2002 Bosch WFL 2060 keeps stopping mid-cycle?

dfpotterriFebruary 7, 2010

Hi there,

It's been awhile since I last posted (I did a kitchen over in 2001) and then bought a Bosch WFL 2060 and drier in 2002. I used to spend a LOT of time here. I am posting because I have exhausted all other resources (except having the service guy in).

Anyway, my 7 year old FLer has been moderately reliable, for any who are interested. Last year, the motor brushes wore out but I was easily able to replace them myself for about $30. Then about 4 months ago, any time we ran a warm or hot wash, the machine would stop mid-cycle and the DOOR LOCKED and WASH lights would flash. If we pressed the START button, the cycle would continue, then it would stop again. If we were vigilant and ran to the basement frequently we could get through a wash with about 4 restarts. :-( Warm/Hot laundry is taking ages.

I only have to restart once with a cold wash, and not at all with a cold permanent press cycle.

Also, the middle drawer where I put softener rarely drains fully any more. I don't know if it's coincidental or not.

I have searched Google obsessively for an answer. I've taken the top off the machine, taken the door switch off and put it back on, cleaned out the entire detergent/softener area, and gone through the "service Training manual". NOTHING has given us a clue about what's going on. I worry about having the service person in since the Bosch Training Manual's error codes don't even include a problem like ours. I'm scared they won't know what's going on and just experiment with solutions on my dime.

I'm almost ready to toss the thing, but I have liked it so far and I can't imagine what else I would get.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks so much.

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I really don't know anything about the mechanics of washers, let alone any machine,.. but how long has it been since you unscrewed the hoses from the main water source to clean the water inlet filters? My Miele owner's manual tells me to unscrew and to check and clean every six months. It also mentions that it may need to be done more frequently with some water supplies.
Maybe the hot water inlet has a build up which causes your machine not to fill fast enough, so it goes into a funk-

Just a thought....but I'm no genius!

Since the dispenser isn't working properly either....sounds like it could have something to do with a clogged line preventing water flow.

Wouldn't it be nice if it were as simple as cleaning out the inlet filters!
Good luck!

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It's worth a look. My DH changed out the hoses but I'm sure he didn't check inlet filters. Low flow could definitely do this if I had to think it through.

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Was the problem there before he changed out the hoses? My manual also says something about replacing hoses with genuine Miele hoses or with hoses able to withstand up to 145 psi pressure, and it states "to protect the inlet valve, do not remove the two filters. (one at the pressure hose/valve connection and one at the inlet connection to the solenoid valve)"

Again, I'm just guessing and by no means qualified to give any advice! :)

Anywho- your problem sounds like some kind of water flow issue to me...hopefully it's externally in your case and not some kind of a build up inside the machine.
Also make sure the hoses are not kinked somewhere. Good luck!

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Yes, the problem was there before he changed the hoses (to better quality ones). I wondered if the hot water hose had been clogged.

What I don't immediately know is how to get at/check the water inlet and if it has a filter on a Bosch machine. I'm going to make him go down tonight after he gets home from work to check.

I don't know why I didn't think of a water flow issue but your theory sounds very reasonable. I'll let you know what happens.

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You mentioned you purchased the washer in 2002. Have you checked/cleaned the inlet hose filters since that time ? They may be clogged and need to be cleaned/replaced.

How is your washer hooked to the water supply ? Is it connected the traditional way i.e. (separate hot/cold) connections. If so, I would consider hooking the washer up to cold water only.

Did you know your washer is capable of heating its own water from cold ? You will also receive a better wash.

To do this, turn off hot & cold water faucets.

Disconnect the hot & cold water hoses from the faucet. Purchase a "y" adaptor and screw it onto the "cold" faucet only. Reconnect water hoses to the "y" adaptor and turn on "cold" water faucet only.

It is normal to have some water left in the fabric softner dispenser. Your problem may be due to water pressure.

This may fix the problem. Let me know


A "Y" adaptor can be purchased at any hardware store.

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Bah, DH just checked the water inlet filters and they seem completely clear of anything bad. We were so hoping that this was the problem!

I did know that my machine was capable of heating its own water from cold but have never used the Y hookup. Would this be better than using our own hot-water faucet?

So while this made a lot of sense as a likely source of the problem, the filters aren't the problem area. Sigh.

