puffy taco

eileenlaunonenMay 6, 2010

I seen Throw Down with Bobby Flay last night and it was the PUFFY TACO throw down. They say these are a regional thing in the San Antonio area. They looked delicious. I wondered if anyone has tried these? Is this a food that must served immediatly after frying??? Wondering how to make enough to serve to a crowd without standing in front of the stove for hours...will they get soggy???? That part was not mentioned on the show. Thanks!

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Eileen, I hope someone can answer your question, as I love puffy tacos but don't have a clue how to make them. It seems like they'd be hard to serve to a crowd as my impression is they should be served immediately. I'll be watching this to see who knows what to do!

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I saw that show too, Eileen.
I agree with Claire, I believe they have to be served immediately, so it would be hard to do for a large crowd.
That being said, I am not an expert! :)

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I missed the show, so I had to google it. Yes, they look like they would be hard to make for a crowd. That said, they look fascinating and I will have to give this a try at some point!


Here is a link that might be useful: Puffy tacos

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I saw that show last night too! Never before had I heard of a puffy taco. I'd love to try it.

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My town has Mexican restaurats serving puffy tacos.I don't how you make it form a shell but they are served warm.I don't think you could make them ahead.

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Thats what i figured it must be taken from fryer drained and stuffed...looks good but alot of work

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Didn't see the show, but isn't a puffy taco like Indian Fry Bread?

Certainly wouldn't "hold" well after cooking.

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I think Indian fry bread is made with flour, where the puffy taco is made with Masa Harina. Either way, the hold time is probably about the same.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Eileen; I may have a belated Cinco de Mayo and try my hand at Puffy Tacos this weekend. I have some Masa Harina in my cupboard...I just hope it isn't too old! Can that stuff go rancid or stale?

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"Like" as in texture, is what I meant.

I keep my corn products in the freezer for long term..only a quart canning jar on the shelf. (polenta and corn meal)

I think it's about a year..Does Masa Harina have any of the germ left in it? The oils in that MAY go rancid..but I don't know for sure.

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Thanks Eileen for bring the Puffy Taco to my attention! I made them this afternoon, and they are now a new favorite. I had an old recipe in my files To Try, but never had as I was intimidated to make corn tortillas. (I threw all my old stuff out and started fresh as I wanted the end product to be edible.) My first tortilla efforts were too dry, but I threw it all back into the bowl and added some water. The tortillas were much better! These won't be so hard the next time, as I have the first effort under my belt. I told Dave I'd be happy to order a taco like that, and get what we ended up with on my plate. They are a bit labor intensive, but well worth the effort as they were crispy, yet delicate and substantial, all at once. Happy Belated Cinco de Mayo!

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Please explain how you made the shell puffy.

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Steff_1 from San Antonio posted a puffy taco info link in another forum.

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Another poster noted the Diana Barrios recipe is wrong on the temperature the oil needs to be heated to. I fried mine at 350 degrees which was fine. She mentions the oil shouldn't get too hot, but if it isn't hot enough, the shells absorb too much of the oil.

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Oh. I should have reread through the whole thing. That's the same link Caliloo posted. :)

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I make Indian tacos using frozen bread dough and they can be reheated at a low temperature but I haven't worked with the the other materials to know how they would reheat. When I make my indian taco's I drain them on paper towels and then put a new layer of paper towels on a cookie sheet and throw in the oven at 150 or so to keep warm.

They of course are best served fresh but the next day we heat up with butter and sugar or butter and honey.

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I've never tried to make puffy tacos at home, but it seems it would be difficult to get it just right. The shell should be slightly crispy and still a little on the soft side. They are served right away when still warm and very puffy like clouds. Masa should be stored airtight or in the refrigerator, but I'd use it if it tastes okay.

Puffy flour tortillas with cinnamon sugar are popular as holiday treats and are called Bunuelos. They are crisper and can be made in advance.

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Since I just made these for the first time, I will say it wasn't difficult, but there is a learning curve. Mine was with making the masa with enough liquid to form a moist, round tortilla. When I finally realized that wasn't working for me, I threw it all back in and added water. Presto! Frying the tortilla to lightly golden isn't difficult if the oil is heated to the proper temperature. Expect all this to take longer than you want to if it's your first time; after that, no problem! The comment made when we ate these was that each of us would be very happy to be served that taco. San Antonio is much too far to go for this so if I want to eat a puffy taco, I have to make it at home. I'll do it again...I have left-over taco filling, and am looking forward to finishing it! Try it; you'll like it.

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