S/O - Bosch Axxis or LG?

eleenaFebruary 7, 2013

OK, the other two threads made me ask this question.

On AJM site, the 24" LG and Bosch Axxis are similarly priced but LG is a little larger, has more RPM and slightly better reviews than Bosch.

Given all that, I am inclined to go with LG but but it is out of stock (though waiting 2-3 weeks is not a problem, my Duets are still running).

What would you do?

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I'd get the Bosch (I own a 24460) because it runs on 240v power and thus heats the water much faster than the 120v LG, which takes hours on the hotter settings.

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Good to "hear" from you again, Lee!

I am afraid I am running out of space in my breaker box as I am adding 3 220V/240V breakers for ovens and plus some 120V ones.

I practically never use hot water, mostly warm and cold, but if need it, can I use regular house hot water and then let the washer heat it? Would it solve the problem?


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If you are running out of space in the electric panel, you can replace 120v breakers with tandem breakers that fit two narrow switches or two side-by-side switches into the space usually needed for only one circuit breaker switch.

I think the LG also heats the water, but much more slowly, and it normally starts with warm water to speed things up (drawing from your hot water tank, something I tried to avoid since mine is small and hot water for showers/baths is limited to begin with), plus starting with cold water then heating it helps prevent some stains from "setting" and becoming permanent. But if you usually use cooler water, this is less of an issue. I do like the LG 24" washer that can also dry your clothes making laundering smaller loads incredibly convenient, something Bosch doesn't offer in the US (although here, the 120v power constriction slows down drying as well as washing. Spanish manufacturer FagorAmerica is the only company I'm aware that sells an all-in-one washer/dryer that runs on 240v power in the US). Both LG and Bosch are of generally good quality.

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I thought about a 2-in-1 combo washer/dryer but the reviews were not good. Folks say the dryer function is lousy and the machine is not very reliable - which makes sense as combining appliances into one is hardly ever done successfully.

I am almost out of breaker space already, so I'd need the tandem breakers anyway. I don't want to run out of space with those! :-)

OK, I'll think some more about what I want, sigh....

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The dryer function is usually lousy because the biggest market for combo washer-dryers is smaller apartments that weren't originally fitted with laundry machines, which also often have don't have 240v power (at least where the laundry machines are going) and no easy way to add one, so most combo W/Ds (including all sold by LG) run on 120v which isn't enough for a decently fast dryer. These homes don't have dryer exhaust vents either, so the dryers use condensation drying. 240v power helps the condensation drying considerably, but even then you can't load the washer much more than halfway to give the clothes ample room in the dry cycle (a separate dryer has about twice the interior volume of a washer). But if you wash and dry smaller loads, the 240v combo machines work fine. So do the 120v versions if you're willing to wait a few hours for it to finish its job.

In any case, unless space was very tight, I'd want a washer/dryer combo in conjunction with a separate dryer rather than a substitute for one, using the wash-only cycles and moving the clothes into the dryer afterward most of the time. But for washing an occasional small load, say clothes you've recently worn but need to wear again the next day or two, having the choice to let one machine take clothes from dirty to clean & dry is convenient, especially if your laundry room is far from the main living areas of your house.

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Eleena, Sorry, I don't know the model number of my LG set in my other condo. (You had asked that on a different thread.) It is not a compact unit, however. It is what I believe is now called a mid size at about 3.6cu feet capacity or so. I used it regularly until about a year ago, and now use it a couple of times a month. As I have a larger space in that condo, I did not need a compact.

I had no problems, I thought it washed and rinsed well. It has a warm rinse option, which I like, but LG no longer offers. It also has an internal heater and sanitary cycle. I know mine is a discontinued model, but I purchased it new in late 2009 or very early 2010.

For the 4 years prior to that time, I lived with a Bosch Axxis set, which was in a laundry closet off the kitchen of my then house. I really liked it, too, and never had a tech call for anything. I don't remember the model numbers, and they are probably no longer available, but the set was purchased new in late 2004. They dryer was vented and I remember that both were the top of the line Bosch models at that time.

I know I posted on a different thread that my Asko tech said he was always servicing LGs and and they had lots of problems. I didn't pursue that topic with him and now I wonder if he was referring to the TL LG models, which based on what I have read on this forum, seem to have more complaints.

My neighbor at my other condo has an older full size FL LG set on pedestals (purchased in about 2004). She has more vibration, but other than that has been very pleased.

Good luck to you on your decision.

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Thank you!

I am inclined to go with Bosch. I think I can getter better service in my area as it is probably the #1 selling appliance brand among "higher-end" ones (with "higher" defined vaguely).

Unless I decide on Miele. It is very tempting but I am not sure I can justify extra $1K.

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