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Yes, I think it would be better than relying on your hot water heater. If you select a warm or hot wash...as the washer heats the water different soil levels are released.

I own 5 FL washers/dryers: Miele, AEG and Asko. They all run on cold water only.


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LOL, well, right now, my warm & hot washes don't heat much at all since those are the 2 settings which stop 4+ times during a wash.

More seriously, why wouldn't the on-board heater just take the hot water and heat it more during those times when I select the extra hot cycle? Wouldn't that cost a little less than having the washer heat the water all by itself? (Electricity is more expensive than gas where I live).

I would be interested to try your method though. Once I resolve this problem, I will.

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"More seriously, why wouldn't the on-board heater just take the hot water and heat it more during those times when I select the extra hot cycle?"

The on board heater "would" take the hot water and heat it on an extra hot program.

"Wouldn't that cost a little less than having the washer heat the water all by itself?"

It really depends on your electricity rates.

Give the 'Y" adaptor a shot. If it does not work out, you can always return it.

What is the cost of a service call ? You may be better of buying another washer. You can find new or used Bosch washer on Ebay or Craigslist.

I personally have never been a fan of Bosch washers & dryers because of the very problems your having. The first Bosch washer in the USA WFK2401 had numerous problems. I've heard great stories of how well they wash though. It appears Bosch units don't last more than about 7 years tops. I've heard during the first 5 years service has been required.

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Hi there, I'm writing from Italy and I have been experiencing the exact same problem you described in your first post (same machine make and model).

When the repairman came it wouldn't repeat the fault! So he checked the machine over (filters, belt, discharge, carbon brushes etc) but couldn't find anything wrong apart from the heating element that he said wasn't working, so he replaced that and charged 130 euro.

The machine worked fine for a week and then yesterday started doing the same thing again!

Please can you let me know if you found a solution to your problem ... I'd be very very grateful ...

Thanks in advance, Jingscrivvens

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HI Jingscrivvens-
I'm sorry you're having the same problem. Sadly, my solution was to replace the machine. Based on searches I had found online, I anticipated that fixing the problem would be exactly as you described-- have the repairman out, have him not really fix the problem and me be out $200+ dollars if not more since it wouldn't actually fix the problem permanently. Plus I had found just too many reports of 7 year old Bosch washers just outright dying.

I found a new Bosch Vision 500 washer for $475 (after rebates) so I figured if I bought a new one I was breaking about even if I figured in 2 repairman visits at $200+ each. I bought Bosch again because while it was working, I really did like the Axxis and the new one was half the price of the one that broke. So if this one dies in 7 years I won't mind as much as when the Axxis broke. For what it's worth, the new Bosch washer works even better than the Axxis ever did. But it's only 3 months old. I can't comment on its longevity.

Good luck. It's rotten to have a washer go wrong on you.

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Thank you for that very quick reply. It's difficult enough to keep up with the washing as it is with two boys around who like to get very messy - let alone when the machine packs up.

Looks like I'm going to have to research a new machine!

Thanks again!

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Oh I know! I have two boys AND a husband who like to get very messy. One reason I like the new Bosch is that it's much bigger. When I bought the Axxis I hadn't figured on the kids' clothes getting bigger as they were getting bigger and I was averaging 2-4 loads of wash a day. Now I can get everything done much more quickly.

Good luck.

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I also have the same model and am having the *exact* same problem. I called the Bosch service number and was told that the only problem that could cause this was using too much detergent! (I use about a tablespoon of HE Method stuff). So, so disappointed. I have cleaned the pump -- nothing was in it -- and drained the basin and the problem still occurs.

I'm hoping that someone out there knows what the problem is and can point me in the right direction. I really don't want to have a service person come out if I can avoid it -- or I would at least like to have an idea of the problem before the service person starts work.

Thanks for any help you can give, GardenWeb!

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Well, hello from Greece. I have the same problem although once in a while a cycle completes with no stops.
I just got a visit from Bosch-service repairman and his diagnosis is that we have a faulty control board (~250Euros)! That's half the price of a new model -and I am not at all sure that it'll fix it.
I\m thinking of removing the board to check it myself (for connections and any other visible stuff.
Will be returning afterwards for updates..

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training, service & repair manual for the US models WFL 2060UC & WFR 2460UC :

Bosch 2060 and 2460 service manual

may help.

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