dl code! My husband works away alot and i have to fix things around the house myself. I have taken this washing maching apart and put it back together 2 times in the past 6 months. Tonight i was trying to avoid taking it apart so i came to the computer to price a new washer when i decided to google a solution and all it took was one good hit! Thank you so much as a mother to two girls i cannot go without a washing machine for an hour! THANK YOU!!

    Bookmark   January 29, 2012 at 3:30AM
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No problem.

Glad it worked & it will work for a while.

But be aware that it will not work forever. If I recall it was about 8 weeks for me. Finally they replaced the board & I have kept machine plugging into a surge protector & it has been flawless for over 5 years.

For me basically it "bought" me time to get it repaired. I was able to keep washing during the "waiting" process which was a lifesaver.

    Bookmark   January 31, 2012 at 2:30AM
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My tale of woe but with happy ending. :)

I have a 9250 that has been giving me grief for about 6 months. I wasn't getting an error code, mine wouldn't latch the door. I would have to cancel the cycle, open and close the door 4 to 5 times (entire procedure not just open and close door) before it would start. It was starting to get worse so I replaced the latch. As most have pointed out, that did not work. I bought a new CCU replaced that and much to my dismay that didn't fix it either. I was furious at this point and just let it beat me up a few more months. I had to start flipping the breaker and leaving it sit in addition to the cycle dance.

I gave it one more shot and replaced the board behind the front panel. YAHOOOOOOOO That finally fixed it in my case. I kept the original CCU in case the new one goes south. The board got tossed. Sears parts select actually had the cheapest prices at the time of order. That wasn't always the case so shop around.

    Bookmark   January 31, 2012 at 12:42PM
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Thanks for the advice folks that fist on the upper right side works.

    Bookmark   August 5, 2012 at 6:34PM
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WOW WOW I have read over all of this, because I was getting the F-dl code. Turned off the electric to the machine for 30 minutes, turned it back on started a cycle hit the top right corner with my fist & YES it's working.....YEA thank you all so much :)

    Bookmark   August 28, 2012 at 10:38AM
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I have hated my Whirlpool Duet since I bought it 7 years ago. It does not get laundry clean like my good ol' top loader used to.
Today I got the F DL code and came here for suggestions. My best friend also has had the same problem with hers for months on end, and having the repair man out time after time. I banged on the top right back corner like recommended and it's going again.
I won't deal with this problem repeatedly so I hope this fixed it. I've been looking for an excuse to buy a top loading water hog but couldn't justify the cost, but if this guy keeps acting up he's on his way to the scrap metal pile.

    Bookmark   August 28, 2012 at 11:50AM
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Wow this is like a support group for Duet Washer suffers!
I have had the DL issue for a few months, eventually I called the repairman. After 3 visits from Sears, they were not able to locate or repair the issue. So I have filed for a refund to get my $250.00 back that they charged me for a new door lock assembly. Which I now know that it was never the issue. I will NEVER buy another whirlpool washer again. It works okay when it starts, but not worth the agravation. I have my washers stacked so taking them down to wiggle something will be a hassle, will try it tho and post results.

    Bookmark   October 23, 2012 at 1:20PM
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What is a interface filter? That seems to be where the failure is.

    Bookmark   October 23, 2012 at 3:24PM
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This chain of information has been most helpful in my quest to fix my duet washer! The hitting the washer on the top right panel worked the 1st time I tried it and didn't work after that at all. I then took the top off and made sure all the wire connections were secure into the CCU and around where to door lock assembly is. Done 5 loads in a row since with no issues! Hopefully that will do the trick long term.

    Bookmark   October 26, 2012 at 4:55PM
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In most cases it is the ccu that is bad. When replacing the ccu make sure you pay attention to static discharge. Even a small static disharge of 10 volts can cause the new board to fail several months later, Whirlpool has this warning on their most recent tech sheets.

    Bookmark   October 27, 2012 at 5:22PM
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Boy, I can always count on gardenweb for answers!
Here's my story. Two years ago, I was given!!! this washer...while I was gushing and blubbering thank yous all over the owner, he said, now wait, it has issues.
He said that every now and then it wouldn't start and here's what you do. (told me how to remove 4 screws and wiggle)
Well, I have used it for two years and it's never not started correctly.
Until today,.... F dl code. With my "fish" clinched, pow! lol. the dang thing started right up. Thank God, I had a load full of sheets.
Just wanted to thank all the contributers on this thread.

