what are options other than baseboard or radiant floor heat?

jrabbotJuly 9, 2009


We have forced hot water heat and are looking to remove the baseboard heat in our LR (the rest of the original house will stay baseboard, addition is radiant). The reason for removal is due to a new opening in the wall to our addition and also converting 2 windows to doors out to porches. I have looked into fan convectors but am concerned about the noise from the fan.

What are our options? I think radiant floor heat would be quite expensive though I haven't yet gotten a quote for that. We have hardwood floors and a finished ceiling below.

Our AC ducts are at the top of the vaulted ceiling and therefore aren't such a good place for Hydroair.

Would radiators work?

Any other suggestions?

Please help if you can.


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We can't know exactly what will work without knowing a lot more about your situation. That's really what an HVAC person will do...

That said, you should check out some of these ideas: The Wall Panels, Vertical Panels and Columns are cool. There is a photo of using the column as the railing for a stairway - very cool!


Here is a link that might be useful: Radiators

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Hi Jake2007, Thanks for your reply and the link. I have seen things like this - similar to the fan convectors I have looked at (recommended by my HVAC contractor). I linked below a previous post from me that has more information about our setup. I decided to repost a question that just asked what some other options would be rather than this fan convector. But maybe that is the only option or at least the first to come to mind.

Someone mentioned a ductless mini split system but I asked what that was but I did not get a reply. Can someone shed some light on this? Also someone else posted a link to an in-floor fan convector - similar to what my HVAc guy recommended. I'll check these out - but am concerned about a lot of noise from a fan.

I have an HVAC contractor but other than - hydroair (which won't work in our situation for this room), high output baseboard heat, and the fan convector option he hasn't come up with any other thoughts. Unfortunately we did not use the same subs for AC and heating - something that goes back to our GC.

What about an old fashioned radiator? Could I do this and would it be a good idea?

Any other ideas anyone?

Here is a link that might be useful: my previous post on fan convectors

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My understanding was that you were concerned about fan noise. The link that I provided was for radiators - since you have a hot water system already - and there are no fans. Looks like they do some nice looking custom stuff.

I would try to stick with a hydronic system.

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thanks jake. Yes I am concerned about noise from a fan. I will look again at the units that you linked to. I have seen them but I have an antique home so I would like to find something more traditional looking.

Any suggestions for something that is not quite so contemporary?

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