    Bookmark   November 10, 2012 at 2:00PM
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Regarding the F11 and Fdl codes. Our machine is almost eight years old and just within the past month started giving the F11 and occasionally the Fdl. We pay $50.00 per month for a home warranty that covers all of our appliances, as well as plumbing and electrical in our home. Well, after almost 5 years of paying for this service, we finally had to use it. It cost us just a $60.00 deductable for the repair of the control board. However, when the repair man came back to install the "new" board, it didn't work at all! It was cycling through all sorts of numbers and letters on the selector and the control lock would not disengage. You know there is an issue when the repair man looks at you and says, "why is it doing that"? Needless to say, he re-installed our old board until he can get back with another "new" one. Now continually getting Fdl. Hopefully board comes soon and actually works!

    Bookmark   January 12, 2013 at 10:43AM
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I can not believe I have had this problem for years and my fix was just keep opening and shutting door and adjusting the load. Finally fed up I read the blog. Shut door, restarted and with swift quick pound of my fist to front right corner, it started no problem. In my manual, there is no explanation for code dfl and now I know what it is and how to fix it. I don't plan on doing this fix forever and would like my washer looked at, but it works now! Thank you for your tips.

    Bookmark   February 4, 2013 at 8:44AM
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Wow! I have this error code. I read all the advice for trouble shooting. The only thing that worked was to hit it. LOL

    Bookmark   May 1, 2013 at 9:20PM
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There may be some science behind 'hitting it with your fish' that we all enjoyed! The control panel with all the wiring is on the top at the back on the right. On a youtube video, a technician shows how to replace the latch assembly, but then shows how to check the wiring. After hitting it worked a few times but then having the error code return, we took off the top, disconnected and reconnected the wires and it seems to hold. You can view this video on Youtube under SamaraiRepairman if you google up the error code of which we speak. It is nearly 4 minutes into the video when this info is given. Fingers crossed this does it. Thanks for your help - the fish worked for a while!

Here is a link that might be useful: SamaraiRepairman

    Bookmark   August 25, 2013 at 8:49AM
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Wow!! I am so glad I read this thread about the WP Duet!! I am trying to figure out which brand of front load washer to purchase and now I know I will not buy WP!!!

We consumers are being ripped of by so many "things" that are not working as they should, now. I think we are no longer being protected against this sort of thing by consumer protection laws, etc. The Lemon Laws have so many loopholes. Maybe we need to start a letter/email campaign to our congress critters. Ha!! A lot of good that would do, right? Just wondering. It is a sad state of affairs that the products being sold to us are no longer of quality.

Just had to vent. I will end my search to learn about WD Duets at this point. Now it is down to checking out Maytag Maxima. I know they are built by the same manufacturer. Bummer.

    Bookmark   January 27, 2014 at 11:22AM
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I've had this problem and checked everything but couldn't get it fixed. My hot water tank needed to be flushed so I cleaned it and got all the mud out from city line breaks and flushing. I also drained my washer from the back hose and ran it on the hot/cold cycle with baking soda to clean it out. Sometimes, we fail to realize that it may be stopped up and the filter needs cleaning or the hot water spicket is clogged up. I replaced my rear hoses with new ones. I also, cleaned the door hinges with WD-40 and automatically got the fdl errorl code when it was washing. So I pressed the cxl button twice and then start./.went to working. It wasn't until I cleaned out my hot water tank and drained the washer at the hose and cleaned the door hinges that it stopped. I'm holding my breath but you have to clean it or keep it cleaned..oh, ps. turn off at the breaker instead of unplugging Good Luck.

    Bookmark   March 18, 2014 at 6:00PM
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Tried the fish/fist method. No luck. I did vacuum the lint/dust that was in the lock and this seems to have worked. I've done 3 loads with no problems.

    Bookmark   March 28, 2014 at 3:39PM
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Tried the fish/fist method. No luck. I did vacuum the lint/dust that was in the lock and this seems to have worked. I've done 3 loads with no problems.

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My Duet washer is close to around 10 years old. I've had this error before and unplugging it helped but not today.
While looking at various sites I found the following reset instructions on another site that worked for me:

Close door
Turn machine on
Select "Drain/Spin"
Select "No Spin"
Press the "Options" button 4 times

Comments from person who posted this on another forum: The machine will reset the lock. There have been a couple of occasions where I have had to open and shut the door and then try the diagnostic, but it's always worked.

This worked for me today!

    Bookmark   April 21, 2014 at 12:28PM
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This is crazy!!!! My washer is about 10 years old and I just got the infamous error f dl. In looking at the posts, one suggested hitting the unit at the back right. I hit it on the top near the back right and once on the front right just because I felt like it. Guess what? it worked. Thanks

    Bookmark   August 6, 2014 at 2:36PM
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Thank You Thank You, Adain hitting back right corner once again helped. You all just saved me another 200 or 300 for now!!!!!!

    Bookmark   September 15, 2014 at 9:17AM
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